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All about Andrea Presti

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MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Every man in the bodybuilding community has grown from a man to a god. Only men with a god-like and determined mindset can work out and train so hard to achieve the physiques of gods. Andrea Presti is no exception.

As you know, bodybuilding is all about hard work, discipline, consistency, and pumping iron. Not every one that started on the path of bodybuilding finished well, meanwhile, some of them that finished well were written off before they even got the chance to start.

When we're talking of someone with a god-like physique, someone whose physique is the talk of judges, audience, and fellow competitors whenever he comes on stage, we're talking of Andrea Presti.

Andrea Presti has been written off by people saying he couldn't become a bodybuilder. He finally became one but the naysayers didn't stop there, they said he wouldn't make it past Italian competitions. Andreas Presti went ahead to prove them wrong on all grounds; he became a bodybuilder and competed in the most prestigious bodybuilding competition, Mr. Olympia. He was able to bring Italy back into the spotlight since they've been missing from the bodybuilding scene for 28 years.

How much do you know about Andrea Presti? Not to worry, in this article, you'll find sufficient information about Andrea Presti's early life, bodybuilding career, and interesting facts about him. Read on.

Andrea Presti Early Life​

Andrea Presti, aka The Italian Blade is an IFBB pro, born in Italy on the 29th of June 1987. Andrea has always been a lover of sports right from his tender age, age 10 precisely. His journey into sports was facilitated by his judoka father. So, he has been involved in the sport since he was a kid, and soon enough, he developed skills in martial arts.

He continued training as a judoka till he was 19 years when he realized that he is more interested in weightlifting instead of judo. He began to love weightlifting so much that he would always be found in the gym. Weightlifting turned into a lifestyle for him and he figured he could become a bodybuilder that way. He has a motto that goes along these lines "Your body is your vehicle to achieve great things".

He devoted more time to bodybuilding until he decided to round up his years of intense training and prepare for the real world. At 25, he began to put finishing touches to his training for competitions. Andrea has been entering competitions since 2008. However, he began to ace competitions that would help him earn his pro card in 2014. His coach at that time was Coach Mauro Sassi. He had to earn his pro card so that he could compete in international bodybuilding competitions. He continued training until he brought Italy back to the Mr. Olympia stage in July 2021. Andrea Presti placed 16th at the 2021 Mr. Olympia competition but it was quite an achievement for the young boy who has always wanted to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger right from his childhood.

Andrea Presti has done a successful job in keeping his immediate family life off social media. There's no information about his marital status. However, Andrea has been able to reveal a few things about himself during an interview.

Andrea Presti Bodybuilding Journey​

Andrea has told the media that he doesn't suffer from fear. He has dedicated a large chunk of his life to achieving his dreams and an amazing body.

Andrea doesn't relent as he continues to work out both in season and out of season. Andrea has always been a sportsman, according to him, he started doing sports at age 3 and he started with Judo. Now that he's living the life he has always wanted, it seems difficult to be true.

In between living his dream life and breaking more grounds, Andrea has admitted to holding on to his childhood passion which is his love for sneakers. Andrea disclosed that he's hit a house full of sneakers.

Before the most important match of his life, which was the 2021 Mr. Olympia which was held in Orlando, the USA from 7th-10th October. Andrea Press provided some information about himself in an interview. Read on.

Andrea Presti

Question: How did he start bodybuilding?​

Andrea followed his dad for judo training and he continued practicing this sport until he was 18 when it was almost time for the national and international competitions. Judo is a martial art with the culture of having physical strength and that's where weightlifting comes in. So he started lifting weights and he discovered that he preferred lifting weights to fighting. So at 18, he put aside the tatami, but he continued to work out in the gym and at 25 he decided to give it his all and enter into competitive activities. And since then he has not looked back even once.

How important is the bodybuilding head?​

Andrea thinks that in the sport of bodybuilding if you're not naturally gifted with the right genetics, you may find it hard to be successful. Because bodybuilding is an elitist sort that focuses on aesthetics and you're immediately tagged as none talented if you can't pull off an aesthetically pleasing body. In the beginning, he was considered not talented enough for the sport. But he had to change the narrative, focus on his goal and work harder. He did that so that he could be an example to others who feel like they can't achieve success because they weren't born with the right genetics.

What did he insist on the most?​

People considered Andrea too long-lived. And at least 99% of the insiders already concluded that he wouldn't make it past the Italian championships. Andrea paid little or no attention to them but he continued to work on his weak points such as his arms and calves. So he worked out more on those parts so that he could exceed others' expectations.

How does a top-level bodybuilder train?​

Those who know Andrea know that he's a training and diet fundamentalist. He always pushes himself to the maximum and never relaxes just like the soccer master Christiano Ronaldo. And because of his extra hard work, he's always the best athlete with the most defined body whenever he's on stage.

But back to the point, a professional bodybuilder is recognized for his attitude. His attitude to training and workouts is what differentiates a professional bodybuilder from an average gym rat. A professional bodybuilder should work out two times daily from Monday to Saturday. The first in the morning should extend to about an hour and thirty minutes. And the second which is usually in the afternoon which should not be more than two hours and a half.

And how does he behave at the table?​

The diet changes according to the period or season. In the off-season time(that is when he's not in any competition, he builds more muscle mass and tries to increase his weight. And he does this by eating a lot and increasing his Mallory intake. As the competition approaches, he works to gyms in shape and mounts the stage with the best body possible.

His diet routine goes like this; he eats six different meals a day and he eats at three hours intervals beginning from breakfast at 7 am. Whenever he's not in season, he allows himself to have a cheat meal. But once it's getting to three months before the competition, he eliminates that from his routine too.

andrea presti

And in the week of the competition?​

He still keeps his daily meal at six and contrary to what everyone believes, water remains in his diet. But he reduces the carbohydrates gradually so that the body can desire more of it when. Two days before the start of the competition, there's something called refill; that's when bodybuilders eat more to give the muscles more energy. This coupled with the filling effect translates into definition and volume on stage.

How does the approach to preparing for an event like Mister Olympia change?​

Andrea admits that sometimes he intentionally snaps himself out of fantasy and brings himself back to the reality that he's indeed preparing for a big competition. And it's a good feeling because it causes him to give in all his everyday preparation.

What is the first thing you will do immediately after the race?​

Andrea said that after the race, he would first thank his trainer Mauro Sassi with a big hug. Because he's grateful that Mauro took him from the regional competitions and brought him to the limelight. And it's been over six years since he started his journey and so he owes his trainer a lot.

What was your example?​

Andrea considers Dorian Yates as his role model because just like him Dorian was considered to be incapable of excelling in bodybuilding. But Dorian went ahead and won Mr. Olympia six times. Andrea believes that in Dorian Yates's history, he sees a bit of himself.


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