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Biggest Natural Bodybuilding Goals!



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Dec 2, 2022
When discussing bodybuilding competitions, we often think about men with full muscular definition. It is usually associated with using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to achieve a muscular physique quickly and extreme strength for workouts. Though this has been the trend in this industry, there are still bodybuilders who have the biggest natural bodybuilding physiques–athletes with no traces of PEDs.

There are also specific competitions exclusive to natural bodybuilders under the NANBF, PNBA, WNBF, and INBA. These competitions have strict guidelines and testing requirements before a bodybuilder can qualify for an event. Polygraph testing is done randomly on every athlete, and each should have two character references that can attest that the athlete is substance-free.

The body physiques of natural bodybuilders are smaller than those in other bodybuilding competitions, but their bodies are in great shape.

Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding​

The use of steroids in bodybuilding competitions is strictly banned. However, it is still prevalent, and many bodybuilders can sneak and cheat on their testing results. PEDs are synthetic male hormones, which means their use is associated with several side effects. Because of this, many bodybuilders opt to go on a safer way–natural bodybuilding. Here are the benefits a bodybuilder can get if they have no traces of PEDs in their system.

Normal Body Proportions​

PEDs create enormous size of muscles. On the contrary, a natural bodybuilder has an appropriate head-to-body ratio since no substance is taken to shed fat quickly. A natural bodybuilder’s physique looks leaner and has a permanent muscle mass. They have better body proportions and flatter muscles because of their balanced training.

Free From Physical Side Effects​

Aside from health issues, natural bodybuilders don’t experience the side effects of steroids. They do not experience hair loss, enlarged breasts, and acne breakouts. The increase in the breast tissue of steroid users contributes to their unproportioned head-to-body ratio. Natural bodybuilders also don’t have to shave their heads because of hair loss.

Healthy and Safe Training​

If a bodybuilder is on steroids, they have the extreme strength and fast recovery they need for training. Though it is good when they are preparing for a competition, it can be dangerous in the long run.

Natural bodybuilders get their strength from training with a healthy diet and plenty of rest. They have a regular workout routine, which means they maintain their strength and don’t have to reduce the weight of their plates. Instead, they can increase their load and the number of reps per set.

Keeps Health Under Control​

The most dangerous side effect of steroid use is the increased risk of organ damage. Steroids are known to cause cardiovascular diseases and liver damage. Natural bodybuilders don’t experience these side effects. Instead, being a natural bodybuilder makes them healthier.

It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Because they work out regularly with a healthy diet, it keeps their cardiovascular health in excellent condition. Though it does not have the same effect as steroids in the physical aspect, being a natural bodybuilder promotes general well-being and a good quality of life.

Proper Nutrition for Natural Bodybuilding​

To have the needed strength, natural bodybuilders rely on a healthy diet and rest. The acceptable calorie count of a natty will depend on their workout. However, there is no fixed calorie count since their body’s metabolism adjusts if they need to maintain their current weight or lose muscle mass and fat.


As someone who needs strength in lifting weights, bodybuilders need an appropriate amount of protein in their diet. The protein in their body contributes to building and maintaining their muscle mass. During the fat-loss period, natural bodybuilders increase their protein intake. However, as the protein intake increases, so does the need for liquids.

They usually get protein from eggs, lentils, poultry, salmon, and vegetables. Some also add protein shakes to their diet if they have limited time to work out, especially when preparing for a bodybuilding event.


Carbohydrates are as important as proteins. It also supplies the energy that natural bodybuilders need for an intense workout. A low amount of carbs in their diet may limit their workout capabilities. In addition, carbs also reduce stress and anxiety levels, which can affect your motivation when working out.

The best time to eat carbs is before or during a workout. If you plan to have them after the workout, add them to the last two meals of the day. If taken before workouts, there is no need to consume carbs after the workout.


Though fats should only be taken at low levels, it also plays an important role in a natty’s balanced diet. Fats are often avoided by individuals who want to shed weight. For natural bodybuilders, fats are required to add calories to their daily diet. It is as essential as proteins and carbs for building muscle mass. It also aids in muscle recovery after workouts.

Since fat intake should be minimal, natural bodybuilders add fats to their diets–meats, eggs, and nuts.

Workout Routines for Maximum Results​

Natural bodybuilders can shape up and gain muscle mass by doing more reps on each set. Their workout plans include separate days of compound and isolation workouts. The workout routines of natural bodybuilders are focused on triggering protein synthesis, which aids in building muscle mass.

The volume of workouts should stay within the capacity of the muscle composition. Too many reps and sets can lead to muscle breakdown, which can delay muscle building. Instead, natural bodybuilders only do the appropriate volume of workouts but increase their weekly frequency.

What’s surprising is natural bodybuilders do not perform long workout routines. Some of them only spend less than two hours working out. This allows their muscles to recover faster and perform frequent routines. A full-body workout usually comprises compound workout routines, such as squats, deadlifts, leg presses, lunges, hamstring curls, rack pulls, pull-ups, cable pull-downs, overhead presses, barbell bench presses, bicep curls, and crunches or planks.

Once you have transitioned to isolation exercises, training for a specific muscle group twice a week is recommended. These long and intense workouts include high frequency, which means muscles may take more days to recover.

Supplements for Optimal Performance​

Healthy diets should be supported with supplements. Compared to those taken by steroid users, these are safe, natural, and provide the effectiveness you need for your physique and strength.

If you are lifting for recreation and just want to build muscle mass, taking supplements is unnecessary. But if you’re entering a natural bodybuilding competition, you may need to add these to your diet for optimal performance.

Whey Protein​

Protein powders are easily absorbed by the body, which means you can use their benefits immediately. A whey protein has the right amount of carbs, fats, and sugars to help increase muscle mass. It also contains the essential amino acids for maintaining muscle mass and recovery.


Like protein powders, creatine comes in powder form, mixed with sugary drinks. It can help natural bodybuilders gain muscle mass as early as six weeks. It also helps in triggering the protein synthesis needed for working out. It also sends energy to the heart for better physical performance.

Though creatine can be found in meats, only a small amount is present in this food and usually goes off after cooking. Creatine powders are suitable substitutes if you need to increase creatine in your body.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)​

BCAA contains leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This also helps in improved muscle recovery after a long and intense workout. It can be added to your workout drinks before or after working out. BCAA also helps in increasing the protein synthesis needed to build muscle mass.

Fat Burners​

Many fat burners are available in the market, but not all are suitable for a natural bodybuilder. Caffeine-based and L-carnitine are the most common fat burners for a natty. However, those that contain caffeine sometimes cause insomnia and anxiety to some bodybuilders.

Meanwhile, L-carnitine is a better choice since it turns fat into energy. It also reduces fatigue from intense exercise routines. Some recommend taking stand-alone carnitine supplements to get the maximum benefit.

Recovery Strategies of Natural Bodybuilders​

High-frequency workouts reduce the resting period during workouts. Due to this, the muscles need adequate time to recover, which can hinder your bodybuilding regimen. Aside from adequate rest, there are also recovery strategies that follow the natural and safer way.

Having a High-Protein Meal​

Taking protein after high-intensity workouts can help repair the muscle fibers. It replenishes your muscle cells and gets you ready for your next workout.

Water and Sports Drinks​

Hydrating replenishes the water that has gone off your body in sweat. If you are dehydrated, your muscle will most likely take more time to be repaired. However, it is advised to choose those with low sugar content when consuming sports drinks. If possible, drink water only, as it is the safest and best way to stay hydrated.

Good Rest and Sleep​

Sleeping is the best way to rest. A bodybuilder is required to have more than 7 hours of sleep at night. Getting less sleep will result in early fatigue, especially if you are under an intense workout program. In addition, sleeping does not consume any energy, which is essential if you plan to train the next day.


Natural bodybuilding is the safest way to join bodybuilding competitions. It provides a proportioned body and promotes health, unlike using steroids, where many severe side effects are present. Though natural bodybuilding takes time to produce results, the muscle mass and strength it develops are present in the long run.

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