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UFC's Marlon Vera's Bold Declaration to Bradley Martyn

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Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
Marlon Vera, renowned UFC bantamweight contender, recently made headlines with his stark warning to popular bodybuilder Bradley Martyn. The incident, which took place during a segment of Martyn’s "Raw Talk" video podcast, has captured the attention of both MMA enthusiasts and the bodybuilding community.

A Glimpse into Bradley Martyn's Persona

Bradley Martyn, a notable figure in the bodybuilding scene, is not unfamiliar with stirring controversies. Often likened to Dillon Danis for his brashness, Martyn’s online presence is characterized by his vocal challenges to UFC fighters, irrespective of their stature. His knack for making headlines and monetizing from his timely interactions has placed him in the limelight, particularly in the social media domain.

Welcome back to another episode of RawTalk with this weeks special guest, Chito Vera. In this episode we cover Chito Vera On Fighting Sean O'Malley, PED's Before A Fight & Logan Paul VS. Dillon Danis.

A Tense Interaction on "Raw Talk"

The atmosphere took a tense turn during Marlon "Chino" Vera’s appearance on "Raw Talk" on September 19th. Martyn, who weighs approximately 260 pounds, posed a hypothetical scenario to Vera, inquiring about the outcome of a potential street brawl between them. Vera, without mincing words, responded assertively, indicating that the only scenario in which Martyn could defeat him was if the bodybuilder managed to knock him out by slamming his head against a wall.
Vera emphasized his unmatched endurance and resilience, drawing an analogy with the health bars in the iconic video game, "Street Fighter". He further remarked that unless Martyn could deliver a clean knockout, the UFC fighter would persistently retaliate. In a rather graphic climax to his response, Vera suggested a rather visceral outcome for Martyn, involving the removal of his eyes and a gory play with his innards.

Historical Interactions on "Raw Talk"

Bradley Martyn's "Raw Talk" podcast has seen its share of confrontational exchanges in the past. One such episode involved Nate Diaz, who was also quizzed about a speculative street fight scenario. This particular episode elicited a reaction from former UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson.

What Lies Ahead for Marlon Vera

Currently, Marlon Vera, with a record of 21 wins, 8 losses, and 1 draw, is strategically positioned to compete for the next 135-pound title. However, the UFC's decision hinges on whether they opt to side-line the top-ranked contender, Merab Dvalishvili. As MMA enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome, it's worth noting that certain violent acts, including eye gouging and disembowelment, are prohibited under the unified rules of mixed martial arts. An official announcement regarding Vera’s next fight is anticipated in the forthcoming weeks.

In summary, the exchange between Marlon Vera and Bradley Martyn on the "Raw Talk" podcast offers a candid insight into the competitive spirit and raw emotions that often simmer beneath the surface in the world of combat sports and bodybuilding.

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