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2024 Everest Muscle Show Pro Final Results

Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
The 2024 Everest Muscle Show Pro, held in Warsaw, Poland on May 25, showcased some of the finest talents in the Men’s Physique and Wellness divisions. This event was a crucial opportunity for athletes to secure their spots in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition, slated for October in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the competition deadline approaches, participants were eager to impress and stand out.

2024 Everest Muscle Show Pro

Event Overview​

The 2024 Everest Muscle Show Pro brought together top competitors from around the world. Athletes from the Men’s Physique and Wellness categories displayed their peak physical forms, hoping to earn a place at Mr. Olympia. This year’s show was particularly significant as the IFBB Pro League’s popularity has surged, raising the bar for qualification.

Men’s Physique Results​

Adama Jammeh emerged as the champion in the Men’s Physique category, delivering an outstanding performance. His victory not only earned him the title but also a chance to compete against reigning Olympia winner Ryan Terry. The competition was fierce, with each athlete bringing their best to the stage.
  1. Winner: Adama Jammeh (UK)
  2. Second Place: Mauro Fialho Sales (Spain)
  3. Third Place: Andrea Amato (Italy)
  4. Fourth Place: Tobias Rasheed Abdoul Hamid (Germany)
  5. Fifth Place: Jaime Maso Lopez (Spain)
  6. Sixth Place: Mikael Lega (Belgium)
  7. Seventh Place: Dawid Wachelka (Poland)
  8. Eighth Place: Rui Liu (China)
  9. Ninth Place: Happy Edodo Ogieva (Spain)
  10. Tenth Place: Patryk Walczuk (Poland)
  11. Eleventh Place: Hachemi Hemza (Algeria)
  12. Twelfth Place: Pamuke Kisala (Germany)
  13. Thirteenth Place: Ruben Marques (Portugal)
  14. Fourteenth Place: Mishal Alhassan (Saudi Arabia)
  15. Fifteenth Place: Simon Pietro Arena (Italy)

Wellness Results​

In the Wellness division, Valquiria Lopes dazzled the judges with her exceptional aesthetics and shape, securing the top spot. Her win sets the stage for a showdown with the reigning Wellness Olympia queen, Francielle Mattos.
  1. Winner: Valquiria Lopes (Brazil)
  2. Second Place: Danai Theodoropoulou (Greece)
  3. Third Place: Klaudia Vanessza Csuri (Ukraine)
  4. Fourth Place: Ruth Petizco (Spain)
  5. Fifth Place: Lenia Fernandes (Portugal)
  6. Sixth Place: Anna Mroczkowska (Poland)
  7. Seventh Place: Sara Gabriele Pereira (Spain)
  8. Eighth Place: Paulina Zawlocka (Poland)
  9. Ninth Place: Anna Ercolano (Italy)
  10. Tenth Place: Eleni Printezi (Greece)
  11. Eleventh Place: Mafalda Teixeira (Portugal)
  12. Twelfth Place: Natalia Gorska (Poland)
  13. Thirteenth Place: Antonia Liliana Licciardi (Italy)

Key Highlights and Insights​

Adama Jammeh’s Road to Victory​

Adama Jammeh’s triumph in the Men’s Physique division was a result of rigorous training, strategic posing, and impeccable conditioning. His symmetrical physique and stage presence set him apart from the competition, making him a standout contender for the upcoming Mr. Olympia.

Valquiria Lopes: A Rising Star​

Valquiria Lopes’ win in the Wellness category was a testament to her dedication and hard work. Her balanced proportions, muscle tone, and poise captured the judges’ attention, marking her as a rising star in the bodybuilding world.

Competitive Edge: Training and Preparation​

The preparation for such high-stakes competitions involves intense training regimens, meticulous diet plans, and mental fortitude. Competitors often follow specific routines designed to enhance muscle definition and overall symmetry, crucial for success in the Men’s Physique and Wellness categories.

Future Prospects​

Both Adama Jammeh and Valquiria Lopes have their sights set on Mr. Olympia, where they will compete against the best in the world. Their performances at the 2024 Everest Muscle Show Pro have set high expectations for their future endeavors.

The 2024 Everest Muscle Show Pro was a remarkable event that highlighted the dedication and talent of its participants. With impressive performances from Adama Jammeh and Valquiria Lopes, the stage is set for an exciting Mr. Olympia competition. As these athletes continue their journey, their achievements inspire many in the bodybuilding community to strive for excellence.
We congratulate all the participants for their hard work and dedication and look forward to witnessing their continued success on the global stage.


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