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Do Massage Guns Help Build Muscle?



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Dec 2, 2022
Have you ever wished you could receive a massage whenever you wanted without the hassle of making an appointment with a massage therapist and paying for it? If so, buying a massage gun is something you should think about. But what can it do? Do massage guns help build muscle? Do they provide muscle relief?
Massage guns are a relatively new addition to the world of self-care and wellness. They have swiftly gained popularity among athletes, fitness buffs, and anybody looking for a convenient way to ease discomfort and stress in their muscles while at home.
It's a portable gadget that targets particular body parts, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and legs, with quick percussive strokes. The tool usually has a long handle and a tiny, spherical head that vibrates rapidly. You can easily have a deep tissue massage that can aid in the release of knots and trigger points.

Benefits: Increased Blood Flow​

The rapid, repetitive vibrations from the massage gun massage your muscles to increase blood flow to the stiff area. This increased circulation can help to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles. Due to this, your muscles can function efficiently and lower the risks of injuries.
When your muscles restrict blood flow, it can lead to tension and stiffness. However, if you use a massage gun on the affected area to increase blood flow, your muscle will experience less soreness and less stress. It may assist in expanding your range of motion and flexibility.
Your mental and emotional health can benefit from using a massage gun. Massages, which include those performed using a massage gun, have been demonstrated to lower stress levels by encouraging relaxation and easing physical tension. A massage gun can further strengthen your relaxation response by boosting blood flow, benefiting your physical and emotional well-being.

Benefits: Improved Recovery​

After a challenging workout, we wake up unable to move the following day properly. Our tight, painful muscles make it difficult to get through the day.
Our muscle fibers suffer a few micro tears during workouts. Although this may sound alarming, it's beneficial. Our muscles become stronger and more resilient as these muscle rips heal. However, this healing process can be painful and unpleasant if we don't care for ourselves.
A massage gun can help break up any muscle scar tissue that may have formed. Scar tissue caused by overuse, injury, or bad posture can prevent muscles from working correctly. A massage gun can help improve mobility by breaking up this scar tissue, speeding up muscle recovery.

Potential Downsides: Injury Risk​

While there are many advantages to using a massage gun for muscle healing and general well-being, you must also consider the risks of injuries.
You should handle a massage gun carefully and according to the instructions. Muscle injury, bruising, and pain can result from using a massage gun for an excessive amount of time or at a high intensity. Avoid using the massage gun on parts of the body that are particularly sensitive or injured. Start with lesser power and gradually raise it as necessary.
Giving your muscles time to rest and recover is essential, even though using the massage gun for hours might be tempting. Overusing it can cause muscle fatigue and even injury. Using the massage gun sparingly and with other recovery techniques like stretching and relaxation is essential.
It can cause bruising and discomfort if used on bony areas like the spine or joints. Moreover, exercise caution when using the massage gun on thin and sensitive skin. It can cause skin irritation and even light wounds.
If you have any underlying medical issues or injuries, speak with a medical expert before using a massage gun. Some health conditions make it unsafe and may develop your current injuries.

Research Findings​

Massage guns have become increasingly popular for muscle recovery and overall well-being in recent years. Although research on the usefulness of massage guns is still progressing, several studies have provided encouraging results.
Research released in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research in 2020 discovered that you could use a massage gun on each muscle group for just two. In this short period, you can experience increased flexibility and recovery while lowering discomfort and tiredness.
According to a 2021 study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, using a massage gun on the quadriceps muscles after exercise can increase blood flow and improve muscle function.
In addition, a research from 2021 that appeared in the Journal of Athletic Training discovered that utilizing a massage gun on the calf muscles for just five minutes significantly improved muscular flexibility and enhanced the ankles' range of motion.

Tips for Using Massage Guns​

Start With Lower Intensity​

If you use a massage gun at a high intensity, it can quickly cause the muscles to vibrate. High power can sustain tissue injury if used too frequently or for an extended time.
You may measure how your body will react to the massage gun by starting with a lesser intensity. The muscles in our bodies are different from one another. Some could be more susceptible to vibrations than others.
Lowering the strength of the massage gun allows you to understand more clearly how your body reacts to it and make appropriate adjustments in the intensity.

Avoid Using it on Bones and Joints.​

Bones and joints are delicate body parts not intended to absorb the vibrations produced by a massage gun. It can be challenging to effectively use a massage gun on the surrounding muscles when these areas are inflamed and even in pain.
The vibrations produced by the massage gun can cause stress on the bones and joints, leading to inflammation and even damage over time.
You can effectively target tightness, soreness, or fatigue areas and enhance muscle recovery and flexibility. Concentrate on massaging the muscles rather than the bones and joints.

Limit Usage Time​

Keep massage gun use no longer than 15-20 minutes per muscle group to avoid injuries. Adequate usage time allows for sufficient muscle stimulation without overtaxing the muscles or increasing muscle damage.
The massage gun's vibrations can stress the muscles, which may result in stress and even injury over time.

Use Proper Techniques​

Using the massage gun at too high of intensity or holding it in one spot for too long can cause tissue damage, bruising, and soreness. Proper massage gun techniques can also help you target specific muscle groups more effectively.
For example, using the correct angle and pressure can help you target areas of tightness or soreness. You can avoid aggravated injuries or conditions by using proper techniques.

Is It Effective?​

Massage guns help increase blood flow to the muscles, reducing muscle soreness and stiffness and improving muscle recovery. By breaking up muscular adhesions and scar tissue, massage guns can increase mobility and lower the chance of injury. They can also aid in releasing muscular trigger points or knots, a significant cause of pain and discomfort.
However, a person's effectiveness depends on several things, including the techniques used and the individual's specific needs and circumstances.
Although massage guns are helpful, it's vital to remember that you shouldn't use them in place of professional medical care or enough rest and rehabilitation.

The Bottomline​

Massage guns can be an easy and affordable way to get massage therapy benefits. They are portable and can be used at home or on the go, making incorporating massage therapy into regular wellness and recovery practices easier. Though it does not contribute directly to building muscles, it can help in muscle recovery. It means you can quickly return to working out and build muscle mass.

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