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Take a look at Kai Greene and Mike Thurston's Arm Training Journey

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Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
Before any weights were lifted, Kai Greene set the intentions clear: the session was more than just lifting; it was about understanding the muscle, embracing the process, and extracting wisdom that transcends the gym walls. Greene's philosophy of training goes beyond physical exertion; it's about the mental and emotional connection one makes with their body.

The Workout Blueprint​

Overhead Tricep Extension Superset with Push-ups​

  • Objective: To warm up the triceps and chest while pumping the muscles to prepare for more intense exercises.
  • Execution: Greene emphasizes the importance of form and mind-muscle connection over merely lifting heavy. The combination of extensions and push-ups creates a comprehensive pump, engaging multiple muscle groups.

Concentration Curls​

  • Focus: Biceps isolation and peak contraction.
  • Kai's Insight: Letting go of unrealistic expectations and competing against oneself. The real measure of progress is personal improvement and the ability to push one's limits.

Reverse Triceps Extensions​

  • Aim: To sculpt and define the triceps, focusing on the long head.
  • Technique Tip: Greene highlights the significance of the mind-muscle connection and the ability to visualize and feel every contraction, enhancing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Preacher Cable Curls​

  • Target: Bicep peaks and overall arm curvature.
  • Expert Advice: Elbow positioning is crucial. Keeping elbows in front of the body activates the peak of the bicep, essential for achieving that coveted bicep mountain.

Incline Dumbbell Curls​

  • Purpose: To hit the brachioradialis and incorporate a hammer grip for comprehensive arm development.
  • Greene's Preference: He favors this exercise for its effectiveness in targeting often neglected areas of the arm, crucial for balanced and aesthetically pleasing arms.

Cable Crossovers​

  • Final Touch: To finish the workout with a focus on muscle endurance and definition.
  • Kai's Reflection: The importance of experiencing every aspect of the journey, from the strenuous reps to the moments of introspection and growth.

Beyond the Workout​

The session with Kai Greene and Mike Thurston isn't just a series of exercises; it's a manifesto of what true arm training should embody. It's about the harmony of mind, body, and spirit in pursuit of physical excellence. Greene, even after years of not competing, remains a testament to the longevity and impact of a well-structured and philosophically grounded workout regimen. By adopting these insights and techniques, you're not just following a workout; you're embracing a legacy of strength, wisdom, and continual growth. Prepare to push your limits and redefine your potential with every rep, guided by the wisdom of Kai Greene.

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