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NpasGear Bodybuilding Gear

Labrada (Updade) with 50 years his physical looks impresive! ..arms look sick!


Diet cat says no spoon 4u
Sep 27, 2006
Looks great, sounds like he has a fifth-grade diploma.


Well-known member
Jan 21, 2009
For a man in his fifties looks great, but the guy just talk bull.****. On a flex issue of some years ago he made washed up statements about "today body builders use anabolics, but the most anabolic susbstance is food, that's how i became a top athlete" Ok, Joe Weider don't won't his Pro's to admit they are on ****loads of gears and peptides, but don't try to sell this bull.**** to people man. I mean it's ridicoulus. Like Benfatto and his booing about being the incarnation of aesthetics and current Pro's being just big walking fridges. I guess not winning shows at some point causes frustration