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Joey Styles KO's JBL!



Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 15, 2006
Source: F4WOnline.com

As we reported yesterday, there was a major backstage altercation that took place between former ECW announcer Joey Styles and former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield while WWE was overseas in Iraq over the weekend. There are new details on the actual scuffle that took place between the two.

JBL is known for being a lockerroom bully and he was giving it to Joey Styles all week. Over the weekend, Styles had enough and got in JBL's face. Several WWE employees jumped in to break it up and JBL, who had been drinking, broke free. He then charged at Styles, who punched him right in the face and knocked him down. JBL ended up with a black eye and a cut under his eye, which were somewhat visible on Monday's RAW. JBL wore heavy make-up during the broadcast and tilted his cowboy hat down a bit to conceal his face. JBL spent most of Monday night by himself in the locker room, being very quiet and spending most of his time on his Blackberry phone.

Apparently there were a number of different things that JBL did to Styles during the course of the Iraq tour, all of which would have set a normal person off. Some of JBL's hazing was verbal and some was physical.

In a related note, there is an unwritten rule among WWE superstars that anybody who falls alseep on the airplane en route to an overseas tour is subject to pranks. It was reported last week that WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia fell asleep on the way to Iraq and JBL dumped a bucket of ice on her.

Styles! Styles! Styles! Styles! :49: