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2018 Melbourne Arnold Classic Australia


Mecca V.I.P.
Sep 9, 2006
Classic Physique Open:
1st: Murray Calcut
2nd: Adam Zilic
3rd: Anthony NovakClassic Physique Novice:
1st: Anthony Novak
2nd: Michael Moses
3rd: Vincenzo MatovaniOVERALL BODYBUILDING CHAMPION: Jake Nikolopoulos

O over 100kg Bodybuilding
1st: Christian Caldwell
2nd: Harry VlahosMen’s Under 100s Bodybuilding:
1st: Jake Nikolopolous
2nd: Ebi Baotous
3rd: Steve BennettU90s Men Bodybuilding:
1st: Justin Figiara
2nd: Anthony Novak
3rd: Brae Mapson
U80 Men’s Bodybuilding Open:
1st: George Mesolongitis
2nd: Shaun Mason
3rd: Kane Douglas- Sonnett
U70 Men’s Bodybuilding Open:
1st: Senol/ Tony Vaman
2nd: Jaswinder Singh
3rd: Liam Fitzgerald
Men’s Novice Bodybuilding:
1st: Brae Maison
2nd: Datu Ibardolaza
3rd: Rory O’Donnell
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters:
1st: Harry Vlahos
2nd: George Mesolongitis
3rd: Frank LoschiavoMen’s Junior Bodybuilding:
1st: Louis Perkett
2nd: Jack Gordic
Overall Bikini : Lina Heinze
Bikini Open:
1st: Lina Heinz’s
2nd: Morgan Northrup
3rd: Georgina Kremisis
Bikini Juniors:
1st: Georgina Keemisis
2nd: Sarah Scopedliti
3rd: Lucy SearsBikini First Timers:
1st: Georgina Kremisis
2nd: Chantan Kim
3rd: Jelena RadasicFitness Open:
1st Place: Lisa CopePhysique Open:
1st: Liv MillerFigure Overall:
Kiki VhyceFigure Open:
1st: Kiki Vhyce
2nd: Kelly Sammut
3rd: Lisa SaygunFigure Novice:
1st: Kiki Vhyce
2nd: Renee Walker
3rd: Lisa SaygunFigure Masters:
1st: Robin Kuipers
2nd: Rose Calapai
Figure First Timers:
1st: Kiki Vhyce
2nd: Lisa Saygun
3rd: Belinda Croxford


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