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Mike Pulcinella Upcoming Videos!



Mecca V.I.P.
Oct 25, 2007
? Victor Martinez post-Arnold update for MHP. Includes video shot onstage and behind the scenes at the show as well as interviews with Oscar in the hospital recovering from leg surgery and Vic at his restaurant.

? Kai Green preparations for the NY Pro for MuscleMeds. I plan to shoot him several times as he gets ready for his comeback and follow him to the show. The first video will most likely be him working out WITHOUT George Farah. Later in the prep, I will get an interview and footage with George. I've already been in contact with him and he seems very agreeable! We will also address the split with Oscar.

? We are also planning to do another "Train with Kai" video with some lucky bodybuilder after the NY Pro. MuscleMeds will hold another essay contest. The details will be released next week.

? The Rodney Roller video series for Xero Limits will be released online very soon! Tentatively titled "It's Great to be a Freak!" it has some of the most intense training footage I've ever shot and shows a side of Rodney that you may not have seen.

? The long-awaited Adela Garcia DVD will be released shortly. Trailers and teaser clips are coming very soon.

? We will also resume shooting with Victor Martinez and Kai Greene as they both begin to prepare for the Olympia. On to Las Vegas!!

? Soon I will be going into my archives and pulling some outtakes from the Raising the Bar series that never made it into the DVDs. This should be funny and interesting for those of you familiar with that documentary series.

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mike pulcinella

mike pulcinella

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Aug 30, 2008
Thanks Coach!