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What is a Super Pendulum Squat?

MD Bodybuilding

MD Bodybuilding

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Aug 6, 2021
A super pendulum squat is a sort of workout in which you squat while swinging a weight or kettlebell in a pendulum motion. As the squat is executed, the weight is normally gripped in both hands and swung between the legs. Because it demands balance, coordination, and strength, this exercise may be a tough and dynamic approach to engage the lower body and core muscles. To prevent damage, it is essential to employ appropriate technique and begin with a modest weight. Warming up correctly before performing a super pendulum squat is also vital, as with any workout.

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Demystifying The Pendulum Squat: What It Is and How It Works
Squats are beneficial leg exercises, but many find them exhausting since we only do the same thing. The good thing is we can do squats in a different variation called pendulum squats. This exercise involves workout equipment, which can be an excellent alternative to regular squats and make it more engaging.

Though using free weights are effective in squat routines, using pendulum squats provides the same effectiveness as pendulum squats. With this fitness equipment, you don’t need to balance the weight of the barbell so that you can focus on your routine.

This article will help you digest information about the pendulum squat–its benefits, including it in your routine, how to do it, and safety precautions while using the fitness equipment.

Pendulum Squat

Understanding The Pendulum Squat​

This fitness equipment started with Tyler Hobson, who also started other equipment in his pendulum strength line of fitness machines. These machines allow athletes to reap the maximum benefits without straining their spine and joints. They are not only effective on the muscles, but they also provide orthopedic benefits.

The pendulum squat is considered a variation of the standard squats. It targets different muscles in your lower body, like quads, glutes, adductors, and calves. The specialized fitness equipment has a counterbalance mechanism focused on leg development. Pendulum squats are easy to execute and support spinal health, unlike traditional squats, where you may experience stress in the back.

Its engineered mechanism offers better stability and balance than other squat variations. Because it does not involve a barbell, you don’t need to apply weight directly to the body. Instead, the weight stack counterbalances your body weight, reducing the load on the lower back.

The Benefits of The Pendulum Squat​

Top athletes integrate the pendulum squat together with their other fitness routines. It is one of the most convenient ways to do squats on the next level. You can get the following benefits for your fitness journey if you do pendulum squats correctly.

Focuses on Leg Muscle Groups​

Pendulum squats allow you to work on different leg muscles depending on the position of your feet on the plate. Its design focuses on having controlled workouts that help achieve impressive gains on leg muscles. The primary muscle you can work on with pendulum squats is your quads since it receives the impact of the equipment load.

The exercise also engages the glutes and hamstrings with controlled movements. The balanced angle of the ankles provides additional support while working on the glutes. Because of this, you can achieve overall strength and development in your legs.

Excellent for Body Conditioning​

You can enhance your strength using this resistance training with the appropriate number of sets and reps. It can stimulate muscle groups and joints without stressing your knees and reducing issues. As you become stronger, you can incorporate progressive overload, leading to continued leg muscle growth and enhanced strength in the long run.

Pendulum squats are also effective in improving your overall fitness and stamina since they also improve your cardiovascular health.

Building Core Strength​

This exercise requires core stability since you must control your balance while maintaining your upright position in the equipment. Your posture emphasizes your core muscles, obliques, and abdominals.

Engaging your core muscles will not only stabilize your upright position, but it will also support your spine. With this, you can reduce the risks of back injuries and gain a better posture.

Balanced Weight Distribution​

Pendulum squats keep the same intensity on all leg muscles throughout the exercise. Because of this, you can ensure that you work on large and small muscle groups effectively and grow a more balanced body aesthetic. The counterbalance provided by the machine also maintains the body’s proper form and alignment, which distributes the workload across all leg muscles.

The Mechanics of The Pendulum Squat​

Doing this exercise technique is similar to how you do the hack squat. To start working out, load the gym equipment with weight plates that your body can bear. As a beginner, you can start with lighter weights and increase them gradually as your leg muscles adjust.
Position yourself on the back support while ensuring your shoulders align with the pads. Bend your legs slightly and place your feet on the plate at a comfortable angle. Grab the handles to make your position stable.

Try reaching the squat form up to 90 degrees at your knees, or do the squat form as deep as you can. Keep your core tight to keep your balance on the backrest, and do the squat technique with the required sets and reps. Remember not to lock your knees when returning to the starting squat form to retain the tension on your quads.

Though there are different pendulum squat machines, you must ensure that you have the proper squat form to prevent injuries, especially on your spine and knee joints.

Integrating Pendulum Squat Into a Workout Routine​

You can use pendulum squats on your usual lower body workout. If you follow a split exercise routine, you can include it during your leg days. This exercise can work on multiple leg muscles simultaneously. You can also include deadlifts and lunges on your leg day for a well-rounded routine.

Others also use pendulum squats in their strength training. They use it as a primary exercise at the beginning of their routine. Because they only use minimal energy to warm up, they can utilize their full strength to exercise.

Additionally, you may use add pendulum squats if you are in rehabilitation. With light weights, the machine’s mechanism can control and support your body, benefiting your recovery.

Health and Safety Precautions​

Like a regular workout routine, you must also perform warm-up exercises before doing pendulum squats. It increases your blood flow and prepares your body for heavy training. Doing this helps reduce the possible injuries and muscle pains after the exercise.

Ensure that you understand the proper form and technique while doing the exercise. Otherwise, you may increase the risks of having a spine and knee injury. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate position of the feet and posture. Excessive leaning or rounding of the back may lead to spine issues.

Seek proper training guidance and have a personal training plan with an expert. Your trainer can identify the appropriate weight for your strength. They may also support you when pushing your limits and act as a spotter to ensure your safety.


Pendulum squats are an innovation of the regular squat variation. It provides many benefits in enhancing strength, building leg muscles, and body conditioning. With the help of an engineered machine, it can also help patients who undergo rehabilitation since it provides stability and support.

If you’re a beginner, this exercise can help you increase your strength and build your muscles. It gives you the support you need and desired results without risking your spine and knees.


Aside from doing squats alone, you may also add other routines, depending on your fitness goals or purpose. Here are reliable research studies on pendulum squats, whether you need them for rehabilitation or want to incorporate them in your leg day for better strength.

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