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Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates Tiny Homes to 25 Unhoused Veterans

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Jul 17, 2013
Arnold Schwarzenegger is most widely recognized for his leading roles in action flicks like Terminator and Commando. Before he became a well-known actor, however, Schwarzenegger made a name for himself in competitive bodybuilding. His seemingly endless list of talents also includes politics, as he was the Governor of California for several years.

Schwarzenegger attributes much of his success to the United States, often stating that this country helped him achieve so much. He has become involved in many charities and community projects because he wants to give something back. This past holiday season, Schwarzenegger gave back in a big way to many U.S. veterans in need.

Schwarzenegger’s talents go far beyond being one of the country’s most beloved action heroes. He also works diligently to give back to the community through his involvement with several charities and foundations.

According to Look to the Stars (a website examining the world of celebrity contributions), Schwarzenegger did not accept his annual salary during the time that he was California’s Governor. Instead, he donated the $175,000 salary to various charities each year.

Schwarzenegger has worked closely with the Special Olympics for decades, and the foundation is very important to him. In fact, Schwarzenegger even spoke out against derogatory comments made towards Special Olympics athletes. A Washington Post article outlines his response to the comment made soon after the 2017 ceremony — “Right now, I guarantee you that these athletes have more courage, compassion, brains and skill — actually more of every positive human quality than you.”

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