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How to use Steroids and Bodybuilding Supplements Safely

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
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Over the years, steroids and bodybuilding supplements have had a bad rap and reputation. Most of this sprung out of scandals that have destroyed professional athletes’ careers. Steroids may be illegal in many sports, that doesn’t translate to it not being safe. Despite the scandals and controversies surrounding steroids and bodybuilding supplements, there are still safe steroids to help achieve bodybuilding goals. Steroid usage is widespread and increasing in popularity. Without abuse, there shouldn’t be any form of health complications.

In essence, safe usage of anabolic steroid is possible. With steroids, you can break free from the limitations of your homeostasis. The major problem with steroid usage is the non-adherence of athletes to the recommended dosage. Breaking the boundaries and going far above it. This is not far-fetched though; the anabolic effect of steroids and other bodybuilding supplements leads to an addiction.

How Steroids Work
Testosterone is the hormone that builds a man into a man, and anabolic steroids are the synthetic derivative of the testosterone. The testosterone has two effects on the body; androgenic and anabolic. Steroids are often developed with both androgenic and anabolic components. Anabolic steroids help to produce proteins than what testosterone would have produced. As long as the user works out, there will be a growth in the muscles and body mass. Working out will create room for usage of the proteins produced. Aside from anabolic steroids, there are also corticosteroids which are also man-made.
Examples of corticosteroids include cortisone, prednisone, and methylprednisolone. Steroids can be in form of skin creams, eardrops, orals, injections and eye drops. These forms of steroids are used in the treatment of inflammation, muscle pain, back pain and other ailments. On the other hand, anabolic steroids see to the rapid development of muscles and stronger bones, leading to increase in strength. Anabolic steroids stimulate the protein receptors in the body, thereby creating new proteins within the body. This process results in an increase in RNA activity in the human body. Ordinarily, the body can produce its own proteins, but with steroids, this process is hastened.

Tips For Safe Usage of Steroids and Bodybuilding Supplements
Never Use Steroids Before Clocking 23 Years
Many young people are indulging in the use of steroids and this could have a side effect in the long term. Anabolics are very aggressive on young bodies and could affect essential organs. Early use of steroids could damage the liver, musculoskeletal, reproductive and cardiovascular systems. As a young mind, you should be able to build muscles without the use of steroids at this age. In any event, you can’t, you should check your diet to see what you are not eating. Young people produce a great deal of testosterone and with a regular work out, amazing result will be achieved.

Carry Out a Medical Check Up Before Steroid Usage
Visit a medical facility and check the status of your health before indulging in steroids. Most important is a blood test. Most times, steroids do not cause life-threatening side effects on the body, what causes it is the elements surrounding it. If there are traces of liver disease, hypertension, baldness and psychological disorders, steroids usage is likely to aggravate these issues. With a clean slate of health, steroid usage will not lead to these health impediments. Even when they appear, it will cease with the stoppage of steroids usage. A full medical checkup will save you from pain and tears in the long term. Speak to an open-minded medical doctor on how safe steroid usage will be for you putting the results from your checkup into consideration.

Reach Your Natural Peak Before Using Steroids
Let’s assume you are over 23 years old and have spent not less than 3 years working out regularly. If you are not happy with the natural results gotten so far, you can now consider steroids. Have at the back of your mind that steroids are a complement to your diet and gym time. You should have worked out to the maximum before considering steroids to build on whatever you’ve achieved so far. When you work out at the highest level possible in addition to steroids, the result will be amazing.

Quality and Not Quantity.
Gaining weight and muscles using steroids is not a difficult task, preserving it is the real task. Do not miss this important detail like most steroid users does. You may be retaining water and fat through steroid usage and not muscles. Choose steroids that have a lower water retention rate and be sure your diet is in compliance with the steroids used.

Lower Usage Rate
This is unlike the law of demand and supply. In this instance, the lower the dosage, the lower the side effects that might be experienced. You will never experience acne, baldness or a gyno will low dosage of steroids. Do more of workouts and diets with a lower amount of steroid. That is what makes some people achieve a lot with steroids.

Abide By a Short Steroid Cycle
You will gain a lot of muscles with the long-term use of steroids but will be exposing yourself to a lot of side effects. With a short cycle, you are playing safe and will be making steady progress. Steroids stress out organs, the lesser the period of continuous usage, the better for your organs. With a short cycle of usage, you will not be achieving a considerable result, but in terms of quality, you are making good gains.

There is no drug without side effects, what makes it all safe is abiding by the prescribed dosage and maintain a good diet. The same goes for steroids also, with the above tips, you will be practicing safe usage of steroids without experiencing side effects. These tips are mostly proactive to protect you from falling into the unsafe zone. With a strict adherence to these tips, you are using steroids safely and should encounter any problems both in the short and long term.


Jul 6, 2016
Well there is probably a lot more material on how to do things incorrectly, if that may offer help in any way. Regardless though I am glad that people are out there helping those who will use the things no matter what, so we might as well be safe.


Aug 29, 2016
I would rest matters at that because research on steroids is still ongoing. I have seen some literature pointing to the fact that steroids hamper production of natural steroids in the body resulting in ladies with manly dispositions and vice versa. Its sensible to be prudent and take them as a last resort for a short time.