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Wrestling in Japan(sick)


Jun 27, 2006
Those crazy Japanese are at it again. :uhoh2:

This is from an interview with Chris Jericho

Q:Wrestling in Japan is a lot more intense than it is in America, isn’t it?

CJ:In Japan, the rookies have to wash the older guys’ asses and backs. Then they wash all the gear, set up the ring and watch all the matches. They really beat them down to make sure this is what they want to do. You have to have the tenacity and the discipline for it. I heard in one of the Japanese wrestling dojos the older wrestlers would jerk off into a cup, put it in the fridge and then the rookies would have to drink it. I was glad I was never asked to do that, because if I’m going to drink ejaculate I’m going to do it on my own time.

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Mecca V.I.P.
Sep 23, 2006
Having lived in Japan for four years, and actually having SEEN a wrestling match in Namba, I would find that very insulting, if it wasn't obviously a bunch of bogus exaggeration.


Also, I know I'm gonna get slammed for bitching about this, but don't use the word Jap. It's on par with "nigger."

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