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Jay Cutlers 5lbs of Orange Roughy possibly screwing him...



Well-known member
Dec 23, 2007

I totally see your point Tim and understand. Just for those of you who didn't see what Tim was saying is that there are so many other ways of getting poisoned through life also. I used to eat 3-4 cans of tuna a day for 3 years. Did I have any problems? nope. You guys worry way to much about problems that rarely exist. Just because someone said it on the internet doesn't mean its true.

Also Metal, I don't want to be insensitive because hell, you could have a ton of health problems but to me it sounds like your a hypochondriac or treat your body horribly. Either way I hope you get it figured out.

Plus, its a lot harder now a days to get mercury poisoning from fish. Why you might ask? Well the fish build up mercury from their prey that they eat in the wild. Most of the fish that we eat in stores now is farm raised. (At least I know this is the case in the US) They don't have the chance to store up the mercury in their system from little bait fish.

All i know is i got high mercury levels from eating a lot of tuna. I didn't think it would be different for other people but i guess im not "normal".

I treat my body really well just steroids/DNP ruined my health. For whatever reasons which im yet to figure out.

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