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Who is Mark “Smelly” Bell, and what is his net worth?



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Aug 7, 2023
Mark "Smelly" Bell's journey is anything but ordinary. He transformed from a dedicated powerlifter into a multi-faceted figure: inventor, entrepreneur, and motivational icon. With a relentless work ethic and unparalleled dedication to strength training, Bell became a prominent figure in powerlifting circles, earning accolades and recognition for his achievements on the lifting platform.

But how much is the "Smelly" Bell empire worth? This article aims to delve into Mark Bell's fascinating journey, tracing his background and fame and uncovering the financial success that underpins his fitness empire.

The Powerlifting Phenom​

Bell's passion for powerlifting ignited when he was 13. Driven by a relentless work ethic and a natural talent for strength training, he quickly rose through the ranks, competing in various regional and national powerlifting competitions.

After finishing high school, he entered professional wrestling, winning the Ultimate Pro Wrestling Champion title twice. His siblings named him “Smelly” since he hated taking showers during childhood.

During the peak of his career, he recorded 500 lbs raw on bench press. It started his powerlifting career, participating in notable competitions that showcased his exceptional strength and technique.

Some of his records include:

  • Bench press in 308 lb. at 140 kg. weight category
  • #1 Single Ply Total in America, lifting 2304 lbs. in the 308 lb. category in 2008
  • #1 Single Ply Bench Press in America lifting 805 lbs. in 308 lbs. category in 2008
  • #1 Bench Press in America, lifting 771 lbs. in the 275 lb. category in 2010
Mark Bell

Beyond his powerlifting achievements, Bell envisioned a space dedicated to fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for athletes of all levels. In 2006, he founded Super Training Gym in West Sacramento, California. Under Bell's guidance, the gym has evolved into a hub for education and events that contribute to the growth and development of the strength community.

Expanding the Empire​

In 2008, while recovering from a torn pectoral muscle, Mark “Smelly” Bell's ingenuity sparked a revolution in weight training. He conceptualized the Sling Shot, a supportive elastic band designed to enhance performance and proper technique, particularly for bench presses. This revolutionary training product, born out of his own experiences in powerlifting, has become a staple in gyms worldwide.

He also released powerlifting gears like The Original Hip Circle, Sling Shot Knee Sleeves, and Strong Knee Sleeves. In 2021, Mark “Smelly” Bell worked on selling apparel, fitness accessories, and supplements.

His captivating personality and infectious enthusiasm translate seamlessly beyond the gym walls. He has built a loyal following through various media platforms, including his popular YouTube channel. His famous catchphrase "How Much Ya Bench?" has become synonymous with his brand and testament to his humorous and relatable approach to fitness.

Bell's influence extends to the digital realm through podcasts such as "Power Project," where he engages with experts, athletes, and enthusiasts, providing valuable insights into strength and performance. Furthermore, his involvement in documentaries like "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" offers audiences a deeper look into the challenges and triumphs that have shaped his career.

Mark Bell

Mark Bell's Net Worth​

Privacy concerns, fluctuating income streams, and the diversity of financial holdings contribute to the complexity of estimating the wealth of individuals in the public eye. Individuals like Bell have diverse income sources, including businesses, investments, and media ventures, making tracking and quantifying their earnings challenging.

As of this year, Mark “Smelly” Bell has an estimated net worth of $5 million. One primary source of income is the Super Training Gym, which has become a thriving hub for fitness enthusiasts. The success of the Sling Shot and other fitness products under Super Training Products Inc., which he manages with his wife, Andee Bell, likely contributes substantially to his income.

Bell's YouTube channel, podcast, and documentary appearances might generate revenue through advertising, sponsorships, and monetization.

Beyond the Money​

His outspoken style, infused with humor and intensity, sets him apart in a world often characterized by discipline and focus. His humor, often self-deprecating and laced with sarcasm, adds a layer of relatability and entertainment to his interactions. However, people perceive his intensity and unwavering dedication to his craft as confrontational.

Bell's outspoken nature has occasionally landed him in controversies. Some have criticized his training methods, questioning their safety and effectiveness. On Reddit, there are speculations about his use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Bell has not publicly addressed these speculations and discussed the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Despite the occasional controversies, Bell's motivational impact on the fitness industry remains undeniable. His passion for strength training is contagious, and his dedication to helping others achieve their goals resonates with aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What other businesses does Mark Bell own?

Mark Bell owns several businesses, including the iconic Super Training Gym in Sacramento, California. He is also the inventor of the "Sling Shot," a supportive device used in powerlifting training. His business venture, Super Training Products Inc., sells powerlifting gear, apparel, supplements, and accessories.

Is Mark Bell a millionaire?

Yes. Super Training Products Inc. is a multi-million-dollar business venture. He is considered a successful entrepreneur, and the public widely speculated he is a millionaire.

Is the Super Training Gym still open?

Yes, the Super Training Gym is still open. It operates in West Sacramento, California, and offers memberships on different fitness levels.

How did Mark Bell invent the Sling Shot?

Mark Bell invented the Sling Shot based on his personal experiences and challenges in powerlifting. The idea for the Sling Shot came to him as a solution to continue training while dealing with shoulder injuries.

Why is Mark Bell called "Smelly"?

Mark Bell earned the nickname "Smelly" during his childhood, which was given to him by his brothers. It originated from his reluctance to take baths as a child.
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