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clenbuteroil question


Active member
Nov 1, 2008
morning all

just a quick question about clen. had different people say how to do it and thought i would put it to you guys. is it true clen ties up the receptors after 2 weeks of constant use or is that bull? and if it does tie them up how long do you need to come off for to start using it again? had a lot of conflicting info on it so wouldnt mind a few straight answers.

(just come off bulking cycle test E, tren A, test prop. come out the other side a beastly 120kg and now trying to strip the fat away to see what further improvements i need to make before my first competition in october.)


Mecca V.I.P.
Feb 15, 2008
Yes it does lose quite a bit of its effecacy after a couple of weeks; one week on one week off is the way to go with Clen.

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