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Why Is Protein So Important for bodybuilders?


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May 22, 2015
Generally, all bodybuilders across the globe share something in common apart from massive muscles and years of training and working out. That shared value is protein intake.

Every bodybuilder that has ever won any award or title, whether it be Mr. Olympia or the Arnold Classic, knows that protein intake is just as important as a daily workout.

Of all the three macronutrients that are beneficial to human health, protein is the most important of them, the rest being carbohydrates and fats.

Protein is important for bodybuilders because it develops the muscles and contains a muscle-building tissue called an amino acid.

According to research, an athlete experiences muscle recovery, lean muscle growth, and an increase in protein synthesis if their diet is rich in protein and amino acids.

Every bodybuilder has a task to develop a regular protein intake because, for bodybuilders, protein isn't a choice or an option, it's a must.

How important is protein for bodybuilders? Stay glued as this article will explore what protein is and its importance.

What Is Protein?​

Protein goes beyond the physical food we see on our plates with our eyes, it is an intricate lacework that constitutes a significant part of who we are and every other living thing at large.

How so? To be put more simply, protein has been in existence for billions of years and since its existence, it has been the main building block of all living things, nothing or no one excluded.

Proteins have a variety of over a million types, each protein molecule contains various combinations of 20 standard amino acids. But to prove how complex and important protein is in the human body, protein can constitute about 50-2,000 amino acids not excluding the essential 20 standard amino acids. Over the years, about 10,000 different proteins have been found in the human genome. Note that just 10,000 proteins have been found but there are reasons to believe that there are a trillion varieties of proteins in existence.

Here's a scenario: A man that weighs 154 pounds has 24 pounds made up of protein. Out of the 24 pounds, 12 are in the form of skeletal muscle, 4 pounds in the form of skin and blood, and the bone and organs constitute the rest.

Our body needs three main macronutrients for it to survive and function effectively. It's called macronutrients because we need a significant amount of it every day for it to act as body fuel. Unlike the other macronutrients that we have, we can't store protein in the body so we take it in little proportions regularly through the food we eat or through the supplements we take.

You can find protein in both plants and animal-based foods. You'd find protein in chicken, steak, and fish. And plants don't contain as much protein as animals. Most plants do not contain the complete 20 amino acids that make up protein. So to get your complete protein from plants, you have to combine two different types of plants. For example, you can consider eating rice and beans, hummus and vegetables, etc.

For you to build muscles, you have to make a habit of protein intake. It's even better than being a meat-eater or a vegan, you have the means to get as much protein as you like regularly.

The importance of protein for muscle growth for bodybuilders​

Among bodybuilders, it is no secret that protein bars are essential. However, there's a major concern about it. They worry that when a bodybuilder takes in too much protein, it causes negative effects like gastric problems. Or they don't see the effects of the protein immediately, or it takes a long period of hours or even days.

Protein bars for bodybuilders serve as a means to provide them with all the protein sources that are needed for an effective workout. They help to create new cells in the body because there are a lot of calories and protein concentrations in them.

Bodybuilders need to supplement their diets with protein because protein has numerous health benefits. If a bodybuilder neglects the use of protein, it's going to lead to adverse medical effects. For a bodybuilder to build, maintain, and increase muscle mass, and to create and repair damaged cells in the body, protein is a very essential ingredient. Also, bodybuilders that perform high-intensity training are not left out; they need more protein to maintain their muscle mass.

Additionally, in most cases, protein bars that bodybuilders use contain whey concentrate and casein protein. These proteins are very essential and beneficial for any bodybuilder. Also, normal athletes and bodybuilders too, they'd find whey protein very useful because it gives a high level of protein and energy.

For someone who is looking to burn fat and increase body mass, casein protein would be the best solution. These two types of protein fit into what a bodybuilder needs to supplement his diet.

Why You Should Eat Protein Bars For Performance?​

There shouldn't be any argument about whether protein supplementation should be an important part of a bodybuilder's workout plan or not. If there's any doubt, the truth is that protein intake for a bodybuilder should not be traded for anything else, especially during workout sessions.

There's no doubt that the body suffers some damage, no matter how minute, but protein bars increase the rate at which your body recovers from every workout session. This helps you to achieve your set goal because your body doesn't spend time trying to recuperate in between workouts.

Although bodybuilders consume a lot of food every day, an average bodybuilder eats at least 7-8 times a day. There's still every possibility that they don't get enough protein from their meals, so eating protein bars is a great way to supplement their diet. Also, protein bars can help to increase your metabolism and allow you to burn calories even when you're not working out or when you're just resting.

There are different types of protein bars scattered across the market, each of them consisting of its unique protein content. Some popular protein types you'll easily find are whey protein, egg protein, casein protein, and soy protein. When choosing a protein bar, you should choose one with a good amount of protein content. The different protein bars vary from one another in content per serving size.

Also, if the protein content of the protein bar is low or it's not properly packaged, it might not fit in your diet, or worse, it might affect you negatively. Furthermore, before getting any protein product, you'll want to confirm that it doesn't have too much fat. A product with too much fat will hurt your body. Hence, the reason why you should be more mindful of the ingredients used in producing it before you purchase it.

When you're able to find the right type of protein supplement, you can achieve your bodybuilding goals of burning calories and fat while also increasing body mass and muscle mass.

The Best Protein Bars for Muscle Growth​

The best protein bars required for bodybuilding are those that reproduce the protein they contain, without any added ingredients like sugar or other fillers that you'd usually find in some protein supplements.

An example of an effective protein bar is whey protein bars; this protein makes them easy to use as you can easily mix it in water, juice, or shakes.

These whey protein bars also consist of the necessary amino acids that your body requires to produce enough protein. Whey protein bars are made with a nice and thick consistency and it usually has a good taste which is in direct contrast to others that have a bad aftertaste.

When you're stuck between choosing a protein bar and a protein supplement, the best choice to make is to choose a protein bar.

Of all the types of protein, whey protein has the highest probability to be absorbed by the body. Hence it comes highly recommended that after every workout session, you have a protein drink preferably one that contains whey protein concentrate. The body easily digests these protein sources.


As a bodybuilder or an athlete, there's no debate on whether protein is important for you or not, it is! However, it's more important that you find protein sources that fit your diet plan, one that has all the essential amino acids.

Protein intake helps to build, maintain, and increase muscle mass. It also repairs damaged tissue in the body. It's highly recommended that after every workout session, you take a whey protein drink since it's easily absorbed and digested by the body.

Also, regarding the misconception, that high protein intake can hurt your kidneys. Well, the concern is valid, but there's a solution to that as it has been established that if you drink enough water alongside your protein intake, there won't be any health risk whatsoever.

Lastly, high protein intake is compulsory for a bodybuilder, but it should be accompanied by regular workouts. It's also recommended to seek consultation for your diet and workout regimen.

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