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The Fierce 5 Routine

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
I came accross the Fierce 5 Routine while doing some research on what work out program I should try. Has anyone here achieved good results using this bodybuilding program?

I think this routine is more for people just starting out in bodybuilding but there are some useful tips useful for even advanced bodybuilders.

The basic fierce 5 system idea is defined below:
Fierce 5 is comprised of 5 simple workouts (supersets combined) that should take just over an hour to complete including stretching and warmups. You will be working out 3 nonconsecutive days a week and alternating between workouts A & B. Ex: Mon-A, Tues-Rest, Wed-B, Thur-Rest, Fri-A, Sat-Rest, Sun-Rest, Mon-B…etc. Each week you’ll add 5 lbs to all of your upper body lifts* and 10lbs to all of your lower body lifts.

*Reverse flies will increase 5lbs per month and should never increase over 15lbs per hand if using DBs, leg curls (if subbed) will increase 5lbs per week and ab work increases in reps (try adding a few reps each week.) If you are unable to increase weight in these increments due to equipment limitations then, for that exercise only, increase weight every other week. For the exercises in the 5 rep range add 1 rep per set during the weeks you aren’t increasing weight. For exercises in the 8-15 range add 2 reps per set during weeks you aren’t increasing weight.

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