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Ron Perlman Bodybuilding



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May 22, 2015
Ron Perlman is a veteran actor featured in over 230 films, including stage plays, feature films, and television productions. Ron was born in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York. His mother, Dorothy Rosen, is a retired City Clerk; his father, Bertram Perlman, who is now late, was an instrumentalist (drummer) and a repairman. Both his parents were from Jewish families.

Ron Perlman has spent over four decades in the film industry. Over the years, he has worked with notable actors like Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, Dominique Pinon, Brad Dourif, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Jude Law, Christina Ricci, Federico Luppi, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Wincott, and Elijah Wood.

Ron Perlman wasn’t always a famous star; however, he has a huge fan base. Many people were always looking forward to his new movies, probably because he played his role well and coupled with his fantastic physique. He featured in his first movie as Amoukar, one of the tribesmen in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Academy Award-winning Film Quest for Fire(1981); he won a Genie Award nomination for that movie. In 1986, Perlman worked with Annaud again; this time, he was featured as a hunchback Salvator in The Name of the Rose movie. He became famous after playing the noble lion-man Vincent role opposite Linda Hamilton in the fantasy series Beauty and the Beast in 1987. He performed excellently in this movie, winning a Golden Globe Award and a massive underground following. However, the series was canceled after Hamilton’s death.

There’s so much to learn about Ron Perlman. Although he’s not a full-fledged bodybuilder, he is classified as one because he was able to maintain a well-sculpted physique throughout his career as an actor. Read on to learn more about Ron Perlman.

Hellboy ron perlman

Early life

Ron Perlman grew up in New York City. His childhood was a nightmare because he was picked on for being overweight. He weighed over 300 pounds because he loved eating. Ron found comfort in eating, so he over-ate because it made him feel better. Even though he later got into shape, he still loves eating but can manage it because of the nature of his job. Since he was always busy as an actor, he had to remain in shape to perform specific roles.

He lost some weight when he graduated from his public high school to a public college in New York. He was supposed to take on some physicals as part of extracurricular activities, but he flunked them. He flunked his physicals because he had high blood pressure, and his doctor had to put him on a no-salt diet; as a result, he lost 95 pounds. It was weird for a kid his age at that time to have high blood pressure.

He started lifting weights when he had to perform a role in the late 80s. What began as a criterion to perform a function later became a hobby, and he got addicted to the lifestyle. Now he has to visit the gym at least four to five times a week simply because it makes him feel better.
Ron Perlman believes that the gym is where he can discover himself. There have been instances where he needed to be in good shape for a role within a short time, and he knew he had to get himself a personal trainer. The work of the trainer was to push him beyond his limit. He could relate his life in the gym to his life on set. Once he could exceed the limit that he wouldn’t normally do, he knew he could play any role no matter how hard it was, so long as he set his mind to it.

Personal Life

Ronald Francis Perlman was born on April 13, 1950, in New York Municipal, to Dorothy Rosen, a retired city clerk, and Bertram Perlman, a repairman and musician. In 1973, he went to the University of Minnesota and got his master's degree in theater arts.

In February 1981, Perlman married jewelry designer Opal Stone. They are married and have two children, a boy called Brandon Avery Perlman and a girl named Blake Amanda Perlman.


Ron Perlman started out as a stage actor, performing at places like the Knickerbocker Theatre, the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, the Lincoln Center, and the Circle in the Square Theatre.
Ron's movie career began by playing the role of ‘Amoukar’ in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s 1981 film ‘Quest for Fire.’ Ron Perlman received a nomination for the Genie Award for Best Performance for his excellent and brilliant acting. As the years went by, he found it hard to play any suitable roles. He was only able to make tiny features and appearances along the way. When he was on the verge of quitting his job as an actor, he got a gig to play the role of ‘Vincent’ in the CNS fantasy drama ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ He performed the lesser character of the mythic, noble beast-man against Linda Hamilton, who acted as the ‘beauty.’ Perlman participated in the series for 55 episodes, which all happened between 1987 and 1990.

He was chosen at the Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series and the Q Awards for Best Actor in a Quality Drama Series. He also received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Television series Drama in 1989 and the Q Award for Best Actor in a Quality Drama series from 1988 to 1989. It was at this point that Perlman experienced progress in his career.

In the following two decades, Perlman was given different roles in movies like ‘The Name of the Rose,’ ‘Romeo is Bleeding,’ ‘The Island of Dr Moreau,’ ‘Alien Resurrection,’ and ‘Enemy at the Gates.’ He featured in the second season of the famous American Superhero movie ‘Blade’ alongside Wesley Snipes in 2002. That same year, he played in Star Trek: Nemesis in a science fiction film.

In 2004, Perlman became more famous by featuring in the superhero genre, where he was given the title character of the movie adaptation of the comic book ‘Hellboy.’ He was featured in different direct-to-DVD films before featuring in the 2006 thriller movie ‘The last winter’ as ‘Ed Pollack.’ He won a Gotham Award for ‘Best Ensemble Cast nomination for his role in the movie the following year. He came back as ‘Hellboy’ in the sequel (Hell boy II: The Golden Army’) of the main superhero movie in 2008 and won two nominations at the Scream Awards in the ‘Best Fantasy Actor’ and ‘Best Superhero categories.

In the next decade, he was featured in films like ‘Daem Country,’ ‘Season of the Witch’ alongside Nicolas Cage, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ alongside Jason Momoa, ‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘Moonwalkers,’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’

In the television industry, Perlman became a famous actor after the short time he spent successfully in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ He appeared in ‘Bonkers’ in 1993, ‘Phantom 2040’ (as a voice artist) in 1996, and ‘Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm’ (as a voice artist) in 1996. He played the role of ‘Josiah Sanchez’ in the western television series ‘The Magnificent Seven’ between 1998 and 2000.

Between 2003 and 2007, Perlman was part of two famous animated shows as a voice artist: ‘Teen Titans and ‘Danny Phantom.’ He performed the role of ‘Clay Morrow’ in the crime drama television series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ between 2008 and 2013. He was the narrator in ‘1000 Ways to Die’ and played ‘Judge Pernell Harris in the web series ‘Hand of God.’

Film & Television

Ron Perlman has appeared in over 230 films, including stage plays, films, and television.

Voice Overwork

Ron Perlman is famous for his voice-over work as the narrator of the post-apocalyptic game series Fallout, Clayface in Batman: The Animated Series, Slade in animated series like Teen Titans, The Lich on Adventure Time, and The Stabbington Brothers in Disney’s animated film Tangled (2010).

Personal Quotes (10)

Below are some individual quotes from Ron Perlman.
  1. Somebody who doesn’t care if they live or die is the most dangerous human on earth - Ron Perlman.
  2. Living off the grid and being kind of an outlaw brings a dangerous reality - Ron Perlman.
  3. I’m thankful to be breathing on this side of the grass. Whatever comes, comes. - Ron Perlman.
  4. You can change the circumstances, but you can never change the man’s inner nature. - Ron Perlman.
  5. I think now that I’m in the autumn of my life. I’m getting the chance to have an overview and look at the shape of how things happen, when things happen, and why things happen; I think it was fitting that I spent most of my career doing mask work because I don’t think I was that comfortable in my skin. - Ron Perlman.
  6. I’m continuing to do research into biker's culture - Ron Perlman.
  7. You back a big cat into a corner, and somebody is going to get bloody.- Ron Perlman.
  8. I’ve indeed been blessed with opportunities. - Ron Perlman.
  9. It’s disgusting what Hollywood can do to a guy. - Ron Perlman.
  10. I think in the early part of my career, the roles were so disparate that it never allowed anybody to understand my essence and what I would be good at doing to what I would not be good at doing, so these little moments of beautiful things that were happening to me were consistent, but very few and very far between. - Ron Perlman.

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