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2023 Arnold Classic Final Results



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Dec 2, 2022

2023 Arnold Classic Results For All Divisions - Winners and Prizes​

It's the time of the year for the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition. It is the second-most awaited bodybuilding competition worldwide. This year, thousands of athletes flocked to Columbus, Ohio, to have their chance of winning a $300,000 check from last year's $200,000. Will the 2023 Arnold Classic results be headed with the 2022 top-ranking bodybuilders?

As the second-best bodybuilding championship under the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, men and women in the industry seek a top spot for the cash prize and recognition.

2023 Arnold Classic Winners​

Samson Dauda led the Men's Open division for the 2023 Arnold Classic after being fourth place in 2022. He also recently entered sixth place at Mr. Olympia three months ago at the latest. Nick Walker and Andrew Jacked took home the Franco Columbus Most Muscular Award and Ed Corney Best Poser Award, respectively.

Ramon Rocha Queiroz took home $60,000 for winning the classic physique division. Ariel Khadr went home with $25,000 and the top sport from the Fitness category. Erin Banks and Lauralie Chapados had $10,000 each for Men's Physique and Bikini categories.

Kassandra Gillis finished the Wellness division, taking home $7,000. The Pro Division ended with Harold Kelley at the top spot.

2023 Arnold Classic Men's Open Bodybuilding Results​

2023 Arnold Classic Final Results

Eight bodybuilders initially joined the roster for the Men's Open division. Charles Griffen and Blessing Awodibu canceled their entries, leaving ten competitors for this year. Last year's Brandon Curry did not join this year's roster and will not be able to defend his title.

One of the most awaited events of the Arnold Classic is the Men's Open. If you have read the predictions of famous retired bodybuilders, several names are on the list. Nick Walker, William Bonac, and Samson Dauda were the bodybuilders that have been regulars in the annual lineup.

Samson Dauda was this year's first placer in the men's open category, taking home the increased prize of $300,000. He went over the crowd's favorite Nick Walker this year. And because Dauda has taken the top place in the 2023 Arnold Classic results, he is now considered one of the contenders in the next Mr. Olympia, which will be in late 2023.

Despite being the top prediction of other bodybuilders, Nick Walker ended in second, taking home $120,000 and the Franco Colombu Most Muscular Award with an additional $10,000. He tried to take home his second Arnold Classic title, but Samson Dauda did not allow him and took the spotlight from him.

Andrew Jacked also made a top spot in this year's Arnold Classic, ending in third place. Jacked took home $70,000, which is okay for a new IFBB pro bodybuilder. The Nigerian bodybuilder also took an additional $10,000 for winning the Ed Corney Best Poser Award.

Other 2023 Arnold Classic Results:

4th ($37,500): Big Ramy
5th ($20,000): Shaun Clarida
6th ($12,500): Akim Williams
7th ($2,000): William Bonac
8th ($2,000): Justin Rodriguez
9th ($2,000): Kamal Elgargni
10th ($2,000): Patrick Moore

2023 Arnold Classic Men's Physique Results​

2022 Arnold Classic Mens Physique Results

Like in Men's Open, the 2022 title holder of the Classic Physique division, Terrence Ruffin, did not join this year's roster. Hence, he will not be defending his title. Ruffin is the latest in a long line of bodybuilders from Virginia to make a name for themselves in the sport. He joins the likes of Ronnie Coleman, Flex Lewis, and Lee Priest, who have all achieved success in bodybuilding and fitness.

The classic physique involves two rounds of posing and flexing muscles. Bodybuilders showcase their conditioned and muscular physiques. This year's division ended with Ramon Rocha Queiroz taking home $60,000. It was expected from Queiroz since he had the most conditioned physique for this year.

Following Queiroz in the top spot was Urs Kalecinski, who took home $30,000 for second place. Both bodybuilders fought for the top spot, but it ended with Queiroz. However, Kalecinski received the Ed Corney Best Poser award. This year's roster had different bodybuilders from last year's.

Other 2023 Arnold Classic results under the Classic Physique division:

3rd ($20,000): Alex Cambronero
4th ($7,000): Mike Sommerfield
5th ($4,000): Courage Opara
6th ($2,000): Junior Javorski

2023 Arnold Classic Bikini Results​

2023 Arnold Classic Bikini Results

Bikini athletes compete in different criteria since they are judged based on the muscles that give their bodies the best shapes. Compared to traditional bodybuilding competitions, women show off their curvy yet balanced physiques in the bikini division.

Women's muscle mass in the bikini division should be smaller than in the classic physique division. Bikini athletes are judged based on their presentation, conditioned core, round glutes, and overall balanced and symmetrical look.

Lauralie Chapados retained her title this year after competing with eight other bikini athletes. Other regulars of bikini competitions were Ashley Kaltwasser, Jennifer Dorie, and Maureen Blanquisco.

The judges saw what Lauralie had last 2022 Arnold Classic. She managed to maintain what the judges saw in her from last year's competition. Lauralie Chapados took home $10,000 as the top contender for this year.

Following her spot are:

2nd ($6,000): Maureen Blanquisco
3rd ($4,000): Jennifer Dorie
4th ($3,000): Ashley Kaltwasser
5th ($1,500): Romina Basualdo
6th ($1,500): Ivanna Escandar

2023 Arnold Classic Fitness Results​

2023 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

The Arnold Classic Fitness division is very different from the others. Unlike the traditional bodybuilding and bikini categories, the fitness division athletes perform challenging routines: dance, perform gymnastics, and do strength training.

Women who join this category should have high strength and flexibility. Jaclyn Baker and Ariel Khadr were the top contenders for this year. Khadr successfully defended her title, beating Jaclyn Baker, who came in second.
Ariel Khadr received $25,000 as the top contender, and Jaclyn Baker took home $13,000, who came in second. Other contenders who landed up to sixth place were:

3rd ($8,000): Maureen Fredua-Mensah
4th ($5,000): Allison Kramer
5th ($3,000): Terra Plum
6th ($2,000): Tiffany Chandler

2023 Arnold Classic Wellness Results​

2023 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

The Wellness division is relatively new to the Arnold Classic competition. It only started last year with Isabelle Nunes as the 2022 top contender. Unfortunately, the defending champion cannot defend her title because of her knee injury.

Like in the bikini division, the judges look for specific criteria in the athletes. The women competitors should have a toned lower body and a more petite upper body, which differs from the bikini division.

Though Isabelle Nunes was not in the competition, Kassandra Gillis reached the top. The scores between Kassandra Gillis and the second placer, Angela Borges, had a few differences, but Gillis managed to capture the judges' attention more. Kassandra Gillis took home $7,000 as this year's winner.

Here are the other top competitors for The 2023 Arnold Classic Wellness division:

2nd ($4,000): Angela Borges
3rd ($3,000): Rayane Fogel
4th ($2,000): Alexis Adams
5th ($1,000): Marissa Andrews
6th ($1,000): Andrea Hrenko

2023 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro Results​

2023 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro Results

Disabilities aren't a hindrance when it comes to bodybuilding. In Arnold Classic, the Pro Wheelchair division is exclusive to athletes who are also bodybuilders. Competitors can showcase their strengths through challenges while seated in their wheelchairs.

Last year's winner, Gabrielle Andriulli, took the title from 2021 champion Harold Kelley. Now that Andriulli was not in the competition, Harold Kelley took back the title of Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro this year. It was his sixth Arnold Classic win in his bodybuilding career.

Other competitors who also showcased their muscular physiques were:
2nd: Tory Jones
3rd: Bradley Betts
4th: Woody Belfort
5th: James Berger
6th: Tim Caldwell

The Final Thought​

The 2023 Arnold Classic was a successful event this year, recognizing the best bodybuilding athletes worldwide. It was full of regular bodybuilders who made their names in the previous Arnold Classic competitions, but many new athletes also joined the competition. We'll have to wait for the 2024 Arnold Classic and see if the current title holders can defend their titles.

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