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Kali Muscle Updates

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Kali Muscle had a great attack recently. He's lucky to be alive!

Here's what Kali Muscle is saying recently and about what caused the heart attack:

“The cause of the heart attack: plaque build-up in that artery, that main artery. It can take 10-20 years to happen, which for me, makes sense. When I was a kid, went to prison at 19, eating all that crap food. Then, compounding it years later, with juice.”

“I said, this sport is not for me. I was still concerned about my health. I was up in age, 36 years old. At that point, I knew there wasn’t a lot of money in bodybuilding. Actually there’s no money, just being honest. It’s going to hurt some feelings, but it’s the truth. Y’all know. That’s why you need someone to sponsor you, because you’re broke,”

“I got a physical, and the doctors were mentioning some stuff about kidney off, heart beat, my blood pressure was always high since I was a kid, blood pressure. I ignored it. I was a pessimist with the doctors, conspiracy theorist with the hospitals, all that stuff. So I was like ‘Oh they just want my money. I’m looking healthy and they’re jealous. They’re always trying to find something wrong with me.’ They was always telling the truth, I would ignore it,

“I knew I was too old for football or professional sports, so I was like, let me try that then. Doing research on roids and all that, found a few people that could hook me up, so I start testing the waters. I had bought all the books, every day I used to Google 8 hours a day,”

“I gotta wear this all day. The only time I don’t wear it is in the shower. This is all new to me, man. I never would’ve expected to go through something like this. I never took it for granted either,” Muscle said.
“It’s up to god and my body, to heal me when it’s going to heal me.”

Kali Muscle's warning:
“I hope you all learn from this. All the bodybuilders out there, my advice, get checked. When you get checked, what they tell you, go get it done. Ain’t nobody talk to us like how I’m talking to us right now. You’re a bodybuilder, if you’ve been on juice, three, four, five years, boy… I’ll tell you, I took pride in saying I took the stuff possible, and y’all taking… boy I’m telling you. Go get that physical, get checked out,” Muscle said.
“Y’all taking protein powders, weight gain, roids, hella food. Your s—t is packed, I’m telling you.”