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What Are Navy SEAL Burpees? A Deep Dive Into This Extreme Exercise

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
You've probably heard of this high-intensity bodyweight resistance exercise. Navy SEAL burpees are calisthenic exercises that combine the process of burpees and push-ups. This burpees variation will make you lose weight and increase your heart rate. If you’re looking for exercise that will give you a lot of benefits in a short time, Navy SEAL burpees are an excellent option.

With its high intensity and number of repetitions, this exercise is not for the faint-hearted and a beginner. If you plan to do this exercise, you should have spent a lot of time working out in a gym so your body has already adjusted to the intensity of the training.

This article will give you an insight into the exercise technique, its origin, how to do it, its benefits, safety measures, and how to add it to your workout routine.

Navy SEAL Burpee

What Are Navy SEAL Burpees?​

Navy SEAL burpees are a variation of the standard burpees but are more intense and suitable for Navy SEALs. This exercise technique is a part of their preparation for the most demanding missions. It requires full body strength, endurance, and agility to perform. It targets multiple muscle groups and keeps the cardiovascular system at work.

Fitness experts consider this variation of standard burpees a full-body workout since it targets multiple muscle groups. It will push your physical and mental limits since it is a set of uninterrupted squats, push-ups, and explosive jumps.

Compared to standard burpees, adding push-ups works on upper body strength. It also mimics some of the movements that are involved in the field. Navy SEAL burpees train athletes with mental toughness, resilience, and the ability to push on limits even when exhausted and in pain. Its heightened intensity trains athletes like Navy SEALs to improve athletic performance.

The Origin and Significance in Navy SEAL Training​

The exercise technique started even during the first days of establishing Navy SEALs. These elite warriors require an exercise technique that will work on their entire body, including their mental resilience. It has been a staple in their training program, and many civilians already embraced this high-intensity exercise because of its benefits.

Combining the exercises provides a comprehensive routine that develops cardiovascular health and overall strength. Since it pushes an individual’s limits, it improves the stamina and endurance that the Navy SEALs need for a physically demanding environment.

Additionally, it improves their mental toughness with continuous reps. As they experience discomfort and fatigue, they must continue and finish their routines. Like in challenging situations on the battlefield, they should have the mental toughness to overcome obstacles and maintain focus during their high-pressure assignments.

Detailed Breakdown of The Exercise Technique​

The Navy SEAL burpees work on multiple muscle groups all over the body. It requires discipline and proper form to gain the benefits of the exercise technique. Each movement needs control to ensure the appropriate execution of the exercise. Here is a detailed guide on how you can do the Navy SEAL burpees:

  • Stand with good posture, shoulders backed, and have an engaged core
  • Do the squat position and drop your hands on the ground
  • Kick your legs back in an extended position to prepare for the push-up stance with the arms fully extended
  • Perform the push-up while maintaining the engagement of your core.
  • Jump back to the squat position and perform the explosive jump while raising your hands overhead
  • Do the whole process with your required number of reps

While doing the exercise, ensure proper breathing and concentrate on the continuous sequence of the routine.

As you squat and do the explosive jump, you work on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes by extending your legs and generating the power to jump. During the push-up phase, you also work on your chest, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. Because of this routine, you can enhance your overall physical performance and improve your muscle strength.

Health and Fitness Benefits​

Cardiovascular Endurance​

As you exercise in continuous movements, you elevate your heart rate because of the energy you spend on performing the routine. Not only it improves your cardiovascular function, but it also demands more oxygen in the muscle groups you work on. Over time, you have improved cardiovascular endurance as your heart adjusts to faster blood pumping throughout your body.

Full-Body Conditioning​

Aside from total engagement, it also develops your strength and muscular endurance. All these movements and the repetition challenge muscles to push to their limits, leading to more ripped muscle tissues. With this, you increase your body’s stamina, which can allow you to have the ability to perform different tasks without experiencing sudden fatigue.

Burn Fats​

The high-intensity exercise requires significant energy, which burns high amounts of calories. It also heightens the body’s metabolic processes with rapid and continuous movements in a short period. Because of this, you may trigger the afterburn effect, which still burns calories even after the routine and during the recovery period.

Develops Power​

The upper and lower body power primarily targets different muscle groups. These exercises train and strengthen the muscle fibers, an essential process in improving muscle power. Even if you are a civilian, you can incorporate the concept of Navy SEAL burpees into different sports and athletic applications.

Safety Measures and Precautions​

It’s the same while you are working out in the gym. Before you start the routine, you need to warm up to stretch your muscles and prepare your cardiovascular system for intense exercise. Your warm-up routine should focus on the muscles the Navy SEAL burpees will work on. You should also ensure the proper form and technique when doing squats, push-ups, and explosive jumps to avoid any potential injuries.

Remember to increase the intensity and volume of your workout as your muscles adjust to the high intensity of this exercise technique. Do not start with high repetitions if you haven’t tried this routine yet or have no prior working out experience.

Most importantly, allow your body to rest and recover from the workout. Do this between the sessions or incorporate the day after your rest day. Listen to your body and stop the routine after feeling extreme exhaustion, dizziness, and sharp pain. After all, you are only following the concept of this exercise technique and not a part of the Navy SEALs program.

Incorporating Navy SEAL Burpees Into Your Workout Routine​

The Navy SEAL burpees can be a game-changer in your workout routine. Elevating your training is an excellent routine since it can make a huge difference in your fitness journey. You can burn body fats, increase your power, or gain enormous muscle mass depending on your fitness goals.

You can include this in your routine or use it as a stand-alone exercise. However, you need to adjust your training approach, including the timed intervals and the number of repetitions.

Incorporating it with supersets is another way to level up this routine. After your Navy SEAL burpees set, you can add compound exercises or strength training to maximize their benefits.

Navy Seal Burpee


Navy SEAL burpees is a high-intensity workout that can significantly improve your fitness journey. This exercise technique will not only improve your physical health, but it also provides mental resilience. Incorporating different exercises can be challenging, but its benefits are rewarding. You can use these benefits in other sports since they will improve your cardiovascular health and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Can I do the Navy SEAL burpees even if I am not training for the program?​

Yes. As long as you understand the routine and its safety precautions, you can experience the same benefits that the Navy SEALs get from this exercise technique.

Do I need any equipment for this exercise technique?​

No. However, ensure that you exercise on a suitable surface that supports your movements. You may also need the proper footwear to avoid injuries while jumping or switching phases from squats to push-ups.

Are Navy SEAL burpees suitable for beginners?​

It is more suitable for individuals who have prior experience in working out. It involves high-intensity exercises, which may burn out a beginner. There are exercise routines designed for beginners, which they can use to adjust their body’s strength and endurance.
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