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What is an IFBB Pro Card and is it worth it?

Tiger Fitness

Tiger Fitness

Well-known member
Sep 12, 2021
Obtaining an IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilders) Pro Card entitles you to membership in the elite. You've made it and now have the option to pursue a legitimate career as a professional bodybuilder, making a fair living by competing and winning. But, before you start fantasizing of a new automobile or a dream home, consider the realities of doing this for a job.

Getting to the professional level is really difficult. Only a tiny number of dreamers reach the peak each year, despite the fact that they give it their best to beat the odds and the competition. Most bodybuilders will need another form of money in order to exist while training and competing.

When you're confident that this is the road you want to take, it's time to go all in. All of the minor competitions, although very essential, were merely a warm-up for the big one. You're now on a quest to realize your ambition, and it'll put you to the ultimate test.

The first step for every aspiring bodybuilder is to participate and win or place high in a regional weight class contest. Those that make it through this round will be asked to compete in their country's National Championships. These championships will then determine overall winners in various weight divisions. Only the best are left, and the competition heats up even more as the victors battle against each other for the title of champion. The winner will get the grand prize of an IFBB Pro Card. Depending on the nation you compete in, winning your weight class might get you a Pro Card even if you don't win the overall title.