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The Story of Andrew Jacked: Analyzing His Achievements and Net Worth



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Aug 7, 2023
Andrew Jacked, a renowned fitness influencer and entrepreneur, has captivated the world with his remarkable journey from an overweight teenager to a sculpted fitness icon. From navigating the complexities of nutrition to mastering the art of resistance training, Andrew's evolution in the fitness realm has been nothing short of extraordinary.

As he soared to fame, his financial success mirrored his physical achievements. This article seeks to unravel the layers of Andrew Jacked's journey in the fitness industry, from his humble beginnings to becoming a household name, and how his net worth has surged to an impressive amount.

Early Life and Background​

Andrew Jacked Obieka was born in Kaduna, Nigeria, in 1985; his real name is Chinedu Obiekea, faced a challenging upbringing. He described his childhood as "humble," growing up in a household with limited resources. His early years were marked by a lack of access to healthy food and regular exercise, leading to an overweight condition.

Despite these challenges, Jacked admired fitness and bodybuilding icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. Their physiques fascinated him, and he dreamed of one day achieving a similar level of muscularity.

Before turning to sports, he was a kickboxer and worked as an electrical engineer and military officer in Nigeria. After relocating to Dubai, he continued training at the renowned Binous Gym.

In 2019, Andrew Jacked gained fame as Larry "Wheels" Williams' training partner, an American fitness influencer and powerlifter. At the time, Obiekea, who was 34 years old, attended a bodybuilding show attended by many of Williams's admirers. His physique and strength-training accomplishments amazed these people.

Rise to Fame in Bodybuilding​

At his first bodybuilding show, Obiekea won first place in the debut EBBF Ajmaan Bodybuilding and Physique Contest in the UAE, earning him an IFBB Elite Pro card.

Andrew Jacked won the Texas Pro bodybuilding competition on August 14, 2022. This victory put him in the top ten open-division bodybuilders in the IFBB and qualified him for the Mr. Olympia event. Because he seemed to have come out of nowhere, people compared to Big Ramy's achievements almost a decade earlier. However, many doubters didn't think he could reach the same level of success so early in his career.

Andrew Jacked did well in his first Olympia. He went from 260 pounds at the Arnold Classic to 290 pounds at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, and his body looked great. Among the first-timers, he finished eighth in the Men's Open, ahead of William Bonac, the clear favorite, and Michael Krizanek and Blessing Awodibu.

Isolating individual muscle groups is critical to Andrew Jacked's training technique for optimal overall development. To strengthen these areas, he used both machine and free weight training.

Andrew Jacked

Career Highlights and Achievements​

Jacked's first-place finish at the prestigious 2021 elite pro-league show solidified his position among the top bodybuilders. This achievement showcased his exceptional physique and competitive prowess. Additionally, Jacked was a competitor and champion in the Arnold Classic Amateur. However, Jacked got his Mr. Olympia qualification in August 2022.

He placed in the top ten of his first Mr. Olympia competition, competing against a field of more seasoned bodybuilders. At the 2022 Mr. Olympia, he came in at number eight. Although his sickness hindered his performance in Mr. Olympia, he persevered due to his unwavering desire. Additionally, he recently won the Best Poser award in Arnold Classic 2023.

Aside from winning competitions, he has established himself as a respected fitness community and culture figure. As a sought-after fitness expert, he inspired and motivated individuals worldwide to embrace fitness and adopt healthier lifestyles. With millions of followers, his social media presence is a platform to share his knowledge, training tips, and motivational messages.

Business Ventures and Brand Associations​

Jacked actively produces and distributes digital fitness content, including workout videos, nutrition guides, and motivational messages. With over 100,000 subscribers, his YouTube channel is a valuable resource for individuals seeking fitness guidance and inspiration.

His reputation and influence have attracted numerous brand associations and endorsements, further expanding his reach and impact in the fitness industry. Jacked has collaborated with Darc Sport, a bodybuilding club with a clothing line.

He also partnered with BSN Supplements, a thriving sports nutrition company. He is a brand ambassador and spokesperson, promoting their products and expertise to his followers.

Net Worth and Financial Success​

As of the latest available data, Andrew Jacked's estimated net worth is an impressive $1.5 million. This significant financial milestone reflects his fitness industry prowess and strategic social media presence.

His multifaceted income streams contribute to his robust financial portfolio. Partnering with renowned fitness brands has been a cornerstone of Andrew's income. With a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, Andrew monetizes his influence through sponsored content, brand collaborations, and advertising.

Additionally, his house has high-end furniture and accessories. He also has an extensive collection of expensive brand-name cars at home, contributing to his assets.

Jacked's success is noteworthy in an industry characterized by rapid evolution and dynamic market trends. His ability to adapt to emerging trends, engage with a diverse audience, and leverage digital platforms aligns with the current landscape of fitness influencers.

Training Philosophy and Regimen​

The fitness enthusiast is committed to prioritizing his well-being through a nutritionist-approved diet and nutrition. Jacked consumes over 5000 calories daily and strategically includes nutrient-dense foods to fuel his active lifestyle. Andrew's daily intake includes diverse foods, including avocados, meat, whole grains, veggies, protein drinks, sweet potatoes, poultry, salmon, and other nutrient-rich options. Notably, eggs play a crucial role in supplementing his calorie intake.

Jacked adheres to a rigorous workout routine to maintain his enviable physique. He devotes time to exercise daily, with weekends as the only rest days. Remarkably, his workout sessions extend beyond three to four hours, underscoring his commitment to physical fitness.

He employs a strategic mix of exercises, utilizing equipment like the hammer strength chest press, neutral grip dumbbell chest presses, overhead rope tricep extensions, and V-bar tricep push-downs for his chest and triceps training.

In addition to his core chest and triceps focus, he incorporates a variety of exercises into his routine. It includes leg swings, bent-over barbell rows, floor presses, squats, cable push-downs, and more, ensuring a well-rounded approach to overall muscular development.

Andrew Jacked's philosophy and training regimen are rooted in intensity, efficiency, and periodization. He emphasizes high-intensity training methods, incorporating heavy weights, low repetitions, and controlled movements to maximize muscle growth and stimulation.

Social Media and Public Influence​

On Instagram, Andrew Jacked curates a visually compelling narrative of his fitness journey. From intense workout videos to snapshots of his nutritious meals, his feed is a source of inspiration and a virtual gym partner for his followers.

YouTube is Jacked's digital classroom, where he shares in-depth workout routines, nutritional guides, and personal anecdotes. The platform allows him to connect with a global audience, providing valuable content beyond the surface of fitness. His videos are famous for their high production quality, engaging commentary, and practical advice.

His TikTok account has significantly contributed to his overall reach and influence in the fitness industry. His short-form videos have a wider appeal and can reach a broader audience than traditional longer-form content. His ability to connect with viewers more personally through TikTok has further solidified his position as a relatable and inspiring fitness icon.

Charitable Work and Advocacy​

According to a talent booking website, Jacked is also generous and uses his fame to help people in need and give back to the community. He gives a regular salary to good causes and is involved in some charitable groups. However, he did not disclose which charities he participated in.

Future Aspirations and Projects​

Andrew Jacked is a visionary and ambitious individual with a clear roadmap for his future in the fitness industry and beyond. He aims to establish himself as a global fitness icon, inspiring and empowering individuals worldwide.

He plans to utilize his social media platforms and digital content to reach a wider audience, translating his content into multiple languages to bridge cultural barriers. His commitment to audience expansion and innovation will likely generate substantial revenue streams, further solidifying his position as a successful influencer in the fitness industry.

His future in bodybuilding remains promising, with the potential to achieve even greater success and cement his legacy as a top-tier competitor. Suppose Jacked continues to achieve success at prestigious competitions like the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia. In that case, he will earn substantial prize money and maintain his status as a top-earning bodybuilder.


Andrew Jacked's journey from an overweight teenager to a sculpted fitness icon is an inspiring testament to his unwavering dedication, hard work, and passion for fitness. His remarkable transformation and achievements have earned him a position among the top professional bodybuilders in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Beyond his physical excellence and business acumen, Jacked's impact extends to his fitness influencer and motivator role. With millions of followers, his social media presence is a platform to share his expertise, training tips, and motivational messages.

Andrew Jacked's future trajectory focuses on the fitness industry, where his continued participation in bodybuilding competitions and brand partnerships will contribute to his net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What are Andrew Jacked's plans or goals in his career?

Andrew Jacked aims to utilize his social media platforms and digital content to reach a wider audience worldwide. He still harbors a passion for competing and pushing the boundaries of his physical potential.

What is Andrew Jacked's current estimated net worth?

Andrew Jacked's current estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million. This net worth stems from his multiple streams of income, including prize money from bodybuilding competitions, endorsements and sponsorships, and digital fitness content.

How active is Andrew Jacked on social media and in the public eye?

He actively engages with his followers, providing valuable fitness tips, motivation, and inspiration. His Instagram has 718k followers, YouTube has more than 100k subscribers, and his TikTok has 112.8k followers.


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