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Discovering Who Evan Singleton Is: A Detailed Profile



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Aug 7, 2023
Imagine a 6'2", 159 kg beast with the nickname "T-Rex" dominating the toughest strongman competitions on the planet. That's Evan Singleton, a former professional wrestler turned champion strongman. Evan's story is one of resilience, reinvention, and sheer physical prowess. He inspires anyone facing a setback or chasing an unconventional dream.

Was he interested in knowing more about this strongman competitor? This article will delve into his story, achievements, and how he influenced the strongman and wrestling industries.

Evan Singleton


Evan Singleton is a former wrestler born on October 9, 1992, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His family background hints at athleticism. At a young age, he already wrestled under the 285 lb weight division in Penn Manor High School. This early exposure to physical prowess undoubtedly planted the seeds for Evan's future path.

Post-graduation, Singleton set his sights on the grand stage of WWE, fueled by a passion for performance and a desire to conquer new heights. However, a severe head injury abruptly halted his wrestling career, leaving him unable to engage in any physical activity. Undeterred, Singleton pivoted to bodybuilding briefly, searching for a new outlet for his boundless energy.

Fate intervened when Singleton stumbled upon a man showcasing impressive log-lifting skills at his local gym in Lancaster. Intrigued, he struck up a conversation, and within a mere two weeks, Singleton made a life-altering decision – strongman competitions were his true calling.


In March 2012, a young Evan Singleton embarked on his wrestling journey with WWE's developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling, later rebranded as WWE NXT. Wrestling under the name Adam Mercer, he entered the program at 19, earning the title of the youngest NXT member in history. Despite his remarkable physical prowess, Mercer's early matches were limited.

2018 Evan Singleton transitioned to strongman competitions, marking his first Giants Live appearance at the North American Open. It was a pivotal move that would shape his future in strength sports.

His competitive debut at the World's Strongest Man in 2020 marked a turning point in his career. Having served as an alternate and equipment tester the previous year, Singleton showcased his mettle on the grand stage.

Evan still competes for the World's Strongest Man. In 2023, he surprised his fans with what he could do in the competition after his break due to health issues.


In a historic showdown at London's Royal Albert Hall, Evan Singleton etched his name in the annals of strongman history with a monumental victory at the 2023 Strongman Classic. The T-Rex displayed unparalleled prowess by defeating the reigning World's Strongest Man, Mitchell Hooper, and the two-time champion, Tom Stoltman.

At just 29 years old, Evan Singleton left an indelible mark on the strongman arena. His impressive career includes victories at several Giants Live Competitions, notably North America 2019, World Open in Manchester 2021, and Arnold UK 2021, with a record of 1000 lbs deadlift and consistent podium finishes.

For Flex Lewis, a former bodybuilder, Evan Singleton is more than just a muscle. In his podcast, he shared that Singleton's most profound power did not come from his abilities but from what he overcame in his career.

Influence and Impact​

Evan's wrestling background brought Strongman a new level of showmanship and entertainment. His persona, complete with the iconic T-Rex roar and claw tattoos, attracted a broader audience to the sport. He's become a prominent figure in the U.S. strongman scene, inspiring a new generation of American athletes to pursue the sport and proving that success in strongman transcends national boundaries.

Evan's journey has inspired countless athletes, both in strongman and other sports. His story of overcoming adversity and transitioning from one career path to another resonates with anyone chasing a dream. He's a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and never giving up on your goals.

Evan's message of self-belief and resilience extends beyond the athletic realm. He's an advocate for mental health awareness, encouraging people to talk openly about their struggles and seek help when needed. His openness empowers individuals to embrace their vulnerabilities and find strength in their unique journeys.

Personal Philosophy and Beliefs​

In a candid revelation, Evan Singleton opens up about facing the depths of despair while on suicide watch for three days. This raw account sheds light on the mental challenges he confronted and the strength it took to clear his mind during such a tumultuous period. His transparency about mental health struggles creates a powerful narrative that resonates with individuals facing similar silent fights.

Through the shadows of mental health issues, he emerged with a character more potent than ever before. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, inspiring others to confront their struggles with newfound strength. It serves as a reminder that seeking help is a sign of strength and that the journey to mental wellness may be slow but is undoubtedly transformative.


Public Perception and Criticism​

Evan Singleton's unexpected withdrawal from the 2022 World's Strongest Man (WSM) took center stage as one of the most surprising events. His competition journey took an unforeseen turn after the first event when he felt unwell. Initial reports suggested an injury leading to Evan's withdrawal.

Contrary to the initial injury reports, Evan Singleton's withdrawal was not due to a physical injury but a severe allergic reaction, specifically an anaphylactic shock. This revelation came to light after multiple hospital tests, reshaping the narrative of Evan's journey in the 2022 WSM.

This incident showcased the resilience of athletes like Evan, who strive to reclaim their position on the stage despite health setbacks. The general public overwhelmingly embraced Evan. His work ethic, perseverance, and positive attitude inspire them to push their limits and chase dreams.

Community and Philanthropy​

Though there are no records of his community service or charity work, Evan strongly advocates for seeking help when it comes to mental health. In several interviews, he highlighted the unfortunate instances where some individuals, like himself, may miss time. His insights aim to dismantle stigmas surrounding the pace of mental health healing.

Evan recounts his experience of being placed on suicide watch for three days after a particularly challenging moment. His down-to-earth personality, relatable struggles, and dedication to community resonate strongly on social media. Having a substantial following attests to the overwhelming support he receives, turning his platform into a hub for mental health awareness.

Future Plans and Aspirations​

Evan has yet to share his plans for 2024. However, he may continue to provide insights, tips, and inspiration for aspiring strongmen on his YouTube channel and Instagram account.

With unwavering dedication and a series of triumphs, Evan aspires to cement his legacy as a true icon in strongman competitions. He may join more strength sports and take home more titles and podium finishes.


Evan Singleton's journey began in WWE's developmental promotion, but he found his calling in strongman competitions, showcasing unmatched strength and determination. His revelations about his mental health struggles add a layer of depth to his story, portraying not only physical strength but also an unwavering commitment to destigmatizing mental health challenges.

Beyond the arena, Evan's influence extends globally, with his advocacy for mental health awareness resonating strongly. How can his resilience inspire us to overcome physical and mental challenges? His narrative serves as a compelling reminder that strength goes beyond the weights we lift; it resides in the fortitude of the human spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How can I learn more about or contact Evan Singleton?

Follow Evan on his various platforms to get a glimpse into his training, competitions, and everyday life. He's active on Instagram (@evan_trex_strongman), Facebook (Evan Singleton Strongman), and YouTube.

How did Evan Singleton begin his career?

Evan started his career as a professional wrestler, performing under Adam Mercer in the WWE. After leaving fame in the arena, he became one of the best strongman competitors worldwide.

What are Evan Singleton's most notable achievements?

Evan is a multiple-time strongman champion, including the 2023 Giants Live World Open in London and the Strongman Classic in Manchester. His previous victories include the 2019 Giants Live North American Open, the Giants Live 2021 World Open, and the 2021 Arnold UK.