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Help our friend Dusty Hanshaw!


Mecca V.I.P.
Sep 9, 2006
Hi this is Dante Trudel, I am writing this on behalf of Dusty's mom Julie, his family, his close friends and honestly to all of you. Why? Because I asked to do it, its that important to me. I am going to get right to the point. On the 13th of May almost two weeks ago, Dusty was eating steak and a piece got lodged in his esophagus and he started choking badly. After a struggle he finally got it down, but something was definitely wrong. Sometime later he started to cough up blood, so much so that he went to the hospital as he knew something was not right. At the hospital things quickly snowballed out of control....and it looks like he suffered an esophageal rupture. They had to utilize a balloon in his esophagus to stop the massive bleed and everything went into a tailspin. There was a tremendous amount of blood from this injury and one thing led to another with the doctors having to sedate him and put a feeding tube in. Over the first 48 hours Dusty not only developed pneumonia but also a serious staph infection. It has been a very trying time and they have been unable to bring him out of sedation because of all these dire events happening at once. He has been under sedation for the last two weeks and dependent on the vent to breath. They have been trying to bring him out from sedation but at this time, again, he is not able to breath on his own. So he is still on paralytics, the feeding tube and the vent. It is going to be a long process of recovery.

Everyone who knows Dusty Hanshaw absolutely KNOWS he would 100% refuse a go-fund-me account....vehemently. He does not ever like to get help from others and he would argue relentlessly about this if he was conscious at this very moment. But the truth of the matter is he needs help because the hospital bills are going to be massive, and he needs help financially to make it through all this and to wind up on stable footing. These paragraphs I am writing about in this situation are truly sad because this (excuse my own words here)...'This is a good dude' guys/girls. A really good dude who has been thrown a major curveball and really does not deserve this. What you see in his videos and on his podcasts is really him. That is Dusty Hanshaw. He likes to joke around and make fun of himself and there is a reason why he has friends in all walks of life (inside and outside of bodybuilding). I can say the following without a shadow of a doubt. If you lived in the Scottsdale area, a great deal of you would be friends with Dusty. Why? Because he is just like you....he is one of you.

This isn't about 1 dollar or 10000 dollars. This is about a community and a brotherhood coming together for a friend in need. If you find it in your heart to give a dollar to him in his recovery from this , more power to you. If you can offer a little more, again more power to you. Just do what is comfortable for you. There is going to be a lot of people donating to him because he is very well liked in the industry and 1 dollar multiplied by 2000 friends adds up. Although he never wants help, I would be shocked if the well wishes and response to this go-fund-me endeavor didn't bring him to tears when he comes to. I am personally a great believer in Karma. I truly believe good deeds, giving help, well wishes and doing the right thing toward others eventually comes back around. It's going to be a trying recovery for Dusty and its going to take some time.....but as a lot of you know he has an unbelievable willpower and a belief in himself that he can overcome and accomplish. Get well Dusty......we all are pulling for you bro......thank you for listening everyone.

Dusty's Mother Julie is in charge of and running this Go-Fund-Me account and she has been by Dusty's bedside daily, she has been a rock for him.



I hope not to have some forum rules, if so talk admin, delete the post!


Staff member
May 27, 2010
Re: help our friend dusty hanshaw!

This is so terrible. I'm definitely going to donate what I can.

I'm pulling for you Dusty!

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