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Safely Using Steroids for Bodybuilding: An In-Depth Guide

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Using steroids is never safe for the body. If you’re worried about the side effects, what you can do is safely use them to minimize the adverse side effects and avoid addiction. It not only affects the physical body but may also have adverse side effects psychologically.

Although these are prescription-only drugs, many use steroids even if they know their side effects because it creates a muscular physique. Usually, these are used illegally without the supervision of a medical professional.

No wonder sports organizations have banned these substances, especially in the bodybuilding industry. It is not only forbidden because using steroids is considered cheating but it is also restricted to discourage athletes from using steroids because it affects their overall health in the long run.

This article will help you understand the importance of taking the proper dosage and cycling to minimize the side effects and avoid legal consequences.

Steroid Safety for bodybuilding

Understanding Steroids​

Anabolic steroids are those which are widely used in the bodybuilding industry. It comes in different types, but all mimic the masculinization effects of testosterone in the body. These usually come in the form of injections and tablets. There are more robust versions of anabolic steroids, but they also have more adverse effects.

Also called a performance-enhancing drug, anabolic steroids can enhance a bodybuilder’s physique in a few weeks. You can feel increased strength and endurance even after taking the first dose. Aside from bodybuilders, some people who need muscle strength for work also sometimes use steroids.

Steroids work on bone density and muscle growth, supporting recovery from injury once it enters the bloodstream. It also enhances male characteristics, such as maintaining muscle mass, deep voices, and more facial hair. Females who take steroids may also experience the same masculinization effects.

Steroids Safety

Types of Steroids Commonly Used in Bodybuilding​


Testosterone is the most common form of anabolic steroid and is usually used by bodybuilders. You can increase testosterone levels naturally, but many bodybuilders who join competitions use steroids for the faster growth of a muscular physique.

It also blocks the storage of fat, which helps keep the muscles looking leaner and the body bulkier. Testosterone may help increase the red blood cells in the body, which are delivered to the muscles. Because of this, it can work extensively without experiencing immediate fatigue.

Misusing testosterone can be dangerous. That’s why it is prohibited to use in performance enhancement.


Methandienone, or Dianabol, is one of the fastest-acting androgenic-anabolic steroids in the bodybuilding industry. Its anabolic ratio boosts protein development and increases amino acids to support intense training sessions. On the other hand, its androgenic ratio mimics the effects of the male hormones. With Dianabol, you can expect to gain bigger muscles quickly.

This anabolic steroid is usually taken in a 6-week cycle. It starts with low doses and gradually increases to the maximum levels a bodybuilder can take. Dianabol supports protein synthesis, which is essential in muscle recovery.

Like its fast-acting effects on muscle growth, it also provides terrible side effects quickly. Within weeks of use, you may experience elevated blood pressure. This is due to the increased production of red blood cells brought by the steroid. It also alters normal cholesterol levels, which may lead to cardiovascular diseases in the long run.


Bodybuilding experts consider Trenbolone the strongest type of anabolic steroid used in the industry. It has a higher anabolic rating than testosterone and Dianabol and is usually injected into the muscles. Because of this, it has a more remarkable ability to promote muscle growth.

Trenbolone can provide a massively muscular physique compared to the other types. It balances the body's nitrogen, essential in repairing damaged muscle tissues. Aside from that, it also burns fat effectively, which can be beneficial for both bulking and cutting cycles.

However, if you plan to use trenbolone for your bodybuilding goals, you should be prepared for its side effects. It can heavily damage the liver, leading to jaundice or Hepatitis A. Aside from liver damage, it also affects your cardiovascular health, which may stop you from continuing your bodybuilding activities.


Compared to other types of anabolic steroids, Anavar is mild, making it suitable even for women. It does not retain fluids as the others, which is beneficial during the cutting phase. It also allows the body to withstand extended training and recover quickly. Results of using Anavar can be seen in as early as two weeks. It does not give the masculinization effects, which makes it popular for women who want a toned muscular body.

Anavar is usually stacked with testosterone for more anabolic effects like muscle building. This type is perfect for casual bodybuilders since it only provides moderate muscle growth compared to trenbolone. Because of the intense strength and endurance it gives, you can expect better results from resistance training.

Regarding side effects, it is not as hard as the other types of steroids because of its mild nature. Minor side effects may include nausea and sleep issues. But if you misuse them, you may still experience adverse side effects like liver damage and an unhealthy cardiovascular system.

Benefits of Steroids in Bodybuilding​

All types of steroids provide the same benefits, such as building muscle mass, increased strength, and better performance. This is because it mimics the effects of testosterone in the body.

Your muscle tissues will absorb the steroids, whether injected or taken orally. The steroids react with your DNA and lead to better protein synthesis, which causes the growth of the muscle tissues. Your muscle tissues get ripped after every workout. The protein synthesis makes them more prominent and stronger by restoring and repairing the muscle tissues.

Lipid oxidation is also present when you are taking steroids. This means your body can reduce fats by turning them into energy, increasing your strength and endurance.

Risks and Side Effects of Steroids​

We know that steroids are primarily used as a treatment for different illnesses and are not supposed to be for bodybuilding. Overusing it as a performance-enhancing drug may lead to serious health risks.

Some short-term effects of steroids are ligament injuries, nausea, muscle cramps, digestive problems, and acne breakout. Prolonged use of steroids may lead to severe cardiovascular diseases, increased cholesterol and blood pressure levels, hepatitis, and liver tumor.

Steroid misuse may also involve mental health problems, affecting your relationship with friends and families. Since it increases your aggression, you are prone to “roid rage,” mood changes, and manic behavior.

Steroid Safety

Safe Steroid Usage Practices​

Using The Correct Dosage​

The proper dosage will depend on how much you want your muscles to grow and the strength of the steroid you want to take. Usually, beginners start with low doses and gradually increase them depending on how their bodies take the effects. These are also brought in a cycle, sometimes with a supplemental steroid.

If you missed a dose, take it as soon as you can. However, skipping it if it’s almost time for your next dose is recommended. You cannot take two doses in a few intervals. You mustn’t change the dosage on your own. Otherwise, you will be more prone to blood clots and psychological problems.

On-Cycle and Off-Cycle Phases​

You should not stop taking steroids during the middle of the cycle because it can be risky, especially for your blood pressure. If you stop taking them in a few weeks, you should gradually decrease the dosage until your body can produce hormones typically.

The type of steroids you take during your cycle may be different once you finish it. Usually, a milder type of steroid like Anavar is taken to reduce the earned body fat during the bulking phase.

The post-cycle therapy is as vital as the on-cycle process. This process is a necessary protocol that steroid users should follow to maximize the effects of the steroids. It also mitigates the adverse side effects and keeps the muscle gains during the steroid cycle.

The Importance of Medical Supervision​

Your healthcare professional will determine the correct dosage and length of the cycle for you, depending on your health condition. Since using anabolic steroids for your bodybuilding journey is illegal, they will suggest a legal and safer alternative. Each type has different side effects, so your doctor will monitor your health during the cycle. They will also take regular blood tests with you to ensure that your lipid and liver profile are still tolerable.

Following your doctor's advice will help you minimize the short-term adverse effects while reducing the long-term ones. They may also advise adjusting your dosage if you suddenly stop taking steroids. Additionally, these drugs should be taken under medical supervision because they may cause psychological dependence.

Legal Aspects of Steroid Use​

Using anabolic steroids for bodybuilding is illegal since it is under the Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act. It may only be used under a doctor’s prescription and medical supervision to treat anemia, malnutrition, or muscle loss because of an illness. However, they can be bought easily in Mexico without a prescription requirement.

An athlete might be banned from joining any competition or forfeit their winnings if they turned out positive in the blood tests before the contests. Additionally, someone caught in possession, selling, and using may experience years in prison and fines ranging from $1,000 to $250,000 or more, depending on the severity of the case.

Ethical Considerations in Steroid Use​

Bodybuilders serve as inspiration and role models to others, especially those who are new in the industry. Knowing that they use illegal substances can send a harmful message that achieving a muscular physique needs PEDs.

It also has an impact on the integrity and spirit of bodybuilding. This may raise ethical concerns not only in unfair competition but also in potentially dangerous behaviors. It undermines the values of the sport and diminishes the significance of achievements attained through natural means.


There are no safe ways to use steroids. However, with the supervision of a medical professional, the adverse side effects can be reduced and avoided. Self-administration and buying through underground markets may lead to misuse and addiction, which are harmful to health in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Can a doctor help me if I want to stop taking steroids?​

Yes. Your healthcare professional may gradually reduce your dosage until your body reaches normal testosterone levels. You cannot stop taking steroids suddenly since it may cause withdrawal.

Is there a natural way to improve my strength and increase my muscle mass?​

Yes. Supplements like creatine and BCAAs are natural supplements that you may take to avoid harmful side effects but still have the same results.

Are oral steroids safer than injectables?​

No. Both steroid administration goes into the bloodstream and causes side effects, significantly if misused.

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