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Tribute To Cedric McMillan

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Cedric McMillan, an American award-winning bodybuilder and one of the nicest and friendliest guys in bodybuilding, is dead. Cedric McMillan was born on August 17, 1977. Cedric was one of the greatest bodybuilders known, and his penchant for entertaining his fans was second to none.

Cedric's Life​

Cedric McMillan was born in Maplewood, New Jersey in the United States. He had an affinity for drawing comics as a child, and he used the pictures of bodybuilders as a guide in sketching the muscles of the superheroes in his comics. It was said that once, after seeing Conan the Barbarian, starring his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cedric told his mum he wanted “to be a muscleman” when he grew up. It’s recorded that all he ever talked about was muscles.

He ventured into bodybuilding at age 13, when his mum got him his first weight set. He soon after learned he had amazing genetics and a great passion for muscle building. After McMillan graduated from high school, he joined the U.S. Army, and there he mastered how to push the human body beyond its limits. Till his death, he served in the Army as an instructor and has spent quite a few years on tours.

Once in an interview with Fitness Volt, Cedric was quoted to have said “I think the army is kind of part of who I am. I think the Army is kind of what made me the man that I am. I believe that being able to get to where I am while maintaining my military career is something to be a little bit proud of too.”
Young Cedric McMillan

Cedric McMillan's Career as a Bodybuilder​

McMillan, popularly called The One, entered his first bodybuilding competition after he was convinced by a friend, Mark Neil, who he respected and helped tutor about bodybuilding. He joined the NPC South Carolina where he won the super weight category. Since then, Cedric McMillan has not stopped winning.

In 2009, he won his first pro card and has a record 5 Pro wins throughout his career. Cedric has come top 5 in different competitions on numerous occasions. Since 2009, his name has become a household name when the best Open bodybuilders, the world over are spoken of.

His most notable win was the 2017 Arnold Classic. He had the opportunity to finally meet his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a mission accomplished. He came third the following year, in the Arnold Classic Ohio. He has won a tall list of competitions throughout his career.

Cedric McMillan’s health complications​

McMillan was open about his conditions, about how he was struggling with his heart. Sometime in November 2021, he opened up on the reason he could not join the Arnold Classic that year. He made it clear that he had a near-death experience which prompted him to slow down on bodybuilding and focus more on his health.

He had spent at least three weeks in the hospital and lost around 30 lbs. He said he spent the following month trying to ignore the doctor’s advice and wanted to regain the weight he had lost, but he knew he had to slow down, so he could give his time to the people he loved, while he still had the chance.

Cedric McMillan’s family​

As is the custom with quite a few celebrities, Cedric McMillan tries to keep details about his personal life discreet. He was married to Patty Worsfold-McMillan, and they had four children together.

Cedric McMillan’s Net Worth​

His actual net worth is not known, but it is estimated to be around 5 million US dollars.

Cedric McMillan’s training routine, diet, and nutrition​

Just as every other weight lifting routine, it changes with time. So here is an illustration of one of McMillan's shoulder and back routines.

He, as a rule, doesn't count reps and goes for lower reps, which he can accomplish via training with heavier pounds. Although he now and again counts the reps to ensure he's advancing. McMillan trains in his specific manner and isn't hesitant to explore different avenues regarding various strategies and techniques in bodybuilding.

Shoulder routine​

  • Shoulder push on the Smith machine
  • Side Raise Cable
  • Forward bent side perspective on the back part
  • Hand weight shoulder push forward

Back routine​

This back routine is something McMillan did in the wake of winning the 2017 Arnold Classic and visiting Muscle and Fitness base camp to show his training technique during the year's Olympics.

  • Free weight Rows 3 sets x 12 reps.
  • Lat pulldown 3 sets x 12 reps.
  • Single-arm cable pullover 3 sets x 12 reps.
  • Hyperextension 3 sets x 20-25 reps.

Diet and Nutrition​

Cedric McMillan eats 5-6 times each day to keep up with his physical make-up. Here is a model eating routine system that McMillan has been known to follow through Broscience.com.

  • Oats
  • One huge banana
  • Six egg whites
  • One entire egg

  • Chicken breasts
  • One cup of rice
  • Spinach

  • Steak
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Curly kale

  • Whitefish
  • One cup of rice

  • 50 grams of wheat protein isolate

  • Steak
  • Lettuce and rocket salad

Cedric McMillan’s age and cause of death​

At the time of his death, Cedric was 44 years old. He was going to celebrate his 45th on August 17th this year {2022}.

It has been reported that he died as a result of a heart attack while on a treadmill on April 12, 2022. He did have a serious case of covid 19 in 2020 in which he almost died. He was on a ventilator.

Cedric McMillan’s competitions and awards​

Cedric participated in a good number of competitions and his impact was felt in all of these. Here's a list of competitions he participated in and his place.

2020 Sixth place, Arnold Classic Columbus
2019 Second place, Japan Pro
2019 First place, Romania Muscle Fest Pro
2019 First place, Fitparade Hungary Pro - Grand Prix
2019 Seventh place, Mr. Olympia
2019 Second place, Arnold Classic Australia
2019 Fourth place, Arnold Classic
2018 Ninth place, Mr. Olympia
2018 Third place, Toronto Pro
2018 Third place, Arnold Classic
2017 Second place, Center Podium Ferrigno Legacy
2017 Tenth place, Mr. Olympia
2017 First place, Arnold Classic
2016 Seventh place, Mr. Olympia
2016 Second place, Arnold Classic Australia
2016 Second place, Arnold Classic
2016 First place, Levrone Pro Classic
2015 Third place, Nordic Pro
2015 Second place, Europa Atlantic City Pro
2015 First place, Golden State Pro
2015 Second place, Arnold Classic South America
2015 Fourth place, Arnold Classic
2014 Third place, Arnold Classic
2013 Twelfth place, Mr. Olympia
2013 Twelfth New York Pro
2013 First place, FIBO Power Germany
2013 Sixt place, Arnold Classic
2012 First place, New York Pro
2011 First place, Europa Orlando Pro
2011 Eleventh place, New York Pro
2010 Fourth place, Europa Dallas Pro
2009 First place, NPC National Championships
2008 First place, NPC Junior USA Championships

On a final note​

No doubt, Cedric McMillan has lived a good life and has touched so many lives. He will be greatly missed the world over, most especially in the bodybuilding community.
RIP Cedric Mcmillan

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