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Bodybuilder Pro List

Forums and Information on the best Pro Bodybuilders now and in the past with Bodybuilding Bios, Competition Lists and more!

Bodybuilder pro List

Baitollah "Baito" Abbaspour

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Baito Abbaspour Biography, Profile, Pictures and articles

Fouad Abiad

Fouad Abiad Bodybuilding Bio, Pictures and More

Troy Alves

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Trow Alves bodybuilding profile and more

Ahmad Ashkanani

Ahmad Ashkanani bodybuilding bio, stats and more

Thomas Bengali "Tho-Mass"

Thomas Bengali "Tho-Mass" Bio, articles, images, videos and more

Lionel Beyeke

Professional IFBB Bodybuilder, Lionel Beyeke

William Bonac

Bodybuilder William Bonac profile, images and more

Brian Buchanan

Brian Buchanan's Bodybuilding Bio and Information

Evan Centopani

Bodybuilder Evan "The Ox" Centopani bio, articles, Videos and more

Guy Cisternino

Pro bodybuilder Guy Cisternino bio, images, articles and more

Aaron Clark

Professional IFBB bodybuilder Aaron Clark profile, bio, stats, images, articles and more

Ed Corney

Ed Corney Bodybuilding Bio, Pictures and Updates

Brandon Curry

Brandon Curry Professional Bodybuilding Bio and updates

Jay Cutler

Professional bodybuilder Jay Cutler bio, images, stats and more

Big Ronnie Coleman

American professional bodybuilder and 8 time Mr.Olympia Big Ronnie Coleman bio, articles, images and more

Franco Columbu

The Sardinian Strongman

Justin Compton

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Justin Compton stats, images, profile and more

Jonathan T. DeLaRosa

Jonathan T. DeLaRosa Bio, images and articles

Clarence Devis

Clarence Devis pro Bodybuilding Bio, Competitions and more

Charles Dixon

IFBB Pro bodybuilder and 2015 Europa Phoenix Pro winner from South Carolina, Charles Dixon

Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay

Big Ramy images, articles and bio

Ibrahim Sami Fahim

Bodybuilder Ibrahim Sami Fahim bio, images and more

Alexander Fedorov

Aleksandr Fyodorov (Alexander Fedorov)The Next Big Thing in Bodybuilding?

Bertil Fox

Pro Bodybuilder Bertil Fox bio and information. Bodybuilder to killer.

Lou Ferrigno

Professional bodybuilder, actor Lou Ferrigno articles, bio, pics

Toney Freeman

Professional bodybuilder Toney Freeman bodybuilding bio and stats

John Grimek

The is The Monarch of Muscledom

Kai Greene

“If I want to be a king, I can’t walk around looking like a peasant.” - Kai Greene

Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovik Bodybuilding bio, stats and more

Lee Haney


Phil Heath

The Next big thing - Phil Heath

David Hoffmann

Bodybuilder David Hoffmann Bio, images, articles and more.

Johnie Jackson

Bodybuilder Johnie O' Jackson Bio, articles, bodybuilding stats, competition list and more

Dennis James

Dennis James bodybuilding bio, articles, videos, images

Josh Lenartowicz

Here is the Josh Lenartowicz Official Updates thread!

Kevin Levrone

Hall of Fame Professional bodybuilder Kevin Levrone bio, bodybuilding stats and images

James Flex Lewis

Pro Bodybuilder James Flex Lewis stats, images and info

Victor Martinez

Pro Bodybuilder Victor Martinez stats, competitions, articles, images and more

Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver is an IFBB professional bodybuilder

Cedric McMillan

Bodybuilder Cedric "The One" McMillan Bio, Images, videos, stats, competitions and more

Mike Matarazzo

American IFBB professional bodybuilder Mike Matarazzo bio and bodybuilding carreer, pics and more

Peter Molnar

Peter Molnar bodybuilding bio, stats and information!

Juan Morel

Bodybuilder Juan Morel Bio, images and articles

Andreas Munzer

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Andreas Munzer Bodybuilding Bio, Profile, Pictures and articles

An Nguyen

Pro IFBB Bodybuilder An Nguyen bodybuilding Profile and Bio, Images and More.

Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret Bodybuilding Bio and Information

Sergio Oliva

The Myth, Sergio Oliva!

Sergio Oliva Jr

Pro bodybuilder Sergio Oliva Jr, son of the myth!

Essa Ibrahim Obaid

Pro bodybuilder Essa Ibrahim Obaid bio, stats, pictures and more

Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski bodybuilding bio and more - coming soon

Bob Paris

Former Mr. Universe

Luca Pennazzato

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato

Rich Piana

Bodybuilder and actor Rich Piana Bodybuilding Bio

Tom Platz

The Golden Eagle

Costantino Polesel

Costantino Polesel is an Italian bodybuilder who has participated in many bodybuilding competitions in Italy and abroad as an amateur

Lee Priest

Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon is The "Blond Myth".

Shawn Ray

Former Pro Bodybuilder Shawn Ray bodybuilding bio, pictures and more

Shawn Rhoden

Tiny Lad Shawn Rhoden to Body Building Star

Craig Richardson

Pro Bodybuilding Craig Richardson Bio, Pics, Stats and more

Markus Ruhl

IFBB professional bodybuilder Markus Ruhl bio and bodybuilding profile

Firas Saied

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Firas or Feras Saied bodybuilding profile, bio with pictures and more

Sazali Samad

Sazali Samad, 10 time Mr. Universe bodybuilding profile and pictures!

Milos Sarcev

IFBB Pro Body Builder Milos Sarcev bodybuilding profile, stats, competition list and more

Gunter Schlierkamp

Gunter Schlierkamp Bodybuilding Bio, articles images

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger's pro body building career

Larry Dee Scott - RIP

Larry Dee Scott, "The Legend" or "The Golden Boy" Bio, images, articles and more.

Nasser El Sonbaty - RIP

Nasser El Sonbaty "The Flexer" bio, images, video and more

Antoine Vaillant

Pro IFBB Bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant Profile/bio, images and articles

Mattia Vecchi

Mattia Vecchi Pro Bodybuilding Bio

Casey Viator - RIP

Casey Viator was the youngest bodybuilder to win the AAU Mr. America in 1971! He was only 19!

Branch Warren

Branch Warren still going strong

Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler-Winning when it matters

Roelly Winklaar

IFBB pro Bodybuilder Roelly Winklaar bodybuilding stats, profile, bio, articles and more

Dennis Wolf

Pro Bodybuilder Dennis Wold Bio, articles, stats and images

Hidetada Yamagishi

Hidetada Yamagishi bodybuilding bio, articles, images and more

Zack "KING" Khan

Zack "KING" Khan Bio, images and articles