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Mecca V.I.P.
Jun 2, 2007

Ten years ago, the beast of Birmingham in England had dominated and obliterated the bodybuilding world. Walking in footsteps of the shadow, 22 year old Lewis Yates has decided to take up the sport that his dad turned on its head.

Yates & Davis 10 Years Later - Next Generation Blood & Guts Training At Temple Gym!

By: Kris Gethin

10 Years After: The Next Generation

Ten years ago, the beast of Birmingham in England had dominated and obliterated the bodybuilding world. Accompanied with mass, density and true Brit grit he carried this silhouette of mutation around the world that shocked fans to such an extent they forgot the meaning and practice of exhalation.

Dorian Yates cast his unmistakable mantel of muscle to snatch 6 Olympia statues before his Blood & Guts intensity eventually paralyzed more muscles and tendons throughout his massive body than in Mickey Rourke's face.

Ten years on, another beast is grinding the steal within the depth of the dungeon - Temple Gym. Walking in footsteps of the shadow, 22 year old Lewis Yates has decided to take up the sport that his dad turned on its head making the entire competition look as intimidating as Woody Allen in a sequin dress.


The Second Generation "Birmingham
Bruisers", Lewis Yates & Liam Davis.

"Come on, drive that f+$@# weight up," I heard scream from the front weights room within the crumbling walls of Temple Gym. It was a cold morning in Birmingham England, over the Christmas period of 2006 and I was having a tortuous leg workout with the intense as ever Yates whilst I was on a home visit from the US, and now I was hoping it would end as soon as an agonizing episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond."

"Who's screaming all those obscenities in the other room?" I asked. "It's my boy Lewis training with Leroy's son - Liam," smiled Yates. Just to remind you, Leroy was Dorian's legendary training partner who was frequently heard yelling "Let's get nasty", "Drive" and "Business as usual" on the grainy, intense and the parental guardian advised Yates DVD - Blood & Guts.

The irony was too pronounced to ignore - Dorian and his ex sparring partners sons were both now training together, 10 years after the Yates/Davis seniors ceased their partnership. I organized a photo shoot for the very next week - New Years Eve 2006.

Let's Get Nasty
Lewis Yates & Liam Davis Training In Temple Gym.

"Lewis shows up late for our appointed photo shoot - he already has the making of a successful bodybuilder. Lewis's arrival is a couple of minutes later than Liam.

The guys don't acknowledge each other further than a grunt and nod of the head. The first exercise on the roster is decided by Lewis and initiated by Liam - the reverse hammer lat pulldown. 'Hold it at the bottom' shouts Yates as Liam warms up."

As typical as a Yates and Leroy sparring session, only two warm ups were completed before the first and only working set - which was treated with as much respect as a looped rope had with a certain former Iraq dictator.

"You're not finished yet," shouts Liam as Yates' veins hug onto his bursting shoulders fearing they will unravel with the immense effort and intensity its being tortured through. 9 reps were punished by each of the subjects whilst "The Prodigy" plays through the dusty speakers mounted on the humid brick walls.


9 Reps Were Punished By Each Of The Subjects.


"It's below freezing outside, the song "Firestarter" is playing at a high decibel and the warm-up sets have begun on the second exercise - single-arm rows."

"Yes, come on, let's f*%$@*g have you," screamed Yates as Liam settled into position with a sense of urgency. "Pull it up," were Lewis's interrogated words of encouragement as the repetitions began and "Keep it tight" were spat out when the 10 rep count concluded.


Liam Settled Into Position With A Sense Of Urgency.

As my Canon captured the second generation of images, I soon realized the similarities between Yates junior and Yates senior. Looking back - at pictures that photographer Geoff Evans shot of Dorian at 23 years old - he clearly displays the same naturally lean shape, proportions and identical muscle bellies. Yes, he is already showing the signs of a chunky back encouraged by the all too feared "chunky back movements".

As I dragged myself up from the dust riddled floor of the Temple, the boys had located another toy to entertain themselves inside their sacrificial play pen - seated cable rows.


The Boys Had Located Another Toy To Entertain
Themselves Inside The Sacrificial Play Pen.

"Liam may not be as vocal as his father just yet but he possesses the drive which is now beginning to become more evident. 'There's more to come,' yells Liam as Yates nears the end of his one and only working set.

'Five more' is directed to force his traps to go beyond raging pain. The weight for the youngster is so immense that controlled cheat reps join the agony that is interpreted into pleasure as the Shadow Jr. pushes through all barriers to successfully complete his set."

The impact of stress placed such extremities on the brat pack's backs; there was only one area of importance left awaiting its fate - the lower lumbar region.

As Dorian was punching the heavy bag in the leg room, Leroy watched the boys intently with a look of hesitation, craving to scream the haunting words echoing 10 years past, "Let's get nasty".


Let's Get Nasty!

Lewis later explained that he normally prefers the shuddering stress of the deadlift but due to a recent back injury, as of late he opts for the also reliable hyperextension.

"Only one warm up set was required before hurtling towards the final strain on the body's anaerobic reserves."

After Lewis finished his erector expanding set, he crouched into position as if to snap at Liam's neck at any sign of weakness.

"Choke that f@#$*%g back," taunted Yates at the 9 rep count. 3 more were forced out of his exfixiated lower lumber before throwing the added weights plate to the floor which was accepted with a cloud of dust.


History May Repeat Itself.

The conclusion of the workout reminded me that intensity seemingly breeds within the underground cellar of ancient England. If we are about to witness the birth of another Birmingham beast, history will repeat itself knowing Bodybuilding.com captured it first.


Bodybuilding.com was witness to the collaboration of mentor Dorian Yates and protege Marika Johansson on the road leading up to the Europa Super Show in Texas. Learn about the killer leg routine Dorian designed here!

IFBB Pro Marika Johansson Contest Prep For 2007 Europa, Part 2 – Dorian Yates Leg Training!

By: Kris Gethin

IFBB Pro Marika Johansson Contest Prep For 2006 Europa
Part 2: Dorian Yates Leg Training!

It was a sunny afternoon in Venice, California and a monsoon of torment was about to riddle Marika Johansson's legs as if they had just been diced up in bite sized portions and served in a dirty ashtray. The grief and suffering was being administered by "The Shadow" Dorian Yates and he was h#ll bent on inflicting pain that anywhere else would be otherwise be deemed illegal.


Dorian Yates And Marika Johansson At Gold's Gym.

Leg Extensions:

Leg extensions were burdened after Yates had instructed his protégé to warm up on a stationary bike for ten minutes before conducting some muscle activation techniques. In typical Yates style, two warm-up sets were used on the chain driven apparatus to fire blood into the muscle before exploding into a single "Blood and Guts" set.

Marika Performing Leg Extensions.

FLEX magazines senior writer - Greg Merritt looked on as Marika's nostrils flared as she sucked in oxygen in preparation of the grueling torture that lay ahead. "One, two, push," yelled Yates to initiate the first rep. "Don't throw it, use your quads," was "The Shadow's" follow up demand.

At the 12 rep count, Marika was visiting failure and from here to the 19th rep all placed in the hands of adrenalin, vapors of oxygen and the taunts coming from the six-time Mr. Olympia. The set was complete and this was just the beggining.


This Was Just The Beggining.

"Do you remember me?" said a passer by to Yates as he walked around the abused leg extension. "No," was Yates's stern reply. Upon reminding him who he was, Dorian acknowledged his familiarity before telling him in no fancy terms "OK, I can't f@ck about, I'm training this woman," before pointing Marika in the direction of the leg press.

Leg Press:

Yours truly was burdened with the job of loading plates on to the machine due to Dorian's lack of enthusiasm. The reason being, he had only recently undergone shoulder surgery which was still as fragile as Cindy Crawford sentenced to be Branch Warren's training partner.

Following two warm-up sets and more plates thrown onto the leg press and after a minute or so, Yates turned to me and asked where his Swedish student had disappeared. "I think she went to the rest room," I smiled. "No pissing during the workout," said the Shadow as his cadet returned to her post. Sitting in the declined seat, Johansson placed her feet at shoulder distance apart, slightly pointing out and gazing into the plates fully aware that she was about to be reunited with convulsing discomfort once again.


She Was About To Be Reunited
With Convulsing Discomfort Once Again.

When the weights sled was un-racked there was no turning back. Yates barked into Johansson's ear words of encouragement as she battled her way to muscle meltdown. She shuddered her way to the destined 12th rep before her trainer ordered an extra forced rep. At the command of 13 repetitions, Yates shouted "safe," instructing she could rack the weight and that he had finished with her limp body for the time being.


The king of leg mutation - squats, was the next exercise read out on the Shadows roster. After one warm up it was time to dive in like a Muscle-Tech ad interrupting a decent editorial. "Nice and tight, keep your whole body tight," shouted Yates. "One set, last chance," was his follow up reminder as she lifted the bar up from it supports.


"Nice And Tight, Keep Your Whole Body Tight" Shouted Yates.

Dorian stood close at the half way point knowing that Marika's legs could collapse under the bar at any point. "Come on, through the roof," sneered her dictator as she forced out her 13th and final rep. Gasps of air made themselves present as the Swedish blonde staggered to a nearby resting home. "That's it for quads, now we rest for 5 to 10 minutes before hitting the hamstrings," said Yates.


"Come On, Through The Roof," Sneered Her Dictator.

Hamstring Curls:

We walked back to pole position where the madness started, and that was next to the leg extension where the chain driven hamstring curl machine sat, almost quaking in fear. "I like this machine, this one is the best and I have one the same in Temple gym," quipped Dorian.

A mirror pattern that followed all before presented itself once again - one warm up and it was time for the all-out explosive set. "I want you to pause at the top to gain full contraction and lower it down slowly," said a stone faced Dorian.

Beads of sweat ran down her arms as I captured images of her pain riddled face with Yates serving as my backdrop. "Don't throw it up, only use your hamstrings," were the yells directed to Marika and on the fifth repetition she seemed like she was struggling like Superman after having kryptonite spread on his morning toast. From here on in, it was only the barks from the six time Mr. Olympia that gave Johansson the strength to crawl to the eighth rep.

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts:

Stiff-legged deadlifts were served as the last course on the menu for today's buffet of brutality. Dorian softly instructed Marika to keep her back arched, butt out and head up as she progressed through her warm up set, however, the interrogation began when she commenced her working and final set.


Stiff-Legged Deadlifts Were Served As The Last Course.

"OK, let's finish this right and fire those hamstrings," was exerted from the figure standing behind and breathing down her neck. Although Johansson's legs were stiff as instructed, they were shaking from the intense weight and the appetizer, main and desert of destruction that was dished out onto her submissive muscles. On the 11th rep there were only scraps of energy left and they were used to sand upright after she slammed the weights to the floor.

Workout Conclusion

The torment had surprisingly enough only taken 40 minutes but it is this time target that Yates had focused on during his Olympia reign. "Bodybuilding is all about intensity and efficiency," said Yates at the conclusion of the workout.

40 minutes, four times per week, six Olympia trophies in the Yates household. We need not say anymore.


Bodybuilding Is All About Intensity And Efficiency.

Dorian Training Marika On Deadlifts:

Dorian Training Marika On Deadlifts.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

Marika's Nutrition Plan
The Last Week Leading Into Her Show.

Meal 1:
o 8 egg whites
o 2 yolks
o 1 cup of (uncooked) oats
o Digestive enzymes

Meal 2:
o 140gm of steak
o one cup of rice
o Flaxseed oil

Meal 3: (Pre workout meal)
o 140gm Fish
o one cup of rice
o 8 egg whites
o 2 yolks
o 1 cup of (uncooked) oats
o Digestive enzymes

Meal 4: (post workout meal)
o BCAA's
o 10gm of glutamine
o 50gm of carbs coming in the form of Genr8 Vitargo

Meal 5:
o 180gm of fish
o ½ cup of rice
o Flaxseed oil

Meal 6:
o 150gm of steak
o ¼ cup of rice
o Flaxseed oil
o Digestive enzymes

Meal 7:
o 130gm of steak
o Flaxseed oil

Meal 8:
o BCAA's
o 10gm of glutamine


Marika Johansson At The 2006 Europa.

Additional Marika Video

Dorian Yates Training Marika Johansson.

Branch Warren, Mike Ergas And Marika Johansson In Metroflex.
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Mecca V.I.P.
Feb 20, 2008
awesome !!! keep up the good work demostenes :xyxthumbs:


Elvira turns me on
Aug 2, 2008
Thanks DEmos ! I'm loving this series

Does anyone know anything about Dorian's son bodybuilding career ? how is he now?

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