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TEST for HRT and Tren at the same time?

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MD Bodybuilding

MD Bodybuilding

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Aug 6, 2021
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I normally use 300mg test cyp as my own unauthorized TRT at age 43. In a couple months I will be going on a Caribbean cruise for singles and I want to look my best. I have a few bottles of trenbolone, Masteron, and Winstrol tabs that I will be stacking for 6 weeks leading up to my vacation. My question is, if I will be using all three of those compounds, do I still need to keep the test in there? I plan on running 150mg of tren acetate every other day. Would that be enough to keep my test levels as high as I am used to?

Is it normal to elevated muscle enzymes CK , 3-4X upper limit. Top Range is 330 I am 800.
I am on 500 Test . 400 NPP Prior to gear i was in high range but not over.
I also have bad muscle recovery and cant get a pump or connection in my back muscles anymore. Im worried im very catabolic and dont know what to do

Hello Doctor, How should one calculate one's testosterone intake? Should be consider the actual quantity of the salt or take salt+ester into account. You say you take 75mg of testosterone a week. Is that with ester or without?

Sir, do you think 125mg of testosterone enanthate and 100mg of deca/NPP can be run as a life long HRT?? I get my all heart check ups yearly and blood work monthly. My stats are excellent. I’m 44. Lean athletic. Clean diet and disciplined life style. I take 0.5mg of arimidex weekly and keep my estrogen in 60-80 range. Would appreciate an advice.

Can steroids when on a cycle increase acidity in the stomach and cause acid reflux did you experience it ever before ron or drt when on a cycle and what to do to prevent it thank!!!

Liver Adenoma(benign Tumor that is very common with women that use birth control but also common with high use of Androgens in men), with women they don't do anything with these tumors until they get over 5cm(those are benign), now with men they recommend to take those out at any size because they are more higher risk for malignancy)
"How do you recommend to manage Androgen/Testosterone use to avoid getting a Liver Adenoma(benign but high risk malignancy tumor with men) which is usually not detected even with regular liver enzymes lab work(CMP), and can only be detected by an MRI or a liver Ultrasound"?

I read an interesting article on Androstenediol being used to treat ARS , just wondering if you know anything about it , is it used as a PED?

Is it necessary to run telmisartan while on trt? Which supplements is necessary to use while on trt?

I would like to know I'm 240 lb of lean muscle mass 64 years old test levels are 460 decent strength what do you think about me getting back on cycle. I have been off cycle for about 8 years and maintaining what I have. My lab numbers are great I do cardio 3 days a week walk on the incline for 20 minutes after my weight training

Someone asked my opinion on needle size/gauge to inject Winstrol...he was concerned that due to the "crystallized particles" that he should use a large bore needle!? Is 25G feasible? The only Winstrol that I have seen was 25+yrs ago & from a Veterinarian.

I do 150mg of deca once a week EQ twice a week 250 on Monday and Thursday anadrol mg pills everyday dball 50mg pills everyday just the days I work out I do anadrol 25mg in the morning and the afternoon I do 25mg then I do dball pills 25mg then one more around 330 25mg of dball then around 435 I do supperdrol 10mg and Halotestin 10mg just on Monday to Thursday shots I do 250mg of EQ and primobolan 250mg sustanon 250mg and Deca 150mg then tren 200mg on Monday and Wednesday Friday I just do sustanon 250mg sustanon I do three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday


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