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Biggest Natual Bodybuilder: Nutrition and Training Insights for Massive Gains

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MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Bodybuilding is not only about taking steroids to increase muscle mass and enhance strength. Some bodybuilders choose to do the natural way–gaining muscle mass without the help of anabolic steroids. Though this process takes longer to build muscle, it is the safer way to avoid the long-term side effects of steroids.

There are also natural bodybuilding competitions where competitors' bodies look almost identical to those who join regular bodybuilding contests. According to many bodybuilders, Mike O'Hearn is today's most significant natural bodybuilder. Even at the age of 50s, you can still notice his strength and excellent physique. He even played as Team Captain Titan in American Gladiators.

In this article, we'll look at how Mike O' Hearn earned the respect of bodybuilding enthusiasts. We'll also delve into his training regime, diet and nutrition, and achievements as a natural bodybuilder.

Mike O’ Hearn

The Journey of The Biggest Natural Bodybuilder​

Before Mike O' Hearn appeared on TV, he was known as a natural bodybuilder in different bodybuilding competitions.

Mike O' Hearn's bodybuilding journey started by lifting weights as young as seven years old with his brothers under the supervision of his father. He started the sport at 15 and earned a title in the Teenage Washington State competition. He was naturally into physical activities since he was also a football player during his college years. O' Hearn was also a former California Judo champion.

Because of his genes, it was not hard for O' Hearn to achieve the muscular physique he has now. For him, achieving a good figure and remaining natural is easy because he grew up weighting lifts, even when he was still learning the basics of bodybuilding.

At first, his siblings persuaded him to use steroids since this was the trend among bodybuilders. But according to him, he wanted to prove that he could beat other bodybuilders without using it. He never wanted to become Mr. Olympia; he just wanted a pleasing physique.

Training Regimen​

He believed that most bodybuilders do the same thing before a competition–lift heavy weights, do cardio training, and diet. Because of this, he modified his training regime to be on the opposite side of other bodybuilders.

Mike O' Hearn's Exercise Routine​

Like when he was still young, Mike O' Hearn forced his muscles to work out and grow bigger. However, he does different exercise routines, but he focuses more on his abs and doing cardio exercises to burn body fat. Here is an example of his training regimen:

  • Day 1 (Chest and Abs): bench press, dumbbell flys, crunches, and 30-minute cardio exercise on the treadmill
  • Day 2 (Legs and Abs): crunches, barbell squats, leg presses, leg extensions, and 30-minute cardio exercise on the treadmill
  • Day 3 (Shoulders and Abs): barbell and dumbbell rows, lateral and rear raises, crunches, and 30-minute cardio exercise on the treadmill
  • Day 4 (Arms and Abs): barbell and dumbbell curls, triceps press, triceps pushdown, triceps extension, and 30-minute cardio exercise on the treadmill
  • Day 5 (Back and Abs): deadlifts, dumbbell rows, lat pulldowns, crunches, and 30-minute cardio exercise on the treadmill

Even with only five training days, you can still see how much he maintains his body. Having five consecutive training days is already enough for O' Hearn, and he skips working out the remaining two days in his week and lets his muscles rest.

Importance of Strength Training in His Training Regimen​

Lifting weights does its job of keeping the muscles growing continuously. It's no wonder O' Hearn still maintains his figure as he age. Strength training in his routine strengthens his body fat and supports his joint to prevent injuries.

If you have seen him lately on TV and in magazines, you can tell that he still has a good range of motion, strengthens muscles, and shows no weakness. Thanks to the strength training he continuously doing, even in his 50s.

Diet and Nutrition​

Like other bodybuilders, Mike O' Hearn consumes the appropriate amounts of nutrients to fuel his body and provide energy to work out. He carefully monitors his diet and nutrition since he believes that the food you consume is another crucial factor in building muscle mass.

However, if many bodybuilders opt for a protein-rich meal, O' Hearn incorporates carbohydrate-rich foods. According to him, carbohydrates give him endurance and strength. O' Hearn also rarely eats unhealthy foods and sweets–no cheat day for his strict diet and nutrition.

Aside from that, he takes supplements to support his muscle building. Some accessories he takes are whey protein, branch-chain amino acids, glutamine, fish oil, and vitamins and minerals.

Challenges, Obstacles, and Overcoming Them​

Living in a household where your siblings are fond of using steroids to build muscles is challenging. He knew that some of his brothers took these substances, but he refused to use them since he believed he could also achieve the exact figure without sacrificing his overall health. Despite this, some people still said he took steroids at least once in his bodybuilding career.

Juggling between careers also made it difficult for him to focus on bodybuilding. As an actor and model with hectic schedules, finding time to work out can be challenging. However, he is a disciplined bodybuilder. He monitors the food he eats and never skips his supplements. He also manages his time to have a few hours to train daily.

Achievements and Recognition​

Aside from being a famous actor and TV personality, Mike O' Hearn also earned accomplishments in the bodybuilding industry. Though he never became a professional bodybuilder, here are the achievements and recognitions he received in his bodybuilding career:

  • 4-time California Powerlifting Champion
  • 2-time Iron Warrior: Decathlon of Strength Iron Man Champion
  • 4-time Mr. Universe
  • 7-time Fitness Male Model of The Year from different magazines

Because of these achievements, he garnered many followers and subscribers on social media. O' Hearn shares his training techniques, workout tips, and fitness advice on these platforms for aspiring natural bodybuilders.

Lessons and Advice​

If you're an aspiring bodybuilder, following Mike O' Hearn's lifestyle and fitness tips will help you reach your fitness goals. It's okay if you have a different approach to the industry compared with other athletes. Like O' Hearn, you don't need to use synthetic substances to grow faster and more prominent. It would be best to prioritize your health since this is your baseline in the industry.

There is no easy way to earn the body he has today. It takes time and extreme effort to achieve a lean and muscular shape like O' Hearn's. You wouldn't notice any weakness, hair loss, or other adverse side effects at his age compared to someone who uses steroids.


It is no wonder that bodybuilding enthusiasts consider Mike O' Hearn one of the biggest natural bodybuilders ever. He has proven that being natural doesn't make you left out of the industry. Instead, it sets you apart by having excellent overall well-being and a beautiful physique. He serves as an inspiration to others, especially to those who want to take the path of natural bodybuilding.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Where is Mike O' Hearn now?​

O' Hearn is more visible on social media nowadays. In his accounts, he shares his life as a bodybuilder and some tips and advice an aspiring bodybuilder can follow.

Why didn't O' Hearn join Mr. Olympia?​

Mike O' Hearn wanted an excellent physique and never dreamt of having full-blown muscles. Even if there are random tests, steroid use is still prevalent in this industry, which he strongly disagrees with.

How does he create his diet and nutrition?​

He incorporates high-carbohydrate foods in his diet to enhance his endurance during training. However, he still consumes the typical foods of a bodybuilder and takes supplements to support his muscle growth.

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