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Uzbekistan’s Most Decorated Olympic Athlete Used Oral Turinabol

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Artur Taymazov had metabolites of Oral Turinabol and Winstrol in his urine at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics.
Artur Taymazov, a Ossetian-Uzbek-Russian freestyle wrestler who was the most decorated Olympic athlete in Uzbekistan’s history, has been stripped of two Olympic gold medals as a result of the IOC’s retesting program.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) revealed the presence of the anabolic steroid dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (DCMT) during a reanalysis of Taymazov’s stored urine samples from the 2012 London Olympics. DCMT is most commonly known by its original trade name, Oral Turinabol.
As a result of the Oral Turinabol positive, the IOC retroactively disqualified Taymazov from the 120-kilogram men’s freestyle wrestling competition at the 2012 London Olympics on July 23, 2019.
The IOC had previously disqualified Taymazov from the same event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics on April 5, 2017. Taymazov had tested positive for Oral Turinabol and stanozolol (Winstrol) following a reanalysis of the stored Beijing samples.

Artur Taymazov dominated the sport of freestyle wrestling as a multiple Asian, World and Olympic champion.

Taymazov was arguably the most dominant freestyle wrestler in his weight class for over a decade during the 2000s and early 2010s. Taymazov won gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Summer Games – Athens, Beijing and London.
Taymazov has now been stripped of the gold medals from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics. The only Olympic gold medal remaining for Taymazov is from the 2004 Athens Olympics. He also has a silver medal from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Taymazov originally started his career as an Olympic weightlifter. He followed in the footsteps of his older brother Timur Taymazov. His brother won the gold medal in the 108-kilogram men’s weightlifting event representing Ukraine at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
Taymazov parlayed his Olympic success into a career as a Russia politician representing the country’s ruling party, United Russia. Taymazov was elected to the lower house of the Russian parliament in 2016.
Taymazov is the sixtieth athlete to face disqualification from the 2012 London Olympics under the IOC reanalysis program. Only nine athletes were caught during the actual London Olympics. The IOC will continue reanalysis London samples until 2020.
The IOC started storing anti-doping samples beginning with the 2004 Athens Olympics. The statute of limitations for catching athletes for doping was eight years for the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. However, the statute of limitations was increased to 10 years for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

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