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Larry Wheels Bodybuilding Bio



Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 2, 2023
Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams, is a prominent figure in bodybuilding and powerlifting, known for his remarkable journey from strength-focused pursuits to achieving a harmonious balance between strength and aesthetics. He gained widespread attention for his exceptional strength, breaking multiple records in powerlifting competitions.

Wheels successfully bridged the gap between powerlifting and bodybuilding, showcasing impressive strength and a sculpted physique.
larry wheels

Personal Background​

Early Life

Larry Wheels, named Larry Williams, was born on December 3, 1994, in Bronx, New York, USA. Raised in a challenging environment, Larry experienced hardships during his early life, marked by financial struggles and significant time spent in foster homes.

Motivation for Fitness

Two pivotal factors fueled his entry into the world of strength training: boredom and bullying. Determined to transform into a bigger and stronger version of himself, Larry, with the support of his mother, fashioned a makeshift weight set using two 40lb concrete blocks and a broomstick.

Gym Journey

Larry stepped into the gym at 17 with a determination that would define his future. His commitment to his passion led him to his first job, a crucial turning point that granted him the financial means to afford a gym membership, witnessing a remarkable transformation in his physique.

Career Highlights and Achievements​

Strength Feats

Larry Wheels' Instagram feed is a spectacle of strength, showcasing mind-boggling feats that challenge the essence of what's possible. Notable achievements include a 585-pound one-arm deadlift, a 225-pound one-arm bench press, and a 440-pound overhead strict press.

Powerlifting Records

At a Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) meet, he obliterated the combined world record for the 275-pound weight class, hoisting 2,275 pounds between the deadlift, back squat, and bench press. His triumph in the 242-pound weight class in 2017 set a world record with a total lift of 2,171 pounds.

Bodybuilding Success

Drawing inspiration from legends like Ronnie Coleman and fitness influencer Mike O’Hearn, Larry ventured into competitive bodybuilding without forsaking his powerlifting roots. Larry clinched first place overall in the NPC Gold Coast Classic in 2018, signaling his prowess in both strength and aesthetics.

Diversified Achievements

He graced the stage at the Amateur Olympia after victory in the NPC Ultimate Warriors, reaffirming his ability to excel in multiple arenas within fitness.

Training Philosophy and Regimen​

Evolution of Approach

Larry immersed himself in an intense six-day-per-week workout routine initially, leaving little room for recovery. However, a pivotal realization shifted his approach, highlighting the crucial role of recovery in muscle development. He now embraces a more strategic approach, working out three times weekly.

Key Exercises

Recognizing the foundational role of a robust back, Larry integrates deadlifts, rows, and cable push-downs into his regimen. Squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and leg curls are crucial to his routine, contributing to his overall powerlifting prowess and maintaining a proportionate physique to his legs.

Balanced Approach

Larry's effective strategy combines compound exercises for strength with isolation movements for targeted muscle growth. His journey from pure powerlifting to competitive bodybuilding signifies a remarkable shift in mindset.

Nutrition and Diet​

Carbohydrate Importance

Larry recognizes the pivotal role of carbohydrates in sustaining his strength levels. He has observed that dipping below 300 carbs per week leads to a rapid decline in strength.
Nutrition and Diet

Bulking and Cutting Phases

During bulking phases, he adopts a high-calorie strategy to fuel his pursuit of size and strength. In preparation for bodybuilding competitions, Larry adjusts his nutrition during cutting phases.

Protein Sources

He emphasizes the importance of quality protein sources, opting for grass-fed options to maximize nutrient content.

Steroid Use Disclosure

He has been notably transparent about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. In February 2020, he openly detailed his steroid cycle. However, it's crucial to note that he has since discontinued the use of steroids.

Overcoming Challenges​

Injury and Resilience

The powerlifter-bodybuilder experienced several injuries in his career, including a back strain during a deadlift session in 2018 and torn biceps while preparing for a strongman event. Despite these injuries, he approached rehabilitation with unwavering commitment.

Mind-Muscle Connection

Larry emphasized the importance of the mind-muscle connection in his training, enhancing physical performance and mental resilience by fostering a strong mental link to each movement.

Influence and Impact​

Leadership in Powerlifting

Larry's feats of strength have redefined the possibilities in powerlifting, elevating him to a position of leadership in the powerlifting community. His Instagram account has evolved into a powerhouse of inspiration.

Relatable Story

Larry’s story demonstrates that one can overcome challenges and achieve greatness with dedication, consistency, and resilience. Larry's openness about his struggles and setbacks provides a realistic perspective on the path to success.

Future Goals and Aspirations​

Short-term Goals

In the short term, Larry remains dedicated to achieving further success in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions. Additionally, he continues experimenting with new techniques and exercises to unlock untapped potential in his strength and physique development.

Long-term Vision

Beyond personal accomplishments, he aspires to contribute to the evolution of powerlifting and bodybuilding, influencing future generations of athletes and shaping the direction of these disciplines.

Philanthropic Activities and Community Involvement​

Supporting Fellow Athletes

Larry has initiated several fundraising events for his fellow athletes, providing support during injuries and accidents.

Empowering the Youth

Aside from fundraising, Larry channels his influence into empowering the youth through mentorship programs, emphasizing the transformative power of fitness and a determined mindset.

Products, Endorsements, and Partnerships​


Larry Wheels collaborates with BooHooMan Active, a fitness apparel brand, and is the primary endorser of Personal Record Supplements. He has also created his signature apparel line and influenced the creation of specialized training gear in collaboration with fitness equipment brands.

Public Image and Media Presence​

Educator and Mentor

Beyond being an athlete, Larry Wheels assumes the role of an educator and mentor. His media presence shares insights into training methodologies, nutrition, and the mental aspects of fitness.

Digital Engagement

He leverages digital platforms extensively, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, to directly connect with a global audience. He also appears in several podcasts where he engages in candid conversations, offering a deeper understanding of his perspectives on fitness, success, and personal growth.

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Terminology​

Understanding these terms sheds light on the nuances of Larry's training philosophy and achievements.


Larry Wheels redefined the limits of human strength and showcased a harmonious fusion of raw strength and aesthetic finesse. His legacy is one of inspiration, transparency, and pushing boundaries, resonating with a diverse audience in the often intimidating fitness world. Whatever career he delves into within the fitness industry, one thing remains certain – Larry Wheels will continue redefining what is achievable in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What motivates Larry Wheels?

Growing up in poverty and experiencing bullying fueled his desire to become bigger and stronger, shaping his journey into the world of fitness. Overcoming adversity and the pursuit of self-improvement drive Larry to push his limits and continuously inspire others along the way.

How has Larry Wheels transitioned between powerlifting and bodybuilding?

Starting with a focus on powerlifting, he achieved remarkable records in deadlifts and bench presses. However, Larry's aesthetic physique led him to venture into bodybuilding competitions, where he participated and excelled, winning titles like the NPC Gold Coast Classic and NPC Ultimate Warriors.

What is Larry Wheels' training regimen?

Initially training six times a week, he realized the importance of recovery and adjusted his routine to three sessions per week. Larry emphasizes the mind-muscle connection, uses a variety of compound and isolation exercises, and incorporates specific strength training programs.
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