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Calum von Moger's brother Edward disappeared after incident

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Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
Edward von Moger, the troublesome brother of Mr Universe bodybuilder Calum von Moger, has inexplicably gone missing, barely months after becoming viral for a weird altercation with an elderly couple.

Edward von Moger

Edward von Moger, 28, is accused of ranting about Covid vaccinations at a couple through their vehicle window on the side of a Melbourne road in August.

The disturbing footage purportedly shows a shirtless von Moger using a boomerang to smash the couple's driver's side glass and wing mirror before embarking into an expletive-filled diatribe over Covid-19 vaccinations.

Seven months later, a desperate hunt for von Moger has begun after he vanished from his home in Geelong, 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne.

The 28-year-old was last seen at 8 a.m. on Thursday on Laura Avenue in Belmont.

His vehicle was discovered abandoned 36 kilometers distant on Ellimatta Road in Anglesea, a tiny seaside village on Victoria's Great Ocean Road.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, his brother Calum begged for help in finding his brother.

'My younger brother Eddie has gone missing,' he wrote.

'He was last seen three days ago, about 8 a.m. on Thursday, March 2.

'Please let me know and call Geelong Police Station if you have seen or heard anything from him or have any information on his location.'

Authorities and von Moger's family are concerned for his health owing to his medical condition and his disappearance is regarded as 'being out of character'.

Police are scouring the area with the assistance of the police helicopter, the Search and Rescue Squad, and Life Saving Victoria.

'Edward is described as around 180cm tall, of solid build, with short brown wavy hair,' according to a police statement.

'He was last seen wearing an orange shirt, dark cargo trousers, and work boots,' says the report.

Von Moger is purportedly seen storming up to the pair and yelling through their vehicle window as they were stopped on the side of a Victorian road in the viral footage.

He then allegedly began pounding on the driver's side glass and wing mirror, pausing only to strangely gaze in the mirror.

'You shattered my f***ing boomerang,' he cried as it split in half due to the power of the window pounding.

Breaking his weapon, according to the popular video, prompted Edward to make another boomerang and get even more agitated.

He allegedly damaged the wing mirror, took the glass out of its mounting, and slammed it against the window while screaming 'you c***s, you f***ing piece of s***'.

To the surprise of the couple inside, he cracked the window with two more hits with his fist and open palm and resumed his anti-vaccine diatribe.

'You took the vaccine and it didn't bother you, f***ing fools. 'You both received the f***ing vaccination, and it cost a life,' he said.

'Let me alone,' the man behind the wheel said as the assailant grabbed his shirt.

He then rushed off, retreating behind adjacent parked automobiles.

There were no charges filed in connection with the event.

Calum von Moger, 31, is a three-time Mr. Universe winner who portrayed Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger.

Calum made news months earlier in May when he was critically hurt after 'jumping' from the second level of his home in Geelong, Victoria.

Calum needed spinal surgery and spent 11 days in Melbourne's Alfred Hospital after police were summoned to allegations of a man having a mental health crisis.

The event made worldwide headlines owing to his bodybuilding reputation and cinematic career; in addition to playing Schwarzenegger, he also appeared in the Netflix documentary Calum von Moger: Unbroken and the bodybuilding documentary Generation Iron 2.

Calum von Moger's spinal injury was simply the latest in a long line of calamities.

During the last five years, the gym addict called Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0 has had a knee and bicep injury that left him immobile for a year, discovered he is the father of a young child named Kairos, and had his California home burned down.

He pled guilty to narcotics possession shortly after being released from the hospital, including testosterone, cannabis, and around two grams of methamphetamine—the deadly substance ice.

Calum hasn't been the same since his bull terrier, Rex, choked to death on a chip in 2021, according to some who follow him online.

Calum relocated from Los Angeles to Australia in October 2021.

Anybody with information on von Moger's whereabouts is advised to contact Geelong Police Station on (03) 5264 3400.

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