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Mecca V.I.P.
Oct 25, 2007
Berry de Mey is a professional photographer today and was professional bodybuilder in the 80ties and early 90ties.

In 1982 de Mey won the European Championship and then at the age of 20, while still a junior competitor, de Mey won the senior heavyweight class, a triumph that had only been accomplished by Arnold Schwarzenegger. To date, nobody has ever been able to repeat this conquest.

In 1985, he reached the crown of his amateur career when he won the gold medal at the IFBB World Games, the pan Olympic Games, and became world champion. This world class victory immediately opened the door into the professional league and to an invitation to compete for the prestigious Mr. Olympia title. Nicknamed by the press as “The Flexing Dutchman,” de Mey reached the finals for four consecutive year’s culminating into his highest placing in 1988. The Flexing Dutchman won the bronze medal in 1988 in the lion’s den of the sport in Los Angeles. In the 1990s, he switched to the World Bodybuilding Federation, achieving international fame.

During his sports career, de Mey tried to create the perfect image of the human body, adopting the motto, “If you do something, do it right.” This positive attitude has translated into his photography career.

To read the complete biography go to Berry’s photography website
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