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Pacquiao challenges McGregor


Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 17, 2016
After talks of a Mayweather- McGregor fight had bogged down, here comes Manny Pacquiao with his own offer for Conor McGregor to fight him in a boxing match. It can be recalled that Floyd Mayweather had offered McGregor $15 million and now Pacquiao is dangling $25million. By the way, McGregor is the first MMA fighter to hold 2 belts in 2 weight divisions simultaneously.


Well-known member
Nov 1, 2016
Here we go again, not another one. It seems that ever since McGregor won that second title all of a sudden everybody wants to get in the ring with him. I can see the Pacquiao offer going the same way as the Mayweather one and it will bring both fighters a wave of publicity and then that will be that. If this carries on I might put up a challenge myself to McGregor. Give me a million and I'll get in the ring with him, run round for 10 seconds and then take a dive. Might not be a great fight to watch but it would be entertaining at least. Might even dress up in a chicken costume to add to the visual effect.

If the UFC are going to start hosting fights of this nature then they may as well go the full way and make it a total comedy because I think that's all these so called challenges are, just something for people to talk about and it's not about the actual combat and surely it should be?