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More on Phil Hernon including his kidney transplant

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
When talking about bodybuilders, we can't but mention Phil Hernon. He has won many bodybuilding championships and titles across the globe. He is known for his remarkable feats in bodybuilding, fitness drills, and professionalism.

The Early Life of Phil Hernon​

Mr. Phil Hernon was born in Ohio to the family of Mr. Philip Hernon Sr. and Sandra Jean Pearson. He was born into a modest family where fitness was encouraged. He started in bodybuilding in his early years, and his parents gave him a weight set as a gift on Christmas. He wasn't bulky when he was young, and he constantly felt sick because of allergies. This was meant to make him strong and active

Unfortunately, his mother, Sandra Jean, died when he was just four months old. He later moved to New York to live with his grandparents, who played a significant role in bringing him up with his dad.

His father remarried shortly to Cheryl Heller in 1968, giving Philip a new mother figure in his life. After he had lived in New York with his grandparents for some years, he loved the tradition and culture of the place. He and his family moved to several places during his period with them. These cities include Marlin, TX, Fort Meade, Encinitas, and SD.

Phil Hernon later moved to California when he was 15, where he attended Hoover High School, and he graduated in the spring of 1984.

After some years doing odd jobs, he went for his bachelor's degree in elementary education at the California State University at Fresco in 1999. His love for education was evident as he later started to work on his postgraduate degree.

This didn't affect his love for sports, though, because, since high school, he has always participated in active sports. He started with snow skiing when he was 9 years old and also played some baseball, where he mastered catching and pitching. After some time, he started playing tennis; by 12 years old, he went on to win the North San Diego County tennis tournament.

Moreover, he practiced basketball and some football, and he excelled at both. Even after practicing various sports, he ended up in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding was the sport that gave him fame and money. At 13 years of age, he started weightlifting from the weight sets his dad bought from him.

Since then, fitness, bodybuilding, and health have become a part of his life. With determination and dedication, he became an IFBB professional and won Mr. USA in 1995. Although he was a professional bodybuilder, sometimes he aimed to stay fit and healthy. Phil Hernon has, over the years, trained thousands of people offline and online about the benefits of keeping fit and healthy.

He has many followers on Instagram and YouTube who are amazed by his fitness and want to learn from him. His approach to fitness is unique, which is why people are attracted to him. Apart from the places mentioned that Phil visited, he has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, Washington, and settled in Geneva, where he met his lover, Pamela. It was in Geneva that he opened his gym, which he called Ultimate Physique.

After some time, he moved to a bigger gym called Finger Lakes Fitness in Geneva. Aside from the Gym, they have many properties and stores in NY, and he also owns an online supplement.

His Career​

While he started training early, his bodybuilding professional career started around 1987 when he started competing as a bodybuilder. In 1994, he again competed in the national physique committee championship, and he was third on the medal list.

Phil's social media presence​

Phil Hernon can be found on various social media accounts. On Instagram, he can be found with the username @phil_hernon, where he regularly posts his pictures and training drills. He has made about 136 posts and has 2,300 followers. His Instagram account is primarily used to share his bodybuilding experiences.

Who is Phil Hernon's Wife?​

Phil Hernon was married to Pamela Guererri. They have been friends for a long time and spend the most time together. They understand one another, and she is very supportive.

Phil Hernon was pronounced dead on August 20, 2021. His wife, Pamela Guererri posted it on her social media account, confirming his death. She had always been by him for years even after he was diagnosed with kidney problems, she was supportive and asked his followers to pray for him.

Phil Hernon Kidney Issues​

For some time, Phil Hernon had been battling kidney issues and was receiving appropriate treatment. Earlier, he posted that he was facing health challenges and was on dialysis. However, for some reason, he deleted those comments.

In 2018, Phil posted about his challenges with anemia when he posted on his Instagram account about his treatments and leg issues. There are no statements about the cause of death, and many people are aware of his renal ailments. There were suggestions that he needed a kidney transplant as far back as 2016.

It remains unknown if he has had the kidney transplant or died during the kidney transplant. All that was obvious was that his health worsened rapidly and caused his death.

Phil Hernon's Net Worth​

During his sojourn in professional building, Phil Hernon has made tons of bucks. His total net worth is around 1.3 million dollars, earned during his tours in bodybuilding. He worked for many bodybuilding companies and was sponsored by a couple of supplement companies.

Other Information About Phil​

Phil Hernon reached the helm of his career in 1995 when he was victorious in the NPC championship. Nobody gave him a chance. He won the tournament, beating Craig Titus in the heavyweight category. Moreover, he also overcame Dexter Jackson to win the overall championship.

Phil Hernon was known to be a blunt person, as seen in his social media posts. He regularly attracted attention to himself by his scathing views of other bodybuilders like himself.

Statement from Phil Hernon's wife, Pamela Guererri, sent a heartfelt message on Facebook when announcing the passing away of her husband​

''It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that Phil Hernon has died peacefully in his sleep.

I want to thank everybody that has been with us from the time he got sick till this moment. To our friends, family, and all members of the bodybuilding family, I want to say a big thank you.

Phil's strength has shown everybody that we can achieve anything we wish to in life. I feel so happy whenever I am with him, and it is an honor to be married to Phil Hernon. He was recuperating over the last months before he had a relapse. God will continue to bless Phil where he is, and He will be forever missed.''

However, her statement didn't specify what exactly led to Phil Hernon's death.

The Body Measurements of Phil Hernon​

Phil Hernon stands tall at about 5'8 and weighs approximately 120 kg. Phil's body type is of a muscular shape, with measurements spanning 46-34-37. He has a biceps of 23 inches, and he is a well-built man and looks stunning physically. Phil Hernon's face houses gorgeous sets of black hair and brown eyes.

Phil Hernon's Nutrition and Fitness​

Phil Hernon has a fantastic diet and nutrition habits that keep him in good condition. Phil takes his meals seriously and eats about 6 times daily, showing his immense shape.

Phil Hernon was a lover of supplements but has always advised people against them. His idea was that those who rely on supplements without hard work would fizzle out in the long run. However, regular fitness and bodybuilding techniques, when used with supplements, can make an athlete invincible.

The supplements he uses help boost his internal immunity and body shape. His meals contain many multivitamins, protein, and fat burners. He loves pre-workout and biceps training.

Furthermore, Phil loved pull-ups, push-ups, and T-bar rows. However, most of the time, Phil Hernon tries to mix his regular bodybuilding techniques with traditional Asian fitness skills. He is an admirer of Asian fitness training and follows their teachings. His training is about 6 days a week, as he used Sundays to rest.


Aside from fitness and bodybuilding, Phil Hernon loved watching soccer. Phil's favorite team was the Cleveland Browns, and he regularly watched the NFL drafts. Also, Phil Hernon loved cooking and visiting the grocery store.

He had a thing for reality stories because, according to him, they show how humans behave in real life. Also, Phil was a lover of scrabble and movies, and he is a family man. Phil Hernon spent lots of time with his family and friends because they are the people he cares about most in life.

More so, in recent times, he has been seen taking his daughter to the gym center and park. In his spare time, he gave her soccer tips and showed her how to work out. He took his daughter on most of his fitness trips, and while he didn't want to force her to become a bodybuilder like him, he always encouraged her to take her fitness seriously.

Phil Hernon Kidney Transplant
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