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Lean, Fit And Slightly Terrifying: Bodybuilding Competition 2013 (PICTURES) - Huffington Post UK

Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
2013 bodybuilding

Normally, pictures of lean, toned people make our hands waver when reaching for the Krispy Kremes. But perversely, pictures of these super toned, super fit body builders has the reverse effect - we're left with jaws hanging open because we can't ever see ourselves getting that hyper fit, nor, actually, would we want to.

The Muscle Beach Independence Day bodybuilders competition which took place last week at Venice Beach in Los Angeles showcased the best muscles around, with tourists piling in from all over to watch the competition.

Bodybuilders have to meticulously manage their weight, and monitor everything that they eat as the ratio of building muscle versus losing fat is a very delicate one. A lot of bodybuilders have their own theories about how best to get toned from cutting down sodium to increasing sodium, and almost all use protein shakes and caffeine to boost their metabolism and build muscle.

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