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An Olympia To Forget?

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro Contributer
May 30, 2014
Written by Joe Pietaro for musclemecca

The 2015 Olympia is shaping up to be one colossal disappointment for the fans and powers that be alike. Here's the 'laundry list' of what has occurred recently:

1 - Longtime webcast home Bodybuilding.com allegedly being asked to pay three times the amount as the previous years, not accepting and then a long stretch of time passing with no indication if the show would be shown online. (FLEX Online.com ended up hosting the stream.)

2 - Fan favorite Dana Linn Bailey, easily the most popular female in the industry, deciding not to compete.

3 - Exclusive title sponsor Ultimate Nutrition suing AMI (the promoters of the Olympia) for soliciting others for prominent positioning. Ultimate had paid over $600,000 for the privilege and this is their seventh year being the main company sponsoring the O. But then Amazon Sports Nutrition came on board and the two are basically sharing the spotlight.

4 - Regardless of where you stand in the Kai Greene situation, having the second best bodybuilder in the world (and by far the most popular one) not at what is perceived as the Super Bowl of bodybuilding is a glaring absence.

5 - Lee Haney, the legendary bodybuilder who won the Sandow a then-record eight times, speaking out publicly against the IFBB and by doing so, alleging that these feelings were from way back and not just concerning Greene. Then Robby Robinson added some of his own.

6 - On the first night of events at The Orleans Arena, only the floor seats were near-filled. The bowl sections surrounding the floor seats were mainly empty and men's prejudging was being held on Friday. It will be interesting to see what the attendance is tonight.

7 - Lee Thompson bolting and forming his own pro/am organization, NPC Global, that will become instant competition for the NPC and IFBB.

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