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Osteoporosis and Low Testosterone

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro Contributer
May 30, 2014
We have all heard of the signs of having low testosterone and the negative effects it has on your body and m ind. Lack of energy, weight gain, low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression; it reads like a laundry list that will make anyone not want to leave the house. Well, unless you are happy with solitude and have the financial means to become a hermit, you need to do something about this problem.

If your arm hurts and is not getting better, you worked eventually have to see your doctor and inform them of your condition. So why is this any different?

Because the majority of men are ashamed to admit that age is catching up to them and they feel like total crap because of it. But you can certainly ascertain what the problem is and discuss with your physician options to improve our even totally rectify it. But there is another negative aspect and effect of low testosterone and it is one that can be the most important one to address before it's too late.

Quick aside before we segue into that. Bet that you will never guess the number one cause of death in the elderly, especially men. Heart attack? Stroke? Nope. It is feebleness and the inability to recover from the injuries - mostly structural - from a simple slip and fall. An older person's bones become brittle and can really become seriously damaged when these accidents happen. This is a condition called osteoporosis and it causes weakness in the bones and increases the likelihood that a fracture or break will be the result of even an average household accident.

When a man has low testosterone at an advanced age, he can be suffering from osteoporosis and have a disastrous situation take place when it could have been avoided by simply having his testosterone levels checked by a physician via bloodwork. You are much more prone to injury if your bones are weak and this disease sets in. Older people frequently suffer falls in the shower and on stairs; it is literally playing a game of life and death when you could have been addressing it years earlier and strengthen your body for the stretch run.

The more common effects of having low testosterone are surely of the negative variety and can inhibit you in many ways. But preparing yourself for the inevitable and giving your body the best chance to fight against these common occurrences may literally ve a lifesaver.