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Did Ronnie Coleman Take Steroids?



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Dec 2, 2022
Ronnie Coleman is a professional bodybuilder and was hailed as “The King” of the industry. Because of his muscular physique, Coleman won Mr. Olimpia 8 consecutive times. He joined bodybuilding competitions when he was 24 and retained his all-natural physique.

However, after six years of competing, he says he is “tired of getting my ass kicked.” Six years in the bodybuilding competition is a lot of hard work to get to the ranks. When he was first interviewed about taking steroids at 28, he denied the use and even challenged people to get him tested.

Coleman appeared in a July 2020 episode of Joe Rogan Experience and admitted to using steroids during his career. But he clarified that it was only then that he started his 30s. The professional bodybuilder admitted that being on steroids helped him to be in line with other competitors. He also shared that most of his opponents were also under PEDs.

Because of bodybuilding's required appearance and weight, many competitors are trying to use steroids to look muscular and lean. Losing in the competition makes them lose their self-esteem and affects their ego. This is probably one of the reasons why bodybuilders are taking steroids and becomes addicted to their effects.

Steroid Use Allegations​

The use of steroids is prevalent in competitions where you are aiming to show off your lean muscles and toned body. One of its major effects is reducing your body fat while toning your muscles in a short training period. It also gives you the strength you need for extended workouts.

Ronnie Coleman was not exempted from these allegations. Since he was also a policeman, many were thinking, did Ronnie Coleman take steroids? During the peak of his career, he affirmed that his muscular physique was from extreme workouts and good genetics.

Only after his career ended did he admit to his steroid use. After being clean for six years, he eventually tried PEDs for more vigorous workouts. However, it made him take the toll after his career.

Medical Evidence​

If you saw Ronnie Coleman’s weight during Dorian Yates’ career peak, you would see that his physique is quite different from his body when winning consecutively in Mr. Olympia.

Because he had to stay on a specific weight during the off-season and during competition, people thought that he was using steroids. He even admitted it eventually. And because the DEA had been questioning him and asking him what he was taking, he eventually asked for a prescription from his doctors.

Under Prescription​

Some people say that his steroid cycle may contain different kinds of steroids. He said it was prescribed and accompanied by scheduled check-ups, making it legally purchased and used. The steroids were for growth hormones. He took only an appropriate amount and did not abuse steroids.

When he was under steroids, his doctors constantly took blood tests to monitor his body’s condition. The controversy in this issue is doctors are only allowed to prescribe steroids to treat illnesses and not to win a competition. It is considered to be an inappropriate medical practice when doctors prescribe steroids.

Athletes caught positive for steroids are often banned from joining sports competitions. It is strictly regulated, and participants are regularly tested. However, during Coleman’s time, the use of steroids was not as strict as it is now.

Ronnie Coleman’s Health​

After Ronnie Coleman ended his bodybuilding career, his body is now taking back the strength he had during his peak. Everyone knows that one of the effects of steroids is strength.

It is believed that Coleman used steroids to retain his strength even after a long and strenuous workout where he was pushing his body’s limits. His disk was dislocated while doing strenuous squats as part of his workout in 1996. However, Coleman had no medical help and continued his workout sessions. He only had his disk fixed in 2007.

Coleman already had 13 surgeries after he retired from bodybuilding, most of which were spine problems. It also included his neck and hips, immobilizing him due to screws, cages, and rods.

According to Coleman, “This is the price that I paid to be a legend.”

Social Media Evidence​

An interview of Ronnie Coleman with Joe Rogan was uploaded on YouTube in June 2020. He honestly admitted that he used steroids when he was 30. He tells the story of how and why he started steroids. He also mentioned that he buys steroids from pharmacies.

Joe Rogan Interview​

In his interview with Joe Rogan, he searched for a doctor who could write him prescriptions for steroid use. The DEA was not as strict as today. When asked what he was taking, he only showed his prescriptions, and it was all good. The DEA also randomly checks belongings, even when he is at home. He also mentioned how pushing his body’s limits led him to surgeries.

Bradley Martyn Interview​

Another interview on YouTube was with Bradley Martyn. In this video, he mentioned the story of his childhood. He started working out at the age of 12 and used his weights at their home. He loved the idea of being noticed by everybody. He was invited to a football team during high school, and it taught him how to do power lifts.

By the time he entered his bodybuilding career, every one from his family had supported him. He doesn’t want these people to see him losing. He talked about how steroids made him in line with the other competitors in bodybuilding.

Public Opinion​

Many people sympathize with Ronnie Coleman in his steroid issue. He was a legend, and he honestly admitted his steroid use. People can see that bodybuilding is Coleman’s life. From people’s comments on these YouTube videos, most people see Coleman as a humble and powerful athlete.

These people admire Ronnie Coleman for sacrificing his body for the love of the sport. He always remembers the hard work that he had done during his peak years. He even exposed the truth about bodybuilding, “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift heavy ass weights.”

Many are also looking back at Ronnie Coleman’s peak years. Some say that younger watchers of the video will not be able to understand and appreciate Coleman’s dedication to bodybuilding.

However, comments and messages are not always sympathetic. Many are discouraging him from getting better for pushing himself too hard. Some even accused his doctor of being forced to give him prescriptions because he was a policeman. Photos of Coleman are also posted, comparing how he looked when he was 16 and after taking steroids.

The steroid use of Coleman is also a hot topic on bodybuilding forums. There are also reviews of the Netflix documentary about Ronnie Coleman. People shared that a body like Coleman’s cannot be achieved by workouts and diets alone.

Why Ronnie Coleman Started Using Steroids​

It was mentioned that Ronnie Coleman started using steroids because he was tired of being left out of competitions. These were legal during his time and had helped him achieve his goals for his body. It also made him Mr. Olympia 8 times consecutively.

He also knows that other bodybuilders also use PEDs, such as creatine. Thus, he needs to have a competitive advantage. He believed steroids were the only way to make his body suitable for Mr. Olympia.


Ronnie Coleman has achieved so much from his body-building career. He had eight titles that he longed for. Aside from the steroid use, his extreme efforts in working out also made his body one of the best ones in Mr. Olympia. Coleman’s steroids were from prescriptions. That’s why it hasn’t been a scandal or a huge issue. However, steroids from a doctor’s prescription are not intended for performance enhancements.

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