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Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Therapy

IMT Admin

Oct 13, 2015
Hello Muscle Mecca members we wanted to stop by and say hello and let everyone know how easy it is to get help if you suffer from LowT. Testosterone was once the black sheep of the family but no more! New concise peer reviewed research actually proves that testosterone therapy at the right dose is actually great for you body and even helps to prevent intrinsic diseases.

Todd Thomas is the senior clinical consultant at IncreaseMyT and he foresaw this years ago, and now the research is coming out to back up these claims. Here is a great article he wrote on the myths of testosterone therapy back then:


We now also know that optimal testosterone levels, whether natural or through supplementation, actually reduces our risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 50%!!! This is quite contrary from the long held belief that testosterone somehow inflames the prostate and induces cancer.

Optimal testosterone levels, whether natural or through supplementation, actually reduces your risk of a cardio vascular event, and cuts your all cause mortality risk factor in HALF!! Amazing.

Our medical director is a highly specialized physician who has had specific education in hormone and other preventive medicinal therapies. Not only that he is extremely easy to talk to. Here is a short read on when he first started with us a couple years ago:


We use the absolute best pharmacies in the country, that are licensed in all 50 states. These are top notch facilities that are regulated by the FDA and they have some of the best equipment in the country. IMT only deals with the best, period.

No hidden fees AT ALL. IMT has never and will never stoop the level of some our competitors with hidden or up front fees, member fees or annual dues. Our pice includes everything you need to dial in your TRT program the best way possible. We know this because we have been doing this 10 years and have perfected the practice of guiding our clients to perfect optimization levels.

IMT does more than TRT, we have the most advanced growth hormone optimization programs in the country. Based on your lab work, age and multiple other factors, we will design the most effective and efficient program tailored to your specific needs, while NEVER pushing something on you that you do not need.

FAST. Our process is streamlined and has been used thousands of times, we can get your file built, approved, then get your program designed, paid for so you can meet the doctor, and at your door within 7 days. From start to finish. Some of our competitors take 6 weeks.

My name is Todd Thomas I am the senior clinical consultant on staff at IncreaseMyT. I am always around to answer your questions but email is the most efficient way to contact us initially. Shoot me an email today and lets find out if testosterone therapy is right for you, if your over 30 and do not know what your testosterone, free testosterone and estradiol is you are behind the curve!

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