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clinton's gas tax



Mecca V.I.P.
Feb 14, 2008
Watch: Wal-mart the High Cost of Low Price

Wal Mart is a greedy monster stealing away business from small business owners, discriminating against its employees by unfair health insurance and promotion practices, and purposely preventing full-time employment for some to cut health costs. On top of the fact that they buy only cheap products in bulk and from everywhere but the US meaning they are just importing all the crap they sell. While they get richer they also make countries like China wealthier as well.

well it's not like they hold a gun to their employees' heads and say you have to work here. have you ever been to walmart lately, namely one of the ghetto ones? most of those people wouldn't be employed anywhere else and are probably just happy to have jobs. seriously not to be mean but they are the lower tier of society. and yes it sounds very un-american to import your goods instead of getting them from the good ol' US of A. but the fact of the matter is with all the unions and what not, you can't beat the prices of some chinese labor. and of course they take away business from small businesses, shit if i'm getting a given product for 5 dollars less than what the guy next store is selling it for, i'm sticking with what saves me the most money. i mean, if you were an employer who was trying to make his business as profitable as possible, what would you do?

this is even seen at a smaller scale when a lot of american companies employ mexican illegals instead of americans (something that happens a lot where i live in tucson, arizona. we are like an hour from the border). though it is unfair, it's hard too get to angry at the employer when the mexican will work for half the cost :dunnodude:. the law is really trying to penalize employers who do have such a practice which is a very good thing and will discourage all the mexicans from coming here illegaly if they can't find any work.

let me clarify that i do not support the mexican working illegaly here, nor walmart's poor employee policies. but it's awfully hard to say you would do something different if you were in a position of power when it saves so much darn money. just an unfortunate fact of life.