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Bodybuilder Phil Hernon Passes Away. Dave Palumbo Pays Tribute.



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Aug 17, 2021
sad news bodybuilders!
rip bodybuilder Phil Hernon. It was a sad night when Phil passed.

Phil Heron was born in 1946. He was a competitive bodybuilder who specialized in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman contests, and arm wrestling. Phil used steroids during his career to enhance his performance when competing against other athletes. Phil is an example of what there is to know about Phil Hernon: he did steroids and made the news for it.

Phil Hermon was a professional bodybuilder who became well known after he won the Mr. America contest in 1965, and eventually retired from competitive bodybuilding to promote health club equipment. Phil had suffered an attack of polio at the age of two which paralyzed his left arm, but Phil taught himself to use his right arm as if it were two arms, and Phil never let his handicap stop him. Phil was only 5 feet, 6 inches tall (about 168 cm) and Phil's weight eventually reached 220 pounds (100 kg), Phil had very large arms with a 25-inch (63.5 cm) bicep circumference, Phil deadlifted 605 pounds (273 kg), Phil did dumbell presses with 210 pounds (95 kg), Phil was able to do 15 reps in the barbell squat with 450 pounds (200 kg) on his back, Phil's chest pumped out 56 inches (142 cm), Phil even had striations in Phil's buttocks, Phil competed at 220 pounds bodyweight, Phil received all positive results for his steroid injections, Phil was Phil's heaviest by the age of 18 years. Phil won many trophies, Phil had Phil's best contest weight was 215 pounds (98 kg) at the 1966 Mr. America competition where Phil placed second to bodybuilder Larry Scott who beat Phil out by only one point (and Phil had more muscle mass than Scott), Phil had never really ripped Phil's abs up to their full potential, Phil had Phil's biggest arms measured at 26 inches (66 cm) in 1967 after Phil retired from bodybuilding, Phil won Mr. Universe Amateur three times, Phil was the first man to bench press 600 lbs at a bodyweight of 220 lbs., Phil also did heavy squats with 800 lbs.
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