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Could Patrick Mahomes be a Bodybuilder?



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Aug 7, 2023
Patrick Mahomes stands out not only for his incredible talent as a quarterback but also for his attention-grabbing, muscular, athletic build. With a frame that embodies the perfect blend of strength and agility, Mahomes has drawn comparisons to elite bodybuilders.

An individual's genetic makeup plays a crucial role in determining their physical attributes, and Mahomes seems to have hit the genetic jackpot. His family background provides insight into the foundation of his remarkable physique. Coming from a family with a history of athletic achievements, Mahomes inherited a genetic predisposition for athleticism and strength.

Mahomes' Natural Strength and Stature​

Patrick Mahomes stands tall at 6'2" and weighs 225 lbs. His frame is a testament to years of rigorous training and a natural athletic lineage. His father, Pat Mahomes Sr., was a professional baseball pitcher, instilling in his son a love for sports and a foundation of athleticism.

Even in his early years, young Patrick stood out physically, towering over his classmates and showcasing exceptional hand-eye coordination. The influence of a professional athlete within the family undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Mahomes' early exposure to sports and fostering a competitive spirit.

As Mahomes entered high school, his physical attributes blossomed. He excelled in football, basketball, and baseball, showcasing his versatility and natural talent. His physique, honed through rigorous training, transitioned seamlessly between sports, developing the strength, agility, and explosive power that would become hallmarks of his playing style.

Patrick Mahomes

Training Regimen​

Mahomes's in-season routine is a finely tuned machine. He prioritizes agility and explosiveness with drills like ladder work, box jumps, and sprints. His strength training focuses on functional movements that translate directly to the field, like medicine ball throws, weighted squats, and core-strengthening exercises.

Mahomes's trainer, Bobby Stroupe, emphasizes meticulous technique and controlled explosiveness to prevent injuries while maximizing power.

In the offseason, Mahomes incorporates a variety of strength training exercises into his routine. From weightlifting sessions targeting specific muscle groups to agility drills that enhance his on-field mobility, the quarterback embraces a holistic approach to physical conditioning.

Additionally, Eric Bieniemy and Kliff Kingsbury are more than just NFL coaches. They instilled his discipline during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs and Texas Tech. They demand dedication and focus, pushing Patrick Mahomes to embrace discomfort and strive for constant improvement.

One remarkable aspect of Patrick Mahomes’ training regimen is his ability to adapt to different styles, even incorporating elements reminiscent of bodybuilding. While maintaining the agility and speed necessary for a quarterback, Mahomes integrates strength-building exercises that contribute to a physique akin to that of a bodybuilder.

Diet and Nutrition Prowess​

Unlike many athletes who struggle with strict dietary adherence, Mahomes thrives on it. He embraces "clean eating," focusing on whole, unprocessed foods like lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. His meals have specific macronutrient ratios in mind, ensuring he gets the optimal fuel for performance and recovery.

What sets Mahomes apart is his willingness to commit to rigid bodybuilding eating plans when necessary. While maintaining the agility and endurance required for football, he incorporates elements from bodybuilding nutrition to enhance his physical conditioning.

He prioritizes nutrient-dense foods over calorie-laden treats, understanding that every bite fuels his on-field dominance.

Competitive Nature and Work Ethic​

Many awards and accomplishments have adorned Patrick Mahomes' career, illuminating his journey to greatness. From being named the Best NFL Player ESPY Award, AP Most Valuable Player, and NFL Honors - FedEx Player of the Year, Mahomes' awards and accomplishments showcase his ability to elevate his team to unprecedented heights.

An obsessive commitment to improvement marks his on-field prowess. He dissects every play and seeks out weaknesses to address. Analyzing his playing style perfects his deep throws and enhances his decision-making under pressure in every aspect of his game.

This meticulous approach mirrors the bodybuilding mentality, where every rep and set is meticulously planned and executed with laser-like focus. He visualizes success, internalizes his goals, and approaches every challenge with unwavering confidence.

The Verdict​

Patrick Mahomes has well-defined shoulders, arms, waist, chest, and legs. He has the body type to help him succeed if he ever becomes a professional bodybuilder.

Given how well Mahomes is doing as an NFL quarterback, it may seem unlikely that he would make the switch, but his toned body and strict approach to exercise routines make it possible. Because of this, people think that Mahomes may become a professional bodybuilder.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What are some examples of Patrick Mahomes crazy highlight plays?

One notable example is his no-look passes, where he deceives defenders by looking in one direction while throwing accurately in another. Another iconic moment is the left-handed pass during a game against the Denver Broncos, showcasing his exceptional improvisational skills.

What makes Patrick Mahomes passing and play-making ability so special?

His arm strength allows him to make throws from various angles and distances, making him a constant threat down the field. Mahomes' ability to extend plays with his mobility and create scoring opportunities out of seemingly chaotic situations is a hallmark of his unique skill set.

How has Patrick Mahomes quickly elevated the Chiefs from average to championship contenders?

Patrick Mahomes has been the catalyst in elevating the Kansas City Chiefs from an average team to championship contenders in a remarkably short period. His arrival as the starting quarterback brought a dynamic element to the team's offense, injecting creativity and unpredictability. His role in securing the Chiefs' victory in Super Bowl LIV solidified his status as an elite quarterback.

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