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Clarence Devis Bodybuilding Bio

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Europe's Kai Greene, Clarence Devis's Bodybuilding Bio


Birth Place: Belgium
Birth date: 01/08/1980

Clarence Started Bodybuilding in 1999 and was heavily influenced by Ronnie Coleman!

Clarence Devis Bodybuilding Competition List

2008 NPC Tampa Bay Bodybuilding & Figure Contest - 16th
2008 IFBB 15th Annual Sports/Fitness Weekend & Europa IFBB Super Show - 17th

2009 IFBB Olympia - 13th
2009 IFBB Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships - 14th
2009 IFBB Atlantic City Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships - 3rd

2011 IFBB Europa Show of Champions, Orlando - 8th
2011 IFBB Europa Super Show, Dallas - 12th
2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe - 13th

2012 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro - 13th
2012 IFBB Nordic Pro - 14th

2013 IFBB New York Pro - 5th
2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow - 6th
2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe - 13th
2013 IFBB EVLs Prague Pro - 10th

2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando - 9th
2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow - 10th

2015 IFBB New York Pro - 6th

Clarence Devis Quotes:
I started bodybuilding because I saw Flex Magazine in the local shops with Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman in it. After seeing Ronnie, I had the dream of becoming a bodybuilder and so I started that journey August 25, 1999

Fakhri says I have the potential to beat everybody on stage, but I need to get impressively shredded and tight in order to do that. I’m ok with suffering as long as I come in at 100% for the 2013 New York Pro. This has been my dream and I’m hoping God helps me this year.