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Scott Minerd Bodybuilder



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Dec 2, 2022
Scott Minerd, the bodybuilder in his early years, became an investment advisor to many. Though his bodybuilding career did not grow as much as the others, his name in the financial industry was more than high.

Born in Pennsylvania on March 23, 1959, Minderd joined a few bodybuilding competitions in Los Angeles under the heavyweight division. He quickly shifted to the financial industry as he retired at 30.

Minerd died in a training session late last year due to a heart attack. Though he retired early as a bodybuilder and became a finance professional, Minerd remained on weight lifting to retain his body figure even at 69.

Scott minerd bodybuilder

Early Life and Training​

Not much information is provided on Minerd’s bodybuilding career since he retired early. During the 90s, he transferred to Venice Beach to make a career and establish his name in bodybuilding.

However, people were flocking to Minerd during sessions to ask for financial advice, which made him unproductive.

As a beginner in the industry, Scott Minerd, a bodybuilder, trained every muscle group slowly according to a strength of a new bodybuilder. He started with compound exercises for lighter sets and reps for a few days. Minerd split the training every other day. This training schedule helped him recover quickly and eventually increase the training intensity and sessions.

Competitive Career​

In 2006, Scott Minerd joined over a hundred bodybuilding athletes under NPC in Los Angeles. It was one of the most prominent bodybuilding competitions he entered. Even in his 40s, Minerd joined the bodybuilding competition under the super heavyweight division. His age was not a hindrance to his first passion.

He competed in Los Angeles as a bodybuilder and soon became one of the most sought-after market commentators. Minerd continued his weightlifting training and nutrition after he retired from competing to keep his muscular physique. Though analyzing the financial market is a heavy task and requires more time to think, Minerd still trained and continued to do weight lifts.

The Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships is an amateur bodybuilding contest where athletes flex their hard-trained muscles. Competitors undergo intense training to tone their muscles and lose body fat to prepare. The competition promotes an athlete’s symmetrical and muscular physique through exercise.

This is a stepping stone to entering the professional scene for many bodybuilders. But this isn’t the case for Minerd. It was the last competition he had joined.

Achievements and Records​

Because of his short bodybuilding career, Minerd could not take home prestigious titles from Mr. Olympia or Arnold Classic. He captured the public’s interest through his knowledge of the financial market.

He gained immense recognition for predicting the price of market stocks. Minerd frequently appeared on TV as a commentator for financial markets, despite having less exposure to the bodybuilding stage.

Diet and Nutrition​

As a bodybuilder, Scott Minerd changed his diet while starting in the industry. Minerd’s training sessions require complete nutrition for strength and endurance. His diet includes the appropriate amount of protein, fats, and calories.

According to Minerd, what he eats affects his performance in training. His protein intake depends on how much he weighs at the moment. It ensures his muscles grow and get toned the way he wants them. His protein intake also helps in muscle recovery after his workout.

During his bulking phase, he consumes high-caloric foods and extra carbohydrates for his strength and endurance in intense training sessions. He gets protein from everyday foods like eggs, lean meat, greek yogurt, legumes, and fruits. As for his fat intake, Minerd only consumes healthy fats.

The cutting phase starts months before his competition. He maintains the muscle mass he earned during the bulking phase. Because of this, his diet also changes. His diet includes more protein from lean meats and vegetables.

The diet also involves extra carbohydrates, which may come from rice, pasta, and potatoes. It helps him shred as much body fat as he had during the bulking phase.

Scott Minerd avoided consuming excess alcohol, sugar, and fried foods. These foods can cause digestive problems to a bodybuilder, especially if their bodies get used to a strict bodybuilding diet.

Some of the added supplements on a bodybuilder’s diet are whey protein. It increases the protein levels in the body consumed during intense workouts. Creatine monohydrate helps in giving the muscles more strength in performing additional reps on his workout regimen.

Training Regimen

Scott Minerd lifted almost 500 lbs on a bench press during his bodybuilding days. He did it for at least 20 sets. It helped him build lean muscles in his arms.

Now that he retired and focused on the financial market, Scott Minerd, a bodybuilder, managed to maintain his figure even in his 60s. Minerd took at least two hours of workout in five days, which he takes during the window time of US and Asian markets.

As a competitive bodybuilder, every muscle in his body adds to his body’s aesthetics. Like his diet, his training regimen changed during his bulking and cutting phases. In bulking phase, training sessions are intense but loaded with more weight. It is more focused on making the muscles grow.

Chest exercises may include bench presses, cable flies, and weighted dips. Back exercises include barbell row, back extension, or pullovers. Shoulder exercises include lateral cable raise, hex press, or dumbbell front raise. Workouts for the biceps and triceps include dumbbell curls, plate pinch, or weighted dips. Leg workouts include hip thrusts, squats, or calf raise.

There is not much difference when it comes to cutting phase workouts. However, it involves reduced weight and more cardio to shred body fat volume.

Minerd’s training regimen during his peak was also in cuts. He allotted various training exercises per day on a specific muscle group.


Despite the shift in his career, it was all worth it. Many people, especially his employees at Guggenheim Partners, admired Scott Minerd because of his knowledge of financial predictions. He climbed his ladder to fame because of his skills and expertise in the industry. It was his primary passion, and attending the best programs in his education helped him be in his position.