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The Story of James Hollingshead: Bodybuilding Achievements, Career Stats, and Personal Life



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Aug 7, 2023
James Hollingshead began his competitive bodybuilding journey in the amateur ranks before earning his professional status. Standing at a height of 5'11" and competing in the heavyweight division, Hollingshead typically carries a weight ranging from 111.1 - 115.7kg. His presence in the heavyweights signifies his dedication to building a muscular and imposing physique as he progresses in competitive bodybuilding.

Early Life and Career Start​

At 14, James Hollingshead aimed to sculpt a physique that exuded strength and definition. He trained as a boxer, fueled by an admiration for the legendary Mike Tyson. The boxing ring and the weight room became dual arenas where James honed his skills and physique.
His teen years were a delicate balance of punches thrown in the ring and lifting irons in the gym. It laid the foundation for the multifaceted athlete he would become.

Months of dedication, trial, and error led James to witness tangible progress in his physical growth. Motivated by these early successes, he persisted in his rigorous training regimen, aspiring to elevate his physique. The initial focus on strength seamlessly transformed into a pursuit of symmetry and aesthetic excellence.

As time unfolded, James' fascination with bodybuilding deepened. The transition from an enthusiastic teenager to a men's bodybuilding contestant marked a significant turning point in James Hollingshead's life.

Career Achievements and Key Competitions​

The person who first got James Hollingshead interested in bodybuilding competitions was a close friend and a seasoned bodybuilding professional. His dedication to the sport grew rapidly, pushing him to participate often. With every contest, James showed off a better body, showing that he was always trying to be the best.

James made his big break at the UKBFF Jr. British Championships by winning first place. This early win was the first in a string of victories to shape James's rapid rise in the professional bodybuilding world. James raised his status by winning the UKBFF Heavyweight Championships, which added to his first win.

His other competitions were:

  • 2012 UKBFF British Championships Junior Bodybuilding (2nd)
  • 2013 UKBFF British Championships Men's Bodybuilding - Heavyweight (3rd)
  • 2014 UKBFF British Championships Men's Bodybuilding - Heavyweight (1st)
  • 2016 UKBFF British Championships Men's Bodybuilding - Heavyweight (5th)
  • 2017 UKBFF British Championships Men's Bodybuilding - Heavyweight (1st)
  • 2018 IFBB Prague Pro Open Bodybuilding (6th)
  • 2019 IFBB Bigman Weekend Open Bodybuilding (3rd)
  • 2019 IFBB New York Pro Open Bodybuilding (8th)
  • 2019 IFBB Toronto Pro Open Bodybuilding (6th)
  • 2020 Europa Pro Bodybuilding Contest (1st)
  • 2021 Mr. Olympia (12th)
  • 2022 Mr. Olympia (16th)
  • 2024 Arnold Classic (5th)
James Hollingshead

Training Regime and Bodybuilding Approach​

James takes his commitment to the next level with a unique approach—two daily training sessions. He has a rigorous workout in the morning, followed by another intensive session in the evening. This strategic split ensures focused attention on individual muscle groups, maximizing the effectiveness of each training session.

Post-evening workouts, James prioritizes a long, rejuvenating walk. Beyond physical benefits, these strolls serve as a crucial stress-relief ritual. Combining fresh air, movement, and mental relaxation contributes to de-stressing, enhances blood flow, and aids in fat loss, creating a holistic approach to well-being.

James Hollingshead's training arsenal revolves around three powerhouse exercises—dips, T-bar rows, and squats. These exercises showcase James' commitment to comprehensive strength development.

He adopts a progressive approach to load management during his triceps workout. Starting with a challenging load, he incrementally increases it for the second set, incorporating partial reps. Subsequent sets witness a reduction in load, allowing for a full range of motion and optimal muscle engagement.

Diet and Nutrition​

The pre-contest regimen calls for a minimalist approach to fats. James tactfully includes minimal fats, ensuring a calorie-conscious strategy that aligns with the stringent demands of contest preparation. James refuses to compromise on vegetable intake. Brown rice and sweet potatoes make their way into his diet, providing sustained energy without compromising the quest for leanness.

Consuming fiber-rich vegetables serves a dual purpose—satiety and nutrient infusion. This deliberate choice underscores the importance of maintaining a sense of fullness while meeting essential nutritional needs.

James treats his taste buds by eating a lot of bread, especially with olive oil. This culinary taste gives his food choices a delightful twist and shows a nuanced approach that combines pleasure and accuracy.

He consumes his meals with whey protein, 16 glutamine pre-workout, and hydrolyzed casein for his supplements.

Influence and Impact​

James utilizes Instagram to showcase his physique, training techniques, and achievements. He gives followers valuable insights into the discipline and hard work integral to bodybuilding success.

He shares workout tutorials, nutritional advice, and day-in-the-life videos on YouTube. These videos provide a more comprehensive understanding of the effort and commitment required in the competitive bodybuilding arena.

In addition to his social media channels, James collaborates with other bodybuilders and fitness influencers in podcasts. Fouad Abiad, Paul Lauzon, Milos Sarcev, and Chris Tuttle are some of the personalities he joined a podcast with.

Personal Brand and Collaborations​

His brand revolves around authenticity and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding. James recently released a collection called Arnold Prep 2024, which includes muscle-fit stretchy joggers & matching t-shirts.

Aside from Hollingstead clothing line, he also collaborated with Tuffwraps, a renowned brand for lifting gear. He says his favorite Tuffwraps gear is the Dual Ply elbow sleeves. It is an important gear to use in every routine since he works often on his shoulders and chest.

Career Stats​

In 2020, James Hollingshead's rise to fame hit its peak. It was a big year in the competitive bodybuilding world. Hollingshead continued to rule the bodybuilding world by competing in the 2020 British Grand Prix. It was after his win at the Europa Pro. Hollingshead's great results earned him a prestigious spot in the 2021 Mr. Olympia.

With a 12th-place win in the Men's Open division at the 2021 Mr. Olympia, Hollingshead showed off his incredible conditioning in a way his fans will not forget. In future events, Hollingshead will continue showing the judges an even more muscular body. He is eager to show off the improvements he made during the off-season.


Hollingshead has become a good source of information on nutrition and exercise thanks to his videos, interviews, and social media posts. His openness about his journey helps people who want to become lifters understand how the sport works. People see him as a guide for the next generation of athletes.

His candid conversations on podcasts and YouTube interviews contribute to his legacy of authenticity. Sharing personal struggles and triumphs humanizes him in the eyes of fans and fellow athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is James Hollingshead's brand?

He owns Hollingshead Clothing. It is a personalized t-shirt and clothing line, including hoodies and joggers.

What are some key competitions James Hollingshead has participated in?

Bodybuilding competitor James Hollingshead has shown off his skills in several well-known contests. He had a big year in 2020, winning the British Grand Prix and the Europa Pro Championships. Hollingshead also qualified for the famous Mr. Olympia and competed against the best bodybuilders in the world on the stage.

What is James Hollingshead's training routine like?

Training six days a week, he dedicates each day to a specific muscle group. Hollingshead often incorporates two daily training sessions, emphasizing a systematic and targeted approach to body transformation. His commitment to strength and conditioning is evident in his choice of key exercises like dips, T-bar rows, and squats, showcasing a comprehensive and well-thought-out training regimen.